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  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Coquitlam
Posted on : Sep 04, 2014
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  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Aug 31, 2014
For Don Hodge, Vernon, B.C. re Ross genealogy: Can't help with many details in your search, but just wanted to correct the fact that you list the birth/death place of Frampton, Ireland, but Frampton is in Beauce County, Quebec. I had a quick check on Denis McLane's name data base and found Adam Ross b.1795 Antrim, Ireland d. 1879 Springbrook, Dorchester County, Quebec. Elizabeth Adams b. 1798 Ireland, d. 1869 Springbrook, Dorchester County, Quebec. John Ross b. 1817, Ireland. Mary Waugh b.1816 Ireland. Hopefully someone can help you more, or you may want to take out a membership so you can view the names on Denis's database. Ron

  Posted by Don Hodge from Vernon, British Columbia
Posted on : Aug 30, 2014
Am doing research on my wife's genealogy on the ROSS side of her family who lived in the Bury/Cookshire/Eaton towns of Quebec. Her lineage is as follows starting with her grandmother Daisy May Ross(1888-1961) wife of John Henry Winslow.(1886-1950)Lived: Eaton, Quebec. She was the daughter of James Waugh Ross(1864-1928)and Hattie Christina Buzzell(1861-1936)Lived: Cookshire, Quebec. James Waugh Ross was the son of John W Ross(Born: Frampton, Ireland ABT 1820 and Died August 16, 1892)Bury, Quebec and Mary Waugh(1816-1903)Born Frampton, Ireland, and Died in Bury, Quebec. John W Ross was the son of Adam Ross(1791- 1879) and Elizabeth Adams(1797-1869) Lived/Died Frampton, Ireland. Would appreciate any further lineage information. Thanks, Don Hodge

  Posted by Maureen (Kelly) Latham from Toms River, NJ
Posted on : Aug 24, 2014
Kelly Barry, My brother emailed me about you getting in touch with me. I live in Toms River and found some photos of your Dad when he first came to the US. It would be nice to talk with you and maybe you could come for a visit. I remember your Dad quite well. Hope to hear from you. Maureen(Kelly)Latham

  Posted by Wayne Kelly from Arlington VA
Posted on : Aug 22, 2014
Kelly - Joe and Emma are my parents. Unfortunately, my mother died in 1951 and my father passed away in 1964. I remember visiting your family and whenever I drive on the NJ Turnpike I think of your family. I passed on your comments to my sisters. My email is Hope to see you at the gathering! wayne

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Aug 22, 2014
To Wayne Joseph Kelly: Couldn't help but wonder if you are related to my Godparents Joe and Emma Kelly. They lived in North Jersey (perhaps Newark? East Orange?) in 1951 when I was baptized. Joe must have been a relative - my paternal grandmother is Bridget Frances Kelly - which is how I,despite being a male, got my given first name. If related, it would be great to meet your sister who lives in Toms River, NJ - about 40 minute drive from me. A number of us Barrys will be in attendance at Frampton's Great Gathering next year - hope we can meet there. Kelly Barry

  Posted by Wayne Joseph Kelly from Arlington, VA
Posted on : Aug 16, 2014
For Cecilia Kelly: I saw your post on the blog -- my first time visit. I have wonderful memories of your mom Aunt Mary and not just because of the tasty strawberry jam she always gave us. Very, very sweet person and my dad always voiced wonderful things about her. Our family would spend at least two weeks each summer and stayed with my Aunt Lucy (Sheehan) and Uncle Tom O'Grady. We visited many of Dad's and my Mom's relatives such as your family and Uncle Martin's. There were so many relatives it was very difficult to keep them straight once beyond the immediate family. I always counted on Gene O'Grady to put it all into perspective. My sister Maureen lives in Toms River, NJ and Bev is in Delray Beach, FL. I plan on attending the Gathering next July and hope we connect.

  Posted by Jane McCarthy from Toronto, Ontario
Posted on : Jul 14, 2014
Hi cindy, Thanks! I'd love to know more about Ellen Donahue. I recall seeing her marriage details in the Frampton parish's records, while on a visit with my Dad in the late '80's. All the best - let's connect and share info.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Ontario, Canada
Posted on : Jul 07, 2014
I have seen several posts that mention ties to the Donohues from Frampton. I would love to get in touch to see if we could exchange information. To JANE McCARTHY - Ellen Donohues father, William, was my GGGrandfathers brother. I also have ties to the Falls, Nelligans, Brennans, Duffs, Fitzgeralds. You can contact me at ceeceedon(at)gmail(dot)com

  Posted by Jane McCarthy from Toronto, Ontario
Posted on : Jul 03, 2014
Hello Again! A brief addition to my previous note of June 30th: my ancestors lived in Frampton, and my father summered there through his youth, prior to joining the forces in 1939. How might I find more info on an ancestor, Rose Bridget? your help/guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks once again, and all the best - wonderful site!

  Posted by Jane McCarthy from Toronto, Ontario
Posted on : Jun 30, 2014
Hello, Very interesting - sincere thanks. I am the eldest daughter of Joseph Peter William McCarthy, born in Tourville, Que. in 1920. My Dad was the son of John McCarthy, (born 1874) who, in turn, was the son of Peter McCarthy, (born 1839) and Ellen Donahue, (born 1835.) these family members are all buried in Frampton. Many thanks, once again for a great site! All the very best, Jane McCarthy

  Posted by William Thomas McDonald from Dracut, Massachusetts, USA
Posted on : May 04, 2014
Thanks for decades of work! Great website and all the work that you've done is such a benefit for people like myself doing their family history work. Well done!

  Posted by B.Conley from St. Catharines ON
Posted on : Apr 30, 2014
Looking for info on Smith family-Ralph, Florence, Ida, Lilly from Frampton/Hemison??? Quebec

  Posted by Thomas (Tom) Donar Patrick Cahill from White Plains, NY, summer in Bar Harbor
Posted on : Apr 25, 2014
Thank you for your research sir, it is eye-opening. Extended family originating in Bingham whom I have just made acquaintance this past summer sent me the link! I am the grandson of Thomas, founder of the Hotel Cahill. I will return to your site in future. You are probably aware of the

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Apr 11, 2014
For Thomas Brennan: are you related to the Brennan's who ran Brennan's tavern in town? My brother spent a lot of time there and dated one of the daughters during our summer-long visits to St. Malachy. I see you are in NJ - I am in Freehold, NJ. Feel free to contact me at kvbarry@aol dot com. Kelly Barry

  Posted by Sharon Allen from Rochester, NY
Posted on : Apr 06, 2014
Dennis, I just received your books from Amazon and I'm in awe of the amount research that you have done. My father always talked about his cousins, the Brennans, Cullens, and Donohues, among others, and now I clearly see all the connections from Frampton and back to Ireland. Thank you! Thank you! Sharon Magher Allen, GGGrandaughter of William Meagher and Mary Murphy and GGrandaughter of Denis Cullen and Mary Devereux.

  Posted by Thomas Brennan from Califon, New Jersey
Posted on : Apr 03, 2014
Denis, Received and read the three books. All i can say is wow, what a tremendous work.Grandson of Moses Donohue Brennan and GGGGrandson of Edward Brennan and Mary Devereux. Tom Brennan

  Posted by Robert Hickey from Dalhousie, NB
Posted on : Apr 02, 2014
Just received and read Dennis's three volume series

  Posted by mclane james william (jim) from prince george british columbia canada
Posted on : Mar 24, 2014
my dads name was gearld joseph son of moses and mary mclane

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Richmond Que to Port Elgin Ont
Posted on : Mar 23, 2014
Message for Elizabeth Murphy: Since I came from Richmond and knew Murphy families there, I was interested in your posting on James Murphy. There is a James Murphy who died Sept 30, 1856, age 70, and husband of Hennora Ca????in the Drouin Collection for the St Bibiane Roman Catholic burials in Richmond Que. You can find this on, but it is very difficult to read. Hope this helps. Ron
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