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What's New (as of March 2014)

Welcome to the Frampton Irish Website. The Frampton Irish website is dedicated to the history and genealogy of the Irish people who emigrated from Ireland to the vicinity of Frampton Township in Dorchester County of Lower Canada (Quebec) in the early 19th century. The website is provided in the English language to enable English speakers to obtain information about their Irish ancestors who lived in the Frampton area of French Quebec (QC). Frampton, Quebec is located about 30 southeast of Quebec City.

Author Patrick Redmond has granted me permission to publish his book, Irish Life in Rural Quebec, A History of Frampton. Click on "Irish Life" to access it.

  • Frampton Irish Names Database: I am no longer accepting new subscriptions to my Frampton Irish database of 12,600 persons. The database contains only birth, marriage, and death data. I now have released my three volume set of books on the "History and Genealogy of the Frampton Irish." Volumes II and III are the genealogy compendium which contain not only data on births, marriages, and deaths, but also a great deal of supplemental information about the families. You may find it more advantageous to purchase one or two of the compendium volumes to achieve your research wishes. For information about the books, see below.

  • Release of the Irish Needles Collection: I have published the three volume set of Irish Needles "The History and Genealogy of the Frampton Irish." Volume I is Irish Needles: The History of the Frampton Irish; Volume II is Irish Needles: Genealogy Compendium of the Frampton Irish, A-K; and Volume III is Irish Needles: Genealogy Compendium of the Frampton Irish, L-Z. These books are now available on Amazon, com. Ordering details and a further description of these volumes can be found by clicking on "the book."

  • Custom reports, obtaining copies of records, and extended research: : I have suspended acceptance of any new requests for custom reports and extending research in favor of marketing of my Irish Needles collection. Much of what I previously provided in the custom reports can now be obtained by purchasing the pertinent volume of the genealogy compendiums mentioned above.

  • Blog:I will continue to add some blog articles as time permits. But the frequency of these blogs will not be as often as in the past.