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  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 01-Sep-2010
Bonjour ce message s'adresse à Sean Murphy de Sault Ste-Marie Ontario. J'aimerais que vous m'aidiez à faire cette lignée Murphy avec moi. J'aimerais si ces possible me rendre jusqu'au 1 er Murphy avec le nom de leurs enfants et les dates. Merci Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 30-Aug-2010
Ce message s'adresse à Sean Murphy from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Tank You from Elizabeth Murphy. J'aimerais savoir si vous avez plus d'information sur ces parents, Oncle , tante jusqu'au 1 er Murphy. Merci Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Sheila Quigley Boos from St. Paul, MN
Posted on : 27-Aug-2010
for JANICE DAY of Denver, CO Sylvester Quigley 1798 - 1865 who you mentioned is my greatgrandfather. I have his parents as John and Helen O'Brien, but I cannot get them back to Ireland except their birth in Co. Carlow. I will be happy to trade my geneology record with you. And THANKS. Please email me direct.

  Posted by Manon Potvin from Quebec
Posted on : 24-Aug-2010
Great site. Looking for info on Garrett Evoy and Catherine Stafford. If anyone has info concerning their family in ireland, would appreciate. Thank-you. You can email me at

  Posted by Sean Murphy from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Posted on : 23-Aug-2010
For Anne Marie Smith of St. Raymond re: Elizabeth Murphy. She was the sister of my great great grandfather Charles Black Murphy, and the daughter of Jacob Murphy and Mary Black.

  Posted by Janice Day from Denver, Colorado
Posted on : 21-Aug-2010
Sheila, I hope that's your name, I'm off that page now. Anyway, there is such a long history of both Quigleys and Fitzgeralds in the Frampton/St. Malachie areas. There was a Sylvester Quigley who died in Frampton in 1865. His listed next-of-kin was an Ann Fitzgerald. The Quigleys were one of the prominent families in that area and there are still several of them there. Please send me a note if you'd like more information. Janice Day Denver, CO

  Posted by Sheila Quigley Boos from St. Paul, MN
Posted on : 09-Aug-2010
I would like informtion on the descendants of Sylvester Quigley and Mary Ellen Fitzgerald who arrived in Frampton about 1845 from Co. Carlow, Ireland.

  Posted by Helen Doyle from from Chicoutimi but now Longueuil (Québec)
Posted on : 21-Jul-2010
Hello! My name is Helen Doyle. I am the daughter of Jonh Horace Doyle (Jack) and Madeleine Dufour from Lac Etchemin. I saw that my cousin Mary Leona Petsche wrote a note on May 19 2006 and I am looking for her or anybody of Eileen’s children. When I was a little girl, every summer, we used to pass by Frampton to go to the graveyard. Long time I did this pelerinage. We used to stop at the hotel of Willy Doyle and get a little moment in front of the Magasin Général... We went with oncle Lewis and his wife Mary; once another time with oncle Bill and his wife Gerty. I saw Eileen with Tomy at the funeral of my father Jack almost 20 years ago. We shared some souvenirs of their childhood that nobody never told us about. I have also a sister, Louise Doyle. Thank you ...And what an interesting site! Helen Doyle at :

  Posted by Cathy Gorman McGee from Org. Chicago, Illinois
Posted on : 25-Jun-2010
Posting for Clare, Jun/2009 My Gorman family is connected to the Dwyer/Baker/Ryan families in St. Chrysostome, Quebec. Richard Baker (b. Ire. 1813 - d. 1905) m. Margaret (Peggy) Dwyer, (b. Ire. 1811 - d. 1900(?). Their children: Alice Baker m. Tom Doonar...Sarah Baker m. 'Gilmore'?...Margaret Baker m. Denis Dwyer...John Baker (b. 1844 - d. 1899) Edward Baker m. Winifred Gorman... Margaret Baker and Denis Dwyer children: John Dwyer, Mary Dwyer m. William Gorman...Margaretm. Tom Bulger, Alice, Bridget, Jane, William, Irene, Celia, Tess m. Wm Barron, Kate m. Ed Dowd,... Richard m. ? My great grandfather, William Gorman m.Mary Dwyer and moved to Chicago. I hope this helps!

  Posted by Sharon Allen from Fairport, NY
Posted on : 17-Jun-2010
Thank you for this wonderful site about Frampton. My paternal grandparents are Martin Magher/Sarah Cullen. Dad (Thomas Magher) shared many stories about the Frampton Irish, when we were growing up and this site has explained much of the background. Dad left Frampton in his late teens and eventually settled in NYS. I have been researching the Magher side and would appreciate any information on Martin's parents (William and Catherine Magher) and grandparents (William and Mary Magher). Thank you.

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from Elizabeth Murphy
Posted on : 15-Jun-2010
Une dame m'a écrit et me dit que mon Elizabeth Murphy pourrait être Elizabeth Doyle de Ste Catherine de Fossambault. J'aimerais en savoir plus pour savoir si on a la même Elizabeth. La mienne mariait Mathew Smith le 1 novembre 1847. et est née en Irlande et décédée le 9 février 1900 Ste-Bartholomew's, Bourg-Louis, P.Q Merci

  Posted by Fred Von During from Kingman,Az
Posted on : 26-May-2010
And after reading about name variations in your Fantastic work here, may I remind you your Dad and Mom called my mother (Dorothea) or Dot once in a while! And for myself and everyone who reads this, thank you for the most complete work of history I have ever seen! Please say hi to your dad, we spoke a year or so ago and continue on with this outstanding work!

  Posted by Fred Von During from Kingman,Az
Posted on : 26-May-2010
I'm hoping you have Von During's listed somewhere! I'm sorry the first paragraph was done without further investigation of this wonderful site, the work you've done here is staggering and something to be more than just proud! I will leave happy just knowing I am a small (very) part. I ask sometime you answer just which way the 18 month error in Miles McLane's birthdate , you know, what was my grandpa's birthdate on the gravemarker? My health precludes me from visiting anyone's grave other, than my own! I am so proud to have communicated with you for the short while here and in an other place...

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-RAYMOND, CTÉ PORTNEUF, P.Q
Posted on : 21-May-2010
Bonjour je recherche les parents d'Élizabeth Murphy née 1816 en Irlande décédée 9 février 1900 Bourg-Louis, cté Portneuf, P.Q marié à Matthew Smith né le 18 février 1820 à Penninghame, Wigtown, Scotland, Émigré en 1847 à Ste-Catherine de Fossambault. Marié le 1 novembre 1847 in Metropolitan church, Qc. Merci

  Posted by Carlie Woodman from Port Hope
Posted on : 18-May-2010
Hello everyone! I have been working on an online family tree using I have ties to the Doherty, Coull, McWhirter, Howatson, McCormick, McLaughlin, Woodman, and Crawford trees. If anyone is interested in joining my online family tree, just email me and I'll send you an invite. I currently have over 2700 profiles (but this does include 2 sides of my family, not just my Frampton family) If anyone has any info for me for Jonathan Woodman and Mary McCormick; Gilbert McWhirter and Isobel McCreadie; John Doherty and Rebecca Duncan; George Crawford and Matilda Corrigan; please email me as well, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Carlie

  Posted by Ewan Henderson from New Zealand
Posted on : 16-May-2010
I was wondering if there are any Henderson descendants still left in the area of St. Malachie? Many years ago I used to correspond with Jean and Forrest Henderson (brother and sister) whom I belive have now passed away. Does anyone have tabs on anyone else with this surname, descended from the brothers William and Gilbert who played an important part in the areas development in the early 1800's? Regards...Ewan Henderson

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 11-May-2010
Douglas Gordon, I just now noticed your post. I'll email you. I am curious as if John DOHERTY, James DOHERTY and Jane DOHERTY are siblings. Also wondering if James CORRIGAN, Margaret CORRIGAN and Johnston CORRIGAN are siblings. BTW John DOHERTY is listed as coming from the St. Johnstown/Johnston Congregation on the Baptism of his son James DOHERTY in Londonderry, IRE. Could JOHNSTON DOHERTY be named for that town?

  Posted by Tom Kelly from MA
Posted on : 10-May-2010
My email by the way is

  Posted by Tom Kelly from Massachusetts by way of Maine
Posted on : 10-May-2010
I have started to save our old family photos into digital format. I have a lot from the early 1900's in the Frampton area. Although they are from Reed and Kelly albums there are many other people in the photos. Let me know or comment if you recognize someone. I have posted the first wave to Flickr and many of them are classified as public for now. There are many more to go and they will not necessarily be in chronological order. I am also going to post some to a Frampton Group site that is also on Flickr for anyone to post to. If you would like to view these pictures they can be found at You need to be a member to leave a comment. I will put in more info. over time. If you have any of your own posted anywhere for public view or have anything you would like to have posted for you to a Flickr Group site please let me know.

  Posted by Douglas Gordon from Alberta
Posted on : 03-May-2010
Attention DDuncan In your research of the Doherty family do you have anything on James Doherty (born circa 1807) from Frampton?
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