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  Posted by Louise Smith from St-Alexis-de-Montcalm, Quebec
Posted on : Dec 28, 2013
For those interested: William SMITH, son of Archibald and Elizabeth Weir, baptized at Aubigny Anglican Church in Quebec on June 30 1834, married to Sarah McNEELY in 1865 Frampton, appears on census 1881 in Arundel, Argenteuil county, Quebec with his family. He died there on June 22, 1917 and wife Sarah died on May 21, 1936 also in Arundel.

  Posted by Kimberley Maluegge from Merrill, WI
Posted on : Dec 27, 2013
George Abraham Smyth (1781-1856) was my GGGG grandfather. Great finding more info on him, thank you so much Dennis!

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakvile, Ontario, Canada
Posted on : Nov 22, 2013
I have the following family ties to Frampton - Donahue (Donohue), Falls, Nelligan, Fitzgerald, Duff, Brennan, Murphy. If anyone would like to exchange information, please contact me. ceeceedon(at)gmail(dot)com

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Posted on : Nov 15, 2013
For Morgan, I would like to share what you have on the Nelligans from Frampton. My Great-grandmother was the sister of Anastasia Nelligan who married Simon Conaty. Cindy ceeceedon at gmail dot com

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Posted on : Nov 15, 2013
For Sheila, One of my family lines is Fitzgerald from Frampton. They tie in to the Quigley line. I do have some on the family of Sylvester and would love to share what you have. Cindy - ceeceedon at gmail dot com

  Posted by William Fredrick Hurley Smith from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Posted on : Nov 14, 2013
In just saw a post from Chris Drenan from Ohio Posted on : 21-Jul-2009. Hi Chris, this is another distant cousin but from Montreal this time. I have the missing data on the Sargent family as well as many other family member in our common family tree. Contact me at if you ever read this.

  Posted by Arlene Jacques from Elizabeth, New Jersey/Frampton
Posted on : Nov 12, 2013
This message is for Joan Meagher Foster. Please contact me at

  Posted by Lynn Drouin from Frampton
Posted on : Nov 10, 2013
For DDuncan: Hugh Joseph Kelly was born June 19, 1901. Elizabeth Emma Shehan was born January 12, 1903. They married August 6, 1930.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : Nov 07, 2013
I meant, for the 1921 census he probably is in the Frampton area. His age will be stated on the census.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : Nov 07, 2013
Kelly Barry: The 1921 Census for Canada is online. Joseph KELLY might still be in the Frampton area.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Nov 07, 2013
To DDuncan: Yes, you may correct because I needed correction. My record agrees with yours - marriage date is Aug. 6, 1930. I don't have a birth date for Joseph Kelly - it was after 1905. So under any circumstances, I doubt that either Joe or Emma is alive.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : Nov 07, 2013
If I may correct; Joseph KELLY was married to Emma SHEEHAN on 6 Aug 1930. Catholic. He wasn't born in 1930.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Nov 05, 2013
For Joan Meagher Foster: all the family names you mentioned in your last post are familiar to me. Our parents used to mention these names frequently. It is interesting that so many Frampton related people are living in NJ. Would you be receptive to our organizing a NJ Frampton mini- gathering somewhere in NJ? I'm sure some of my brothers would attend - and we would love to meet the generations of families who grew up with our father Bill Barry. We are well aware of the 2015 Frampton Gathering - and some of us are planning to attend. Would appreciate hearing your thoughts on a NJ mini gathering: kvbarry at aol dot com

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Nov 05, 2013
For Cecilia Kelly: My records show that your Uncle Joe Kelly (my Godfather) was born in 1930. Is he still alive, by any chance? How about his wife Emma Sheehan Kelly? Feel free to write me at kvbarry at aol dot com. Would be very interested to communicate with you.

  Posted by Joan Meagher Foster from West Orange, New Jersey
Posted on : Nov 01, 2013
For Cecilia Kelly -- your cousin Maureen Kelly Latham (husband Harold Latham) lives in Toms River, NJ; Beverly is in Florida; not sure where Wayne lives. My mother was Frances Courtney and my father was Martin Meagher, born in Cranbourne to Anastasia Jacques and William Meagher. He and your father were first cousins. William(Willie) was your grandmother Kelly's brother. Hope to attend the gathering in 2015. I'm in touch with the Hinds/Brennan/Meagher/Jacques families here in NJ. Jack Brennan, son of Helena Hinds and Bill Brennan, told me about it. Just learned about the website from Lise Kelly of St. Antoine, P.Q.

  Posted by Morgan Elfelt from Anoka, MN
Posted on : Oct 18, 2013
Dennis- What a wonderful website. Thanks so much for all of the hard work that you have put into this research. It is greatly appreciated by all. I look forward to the publication of your book. I am the GG Grandaughter of Anastasia Nelligan and Simon Conaty, who married at St. Edouard. Anastasia's parents were Maurice Nelligan and Marguerite Duff, who also married at St. Edouard. I would love to share information with anyone who is interested. I have a photo of Simon and Anastasia Conaty I can share - email me at morganelfelt (at) gmail (dotcom).

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Oct 15, 2013
For Cecilia Kelly: Your Uncle Joe and Aunt Emma Kelly were my Godparents when I was baptized in NJ in Oct., 1951. My father Bill Barry was related in some way to your uncle - and I was named after my grandmother Bridget Frances Kelly. Would love to compare notes with you - we are likely related. Very interested in your GGGrandfather's Wexford birth place. Email me at (kvbarry at aol dot com)

  Posted by Cecilia Kelly from Frampton 'Quebec
Posted on : Oct 07, 2013
I would appreciate if Whyne Kelly whose parents were Uncle Joe Kelly and Aunt Emma who lived in New Jersey would contact me. He had two sisters Maureen and Bervely. I heard Maureen was living in Florida now. Uncle Joe had two brothers and 1 sister. John my father who was married to Mary Audet and Uncle Martin. We were 12 kids in our family and I'm the baby Cecilia.

  Posted by cecilia Kelly from Frampton, Quebec
Posted on : Oct 07, 2013
I've been in Ireland on September 5th, 2013. It is a very nice place. I would have liked to visit the graveyard to find my ancestors but didn't have time. My great great grandfather came from Wexford Ireland.

  Posted by Carla Dillon-Jones from Highland Plt., Maine 04961
Posted on : Aug 20, 2013
A wonderful site, a lot of work! I am related to and have info on the HUNTER and NICHOLSON families....
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