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  Posted by Judi from NY
Posted on : May 12, 2018

  Posted by Judi from NY
Posted on : May 11, 2018

  Posted by Judi from NY
Posted on : May 11, 2018

  Posted by mike11 from NY
Posted on : Apr 17, 2018

  Posted by mike11 from NY
Posted on : Apr 17, 2018

  Posted by mike11 from NY
Posted on : Apr 16, 2018

  Posted by mike11 from NY
Posted on : Apr 16, 2018

  Posted by Almon Pope from Cookshire, Quebec
Posted on : Mar 31, 2018
Looking for the names of the siblings of Sarah (Sadie) Abiah Ross whose parents were James Waugh Ross and Hattie Christina Buzzell

  Posted by Peter Murphy from Saint John, NB (currently in Ottawa)
Posted on : Dec 07, 2017
Wonderful site! I am anxious to pin down death details for my great- grandfather's first cousin, John Murphy (born 1893), grandson of John Murphy and Ann Keegan of Frampton. John signed the Frampton burial register at the interment of his father, Thomas, in 1938. Nothing more is known. Any clue could be helpful.

  Posted by Kelly from Whonnock, BC
Posted on : Oct 09, 2017
Thank you for putting this site together. You have given me information to continue my pursuit with my grandmother's father side of the family. The Ross family from Ireland. You have narrowed it down to about 1820 when the family arrived in Canada. One of the first Protestant family's to settle in Frampton. Also, my grandmother's mom, side of the family. The Bagley's, also from Ireland and a family from Frampton. If anybody has any information and/or evidence on the history of The Ross Family prior to 1820, I would love to get in touch with you.

  Posted by Jean from Georgia- NY orignally
Posted on : Sep 24, 2017
I have enjoyed both Irish Needles 1 and 2, I was looking for the Family sheet you put on Ancestry but can not find it. My ancestors were Bernard Fitzsimmons and Mary Johnston or Johnson my 3x great grandparents, their daughter Elizabeth 1844 is my 2x ggm. Looking for more info on their parents or siblings

  Posted by Kelly from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Apr 26, 2017
To Jan Enright: are you related to the Rev. W. J. Enright?

  Posted by Jan Enright from Phoenix AZ
Posted on : Apr 13, 2017
Am attempting to find some listing of children who attended school in Frampton from about 1840 to 1860. Frampton had one of the first schools that included both Catholic and Protestant children. They were divided up after this. Does anyone have access to these lists? I've searched on line, but if I can't find anything I will attempt to research on microfilm next time we go to Salt Lake City (August it looks like). Thanks

  Posted by Christine Elsey from Vancouver Canada
Posted on : Feb 27, 2017
My great grand mother was Isabel (or Isabella) Anderson the daughter of Archibald Anderson and Eliza Smyth and originally they were all members of the Frampton Irish. Archibald and his family moved out West (living in the Prairies)finally moving to Victoria B.C. in the later part of the 19th century.

  Posted by Jennifer B from Sioux Falls, SD
Posted on : Nov 11, 2016
My great, great, great grand parents were married in St-Édouard, Frampton, Québec in 1864. The moved to the US in 1868. They are John James Gunn (McElgunn/McElgan) and Bridget Francis Foley. John was born in Ireland and Bridget was born in Quebec. Still researching their history. Any help is welcome.

  Posted by Peter Connors from Ottawa, Ontario
Posted on : Apr 19, 2016
My mother's family in Frampton were Mary Levy and Jeremiah KILDUFF. They were the grandparents of Peter KILDUFF, my great grandfather,who lived in Kingston Ontario and later in Ottawa. Among his accomplishments was the building of the steel dome of the Library Building of Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. In his bid for the job,he offered to build iron doors for the library as a fire prevention aid. The government accepted and when the Parliament Building burned down,the library survived intact. He al also build several large paddlewheel ships that plied the Ottawa River between Ottawa and a lock approaching Montreal. Their is also evidence he was a friend of the Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald.

  Posted by Ron oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Apr 16, 2016
The last part of my query didn't post. I wondered since I have had no luck finding the surname data base Dennis put on, has anyone been able to access it? Thanks, Ron

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Apr 16, 2016
I tried to access Dennis McLane's Frampton Irish surname database, to which I have a paid membership, but received the following:

  Posted by David Patton from Washington, DC
Posted on : Apr 06, 2016
My ancestors include Murphys and Sinnotts, with a connection to Frampton. Thanks for all the information ...

  Posted by Linus from Calgary
Posted on : Mar 18, 2016
Québec....before someone corrects me.
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