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Dennis McLane is retired from U.S. Government Service and lives in Boise, Idaho. In his previous career, Dennis was employed by the Bureau of Land Management, whose predecessor agency was the General Land Office that was responsible for administering American homesteading. Maps and land identification was a regular part of his work. Dennis was employed by the Bureau of Land Management as a Supervisory Criminal Investigator. In that occupation he gained a great deal of experience in conducting investigations and searching for appropriate records. Since his retirement, Dennis had also been employed as a record searcher for a company that was under contract to the U.S. Government for conducting background investigations. He has been researching the Frampton Irish since 1996. He has written and compiled numerous publications including a family history book about his own ancestors. He has an LDS Family History Center in his neighborhood and made several trips to the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City. He has been to Frampton three times. He can be contacted at: #application.DefaultEmail# (That's dbmack one one).