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  Posted by Louise Smith from Quebec Canada
Posted on : May 02, 2012
Been away for a while but my interest is still strong to found out where exactly Archibald SMITH/SMYTH and wife Elizabeth WARE/WEIR came from Ireland. I need to find proof that they had a son named John. I'm a descendant of that John SMITH/SMYTH married to Ann-Jane DOUGHERTY. They married in 1851 in St- Malachie and witnesses were

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Apr 13, 2012
For Tom Kelly: I saw your post of May 10, 2010, and hope you still check in here. You offered us a chance to see the early 1900's Frampton photos you are scanning, but when I went to your Flickr site, I could not find them. I would really enjoy seeing these, so if you can tell me where to go to find them, I would really appreciate it.

  Posted by Linus Fitzmorris from Calgary Alberta
Posted on : Apr 09, 2012
For Kelly Barry. Greetings Kelly; I haven't been on here for a while but was shocked to learn from reading one of your recent posts that Stewart is dead. This hits really close to home. He was younger than me. In those days there was only one nun teaching grades 1 to 7 and we were all in the same classroom. Stewart and I were classmates and friends and as you know close neighbors in the 1950's. At your convenience would appreciate getting some details.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Apr 09, 2012
Sharon: My family has stayed in touch with O'Grady's from Southbridge, MA. We were very well acquainted with Tom and Lucy from our annual summer trips to St. Malachy. The Southbridge O'Grady's Father was a brother to Tom, so they would certainly be interested in receiving the family tree of their Uncle Tom and Aunt Lucy. If the offer is still open, please contact me at Thanks.

  Posted by Sharon Allen from Fairport, NY
Posted on : Apr 08, 2012
If anyone is researching the families of Thomas O'Grady and Lucy Sheehan, I have a copy of a family tree done by the late Lucy O'Grady that was given to my father, Thomas Magher, her cousin. Happy to share if anyone is interested.

  Posted by Robert Hickey from Dalhousie, NB
Posted on : 03-Mar-2012
To Cindy, Donald and Barry...yes yes yes! Love to

  Posted by Donald Brennan from Chilliwack B.C
Posted on : 01-Mar-2012
sorry it should read and not

  Posted by donald brennan from chilliwack bc
Posted on : 01-Mar-2012
To Cindy Donahue, yes you are correct with my Grandparents. We are probably all related back in time. I wish some day we could have a great gathering in Frampton, maybe in the year 2015. We were always told that when I was young, the Irish arrived in 1815. To you Kelly I knew the O’Grady’s very well, they were great friends of us all. The Miller farm with the lake belongs to me. You Robert I’ll get back to you later. I would like to say more, but my computer skills and knowledge, are an impediment to my desires. You can also reach me at

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville Ontario
Posted on : 01-Mar-2012
To Robert Hickey: We are related a couple of ways through your grandmother Bridget Brennan. Her father Peter, was a brother to my great-grandmother, Bridget Brennan, who married James Falls. Also, her grandmother, Ann Fitzgerald was a sister to my great- great-grandmother, Bridget Fitzgerald, who married Moses Donohue. I would love to get in touch and share information. Cindy

  Posted by Donald Brennan from Chilliwack, B.C.
Posted on : 28-Feb-2012
To kelly Barry, I don’t think I know you nor your brother. I was young when I left Frampton, but you must know my sisters and brother. And you Robert, I went to school in Chatham NB, played hockey for the Tomies In the Maritime University league. As for you Cindy , i’ts amazing that you have pictures of them: I’ll write to you all later. I’m taking a computer course and struggling, I’ll write to you more in the coming days, especially on your e-mails.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 28-Feb-2012
To Robert Hickey: Are you related to the Hickeys who used to come to the St. Malachy village - and stay in the house with the Matthieu's (spelling)? They were Leo and I believe Betty. That house was next door to the one my mother and Aunt Pauleen O'Farrell owned - and we used to spend our summers there.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 28-Feb-2012
Hello Donald. I do believe I have you listed in my family tree. Your grandparents would have been Thomas Brennan and Catherine Donahue, correct? I have a picture of them and one of them with 9 of their children. I would love to get in touch. Cindy

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 27-Feb-2012
To Donald Brennan: since your family owned Brennan's Hotel, you may know my brother Brian Barry (from NJ) and my first cousin Stewart O'Farrell (now deceased, from St. Malachy). I heard many stories about fun times at the hotel / bar, but I was too young to partake (perhaps luckily!) We did spend some time at Brennan Lake - in the area of the Miller's farm, on the main road between Frampton and St. M. We also knew Tom and Lucy O'Grady who lived on that same stretch of road.

  Posted by Robert Hickey from Dalhousie, NB
Posted on : 25-Feb-2012
Hi Donald. Read your comments with great interest. My Grandmother is Bridget Brennan-Hickey. Married to Thomas Hickey from the 11th Range. The Hickey's still have

  Posted by A O'Hora from Penfield, NY
Posted on : 23-Feb-2012
My great great grandfather was named Hugh Daly and was from County Longford. Wife Mary Farrell. Their son Peter emigrated to Fife Scotland. Married a Bridget Condron from Queens County (Laois). Could the Hugh mentioned in cite be related to mine. I cannot find any parish information to pursue. We do not know if these last two met and married in Ireland or met and married in Scotland. He was a coal miner. If any one has info to share, I have a ton of info on Peter's family, the males all coming to US--Penna. specifically Thanks A (Daly) O'Hora

Posted on : 23-Feb-2012

  Posted by Donald Brennan from Chilliwack, B.C.
Posted on : 22-Feb-2012
I must thank Denis for all he has done for us Irish. This has to be the greatest thing that could happen to me . My daughter who lives in China discovered this site recently, and I wish I would have known about it sooner. I read all your letters. I left Frampton at the age of 19. I own the original Miller farm on the north end of the fourth range. I go spend some time on it every summer. To make things short; Michael,we went to school together ,also with the Mcbean family in the second range. Gary! Your uncle Hugh Kinsley was a boarder at our hotel, Brennan Hotel, in the fifties. Doree, we have never really talked together, but we know each other. I don’t know you Cindy, but my grandmother was a Donahue. It’s nice to see that you have a great interest in the cemeteries. There is something terrible happening at the village cemetery. They are removing the old headstones and replacing them with new names from people still living. They are destroying our history. Entering the cemetery we have our first Irish

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 16-Feb-2012
FREE ACCESS to Canada Vital Records February 16-20, 2012 www (dot) ancestry (dot) ca - Look for the Free Access button (red type, not the trial button) All you need is a user name and password.

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Wisconsin
Posted on : 15-Feb-2012
DDuncan, Thanks for the Kingston-Dickson marriage info. I will add to my data and share with another who is interested in that family. I like that Irish website too.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 19-Jan-2012
Found another Frampton couple's marriage: churchrecords (dot) irishgenealogy (dot) ie - In DUBLIN, Ireland, ST. PAUL (Church of Ireland), - Marriage of THOMAS KINGSTON and SARAH DICKSON on 8 July 1828.
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