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  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts, USA
Posted on : 02-Apr-2010
I emailed you, Ginny. To other researchers; my Frampton family research focuses mainly on DUNCAN, McLAUGHLIN and DOHERTY. I have traced those surnames back to Baptisms at the First Presbyterian Church in Derry, Co. Londonderry, Ireland. Email me at: chwy58 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin
Posted on : 01-Apr-2010
D Duncan, Could you please e-mail me at I have a couple of questions for you. We corresponded some years ago about the Rutherford family. I just tried your old e-mail adddress and it came back so I need your current one. Thanks.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts, USA
Posted on : 01-Apr-2010
Thank you Cindy!

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville Ontario
Posted on : 30-Mar-2010
Just letting you know that St. Paul's (Hemoson) Cemetery in St. Malachie Quebec is now online. Go to QUEBEC --- Chaudiere-Appalaches --- La Nouvelle-Beauce --- scroll down to Frampton Township click on St. Paul's. Cindy

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 29-Mar-2010
To: Stephen Byrns. Hello Stephen. we are related through the Falls Line. The first time I was in Frampton I had a nice conversation with your mom, Frances. She drove me up to Cranbourne and out to th lake on the 5th rang. Please tell her I said hello. My new email is

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 29-Mar-2010
Hello All, Just wanted to let you know that the pictures for Springbrook Anglican Cemetery in Frampton Quebec, that my granddaughter and I took, are online at: Once there, click on Quebec, then Chaudiere- Appalaches, then La Nouvelle-Beauce. Scroll down to Frampton Township and click on Springbrook. The rest of the Cemeteries in Frampton and St. Malachie will be up soon. Cindy

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin
Posted on : 22-Mar-2010
For Krista Harper: I think I can shed some light on W.A. Harper for you. His sister, Alicia or Lily was married to one of my relatives (John Thorp Bagnall) and they lived here in Sturgeon Bay. The parents, William and Maria Jane (Sargeant) Harper appeared on the 1905 census here living with Alicia. Maria Jane died here in 1921. I did not realize that W.A. Harper was also in Sturgeon Bay at one time. I will e-mail you separately with more information on that family.

  Posted by Stephen Byrns from Saint Damien Quebec
Posted on : 21-Mar-2010
Congratulations on a great site... I learned of this site from an old neighbour at the Saint Patrick's day parade in Quebec City on March 20th 2010. Thank you Timmy McGrath.. My mother, brother and his sons and their families still live in Frampton. My mother is the youngest sister of Rev Tom O'Connor and was raised by the Fitzgeral Family (1st cousins -- Rev. Raymond and Leonard Fitzgerald) that you mentioned in your comments on Cranbourne. I am a descendant of the the Byrns/Falls and O'Connor/Kelly clans..In fact the newest member of the Byrns family in Frampton is expected this coming week. My godson's (Jayson Byrns) wife is expecting to give birth this around March 26th. The Saint Patrick's day get together, united some 300 people on March 20th at the Dorchester Golf Club. It was organized by the Saint Patrick's Day Society of Saint Malachy.. Congratulations

  Posted by Krista Harper from Edmonton
Posted on : 18-Mar-2010
Hello there, I am trying to complete my family tree and have hit a wall. I know that my great grandfather, William Alexander Harper, was born in 1866 in Hemison, Quebec. However, I cannot find his parents. The family I have left does not know, so I am so happy to have found this wonderful site even if it doesn't answer all of my questions. Is/ was Hemison located in this same area? Hemison, St. Malachie, Quebec? Also, I know that W.A. Harper recieved his schooling in or around Hemison where he then worked briefly before going to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and to Escanoba, Michigan where he worked as a lumberjack. He later moved to the Lake of the Woods district in Northern Minnesota where he met and married Winnifred (Winnie) Mildred Clark in 1908. If anyone can shed some light on any of this please feel free to email me at: Thanks!!! And great job Mr. McLane!:)

  Posted by Roberta Rothwell from Sharon, MA
Posted on : 13-Mar-2010
Great website. My husband is descended from John Hughes and Margaret Brennan. This has provided a wealth of useful information. Thanks

  Posted by Mike Toner from Atlanta, GA
Posted on : 12-Mar-2010
Great site with an impressive array of thorough research -- all written in a way that makes it easy to read. Came across the site in my search for Brennan and Maher families, so I'm hoping that those documented in your research prove to be the ones. Jury's still out on that, but many thanks for all your efforts...

  Posted by Marge Scheuber from california
Posted on : 08-Jan-2010
Love this site! One side of my family tree dates back to my third great grandparents Moses Jordan and Mary Gahan. Miles Murphy and Marguerite Nolan are my fourth great grandparents.

  Posted by Ian McGillis from Peace River, AB
Posted on : 05-Jan-2010
I just stumbled into this site. Very interesting. My mother was Marcella G. Fitzgerald who moved to Riviere Qui Barre, AB. Father Walter Fitzgerald was my uncle.

Posted on : 31-Dec-2009

  Posted by Pauline Crevier Wiedow from Montreal, Quebec
Posted on : 30-Dec-2009
I have neglected my genealogy for the last years due to other committments. The information you sent me last year was so beneficial but I have not done anything since. My ancestor is Peter Murphy who is the brother of Andrew Murphy. I was wondering Dennis if you have found out more information about them. We were planning a trip to Wexford Ireland but due to the fact that I don't know where to begin in Ireland it was postponed. Hopefully this fall we will have a chance to walk the land of our ancestors and make new discoveries. I have not been able to visit Frampton either although my intentions were to have done so by now. Thank you Dennis for your hard work and being so diligent on our behalf.

  Posted by Mary Bourke from Calgary Albta
Posted on : 09-Dec-2009
I have been searching my Hanley ancestors for a very long time. They were last known to be in Quebec city in 1825 when they buried their son John. The father was John Hanley and his wife was Bridget Mitchell. They did come from Ireland sometime between 1809 and 1815. No trace of their deaths. Can anyone help. Thank you. Mary

  Posted by Robert Murphy from South Windsor, CT
Posted on : 29-Nov-2009
My grandfather was born in Frampton Canada. Moses Murphy. Parents were John Murphy and Ellen Walsh

  Posted by Joan Holmes from Minnesota
Posted on : 21-Nov-2009
To Cindy: Hugh Hurley and Sarah Ann Sargeant are also in my family line. So I will be interested in the tombstones pictures whenever they are on line. My great grandmother was Sarah Ann Sargent, born in West Frampton. She married John C. Holmes, also from the area. Thanks to Dennis McLane and to Ginny H, I have been able to trace many ancestors in this area. This is a great website. I have neglected my genealogy since my mother died a year and a half ago, but hope to get back to it this winter. Looking forward to seing your site. thanks Joan Holmes

  Posted by Gary from Coquitlam
Posted on : 21-Nov-2009
Yesterday I had a letter sent to me from a Lawyer in Victoria BC. I'm not sure if there are any Kinsleys on my side that know this but Uncle Hugh passed away and a copy of his Will was sent to me

Posted on : 21-Nov-2009
keep up the good work irember louis and mary they were friends to the mcbean family mary was john doherty s nurse at jeffery hale hospital
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