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  Posted by Joan Phillips from Coeur D'Alene Idaho
Posted on : Sep 09, 2021
We are descended from BERNARD PHILLIPS, and Anne Little Phillips Cuddy of Ireland and then Cranbourne. She had son William Phillips 1829 in Ireland,then Jane 1833 and Richard Phillips 1835 in Quebec City with Bernard Phillips, a commuted pensioner. Bernard had a land grant of 104 Acres. At Richards Baptism, Bernard is sadly listed as deceased, perhaps a victim of a Cholera epidemic. JAMES CUDDY is at the baptism and listed as a witness. James and Ann went on to marry in 1835 and raise 6 more Cuddy children along with the 3 Phillips children in Cranbourne. William Phillips, the eldest son,married Dorcas Whitman in October of 1850 in Solon, Somerset Co. Maine. William fought in the Civil War, raised 10 Children , and farmed an Orange Grove in Florida. He died at the Togus vets home in 1909 in Maine. Only 2 of Williams sons had Phillips lines continue - one in Natick MA and one in Levy Florida. Williams daughter MAHALA PHILLIPS Married LORENZO DOW BROWN and they farmed in Mayfield their entire lives from 1870 to 1920's. Grandma Ann and James Cuddy came down from Cranbourne to MAYFIELD SOMERSET CO MAINE around 1860 and RICHARD PHILLIPS AND ELLEN HADDIGAN, Uncle Richard and Aunt Ellen, soon Followed. Mahala and Lorenzo had a son Perley True who produced 12 descendants so I am betting there are still some BROWN DESCENDANTS around Mayfield Corner Maine.

  Posted by Mike Perry from Frenchtown, Monroe, Michigan, USA
Posted on : Aug 06, 2021
I received all three volumes of Irish Needles this week. Thank you for the quick delivery, and for the information within. I have focused on my 2nd GG Joseph Matthews and Judith Rockford (V.3.p.65), and your work is providing forgotten history within my family. I just found this Blog today, so I am excited to dig through to find any additional information. What's interesting is a connection between the Frampton Irish and the logging industry in Somerset county, Maine and that the relationships between the families of Matthews, Adams, Kennedy, Murphy and Hurley may hold possible connections that are unclear at present. Thank You

  Posted by CATHERINE M PETERSON from Rochester, MN
Posted on : Jun 29, 2021
I'm a descendant of the Griffin family that settled in Frampton,Chaudiere Applache Region in Quebec Canada I have most of the family tree done from the ones that settled in MN Does anyone have any connection to those from Canada?? One of the parents was Garett and Bridget Phelan Griffin Happy for any help Cathy

  Posted by Philip LaBerge from Coppell (Dallas), TX
Posted on : Jul 10, 2020
Great website. Thank you. I am the owner of my paternal ancestral home near Quebec City. Maison Laberge was built in 1660. My mother's ancestor was Thomas Sammon from County Mayo who immigrated to the U.S. in 1836. Interestingly, one of his daughter-in-laws was Ella McHugh who's mother, Chatherine Scully, was born in Ormstown in 1833. Three years later, Jean- Baptiste Laberge was a leader of the revolt of 1836 in nearby Beauharnois. It is great to learn more about the history of the Irish in Quebec.

  Posted by Doug Wilsher from 0ntario Canada
Posted on : Jun 24, 2020
I have not been active for five years. I spent alot of time with Ginny Haen.I have not been able to locate her. Has any one been in contact contact with her latley, Doug

  Posted by David Rattray from Ottawa, Ontario
Posted on : Jun 17, 2020
I read the most recent post from lady in St David Quebec searching info about her Smith ancestor from Frampton. As you see from my previous post I am focused on the early Smiths cica 1835 to attempt to establish a relationship between Henry Smith born 1828 (likely Ireland) who came with Father a Smith to Frampton, Henry the family story goes had at least two other brothers. They were soon after adopted by a Gagnon Family. Henry's marriage in St Ferdinand listed him as an adopted son of Alias Gagnon and his wife! I am working to validate this long standing family tale. It now appears highly credible. BTW there is a Daniel Smith buried in St Edouard Cemetery in 1838, Henry's father??? 4 Smiths bought land in the summer of 1835 according to Frampton history. Can you help me solve the Smith/Gagnon tale handed down through many generations please. My wife is grt grt grandaughter of Henry(i) Thank you

  Posted by David Rattray from Ottawa, Ontario
Posted on : Jun 16, 2020
Researching my wife's Gagnon St Ferdinand and Frampton family. Grt Grdfather is Henry Gagnon of St Ferdinand Sud. Family story is he was the son of one of the four Frampton Smith brothers was purchased Frampton lands in 1835. Henry born 1828 (Ireland). Parents died (?) when he was young and then adopted by Alias Gagnon of St Ferdinand. Henry married Marie Valiere/Hilaire in 1851 St Ferdinand D'Halifax. 1861 Census St Ferdinand has Henri,33 Marie 31, France 8, Pierre 6 and Louise 3. There is a Henri Gagnon, and Marie G buried St. Edouard Cemetery Frampton along with some Smiths, one who died 1838. and Pierre/Peter Grt Grandfather later moved to Katevale Quebec, married and had 11 children. Many of those Gagnon descendants still live in or near North Hatley, Quebec. Is someone researching the 4 Smiths of Frampton 1835?? Would love to hear any news Thank you

  Posted by Louise Smith from St-David, Qc
Posted on : Jun 07, 2020
To Dave DILLON of Colorado: Do you still have the photograh of your gg grandmother Jane McDIVITT (née SMITH) ? She would be the sister of my 3rd great-grandfather John SMITH. I would be VERY interested !!! Many thanks!

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Wisconsin. USA
Posted on : Apr 27, 2020
For: Kelly from Whonnock, BC I haven't checked this site for a few years so if you're still looking, I'd be interested in knowing which branch of the Bagley family you are from. I too come from that family.

  Posted by Lynn Drouin from Frampton, Qc, Canada
Posted on : Apr 23, 2020
For Ken Allaire,Baton Rouge. There is no Simon Allaire born in Frampton around 1850. I need more informations, like who was his wife. I have Allaire people in my husband family.

  Posted by Lynn Drouin from Frampton, Qc, Canada
Posted on : Apr 23, 2020
I need informations about Sylvester O'Connor and Mary Roach. Also about Patrick O'Connor and his wife Lucy O'Connor. Each of them are buried where and their date of death. I can not find anything in Frampton and Ste-Marguerite, Qc. Thank you. Lynn

  Posted by Ken Allaire from Baton Rouge, La
Posted on : Apr 14, 2020
Unbelievably insightful and helpful with this history. I am more than wanting to learn more about (??) my great grandfather, Simon Allaire, possibly born in Frampton around 1850. No luck so far but I'm still looking. Would love to hear from anyone that has seen the name

  Posted by Lisa-Anne from Maryland
Posted on : Feb 25, 2020
Greetings All: Through online sources my 4th cousins and I have connected. We are descendants of Benjamin Thomas (1767-1849) a retired British soldier, and his wife, Bridget Wall (or Wold) (1797-1874), who settled in Frampton around 1832 from Ireland. They came to Frampton with their teenage children and had another son in Canada. We believe their first- born son Richard came to Frampton earlier with Irish neighbors. Their grandson B.J. Thomas appears in some of the history as the man who went out to the U.S. West and returned with a wagon filled with furs and enough money to marry (he married Emmelie Lafontaine near Frampton). While we've been able to do a good bit of research on the family, if anyone has any additional information on this family, we'd love to hear from you. Lisa-Anne

  Posted by Alice Redmond-Neal from Massachusetts > New Mexico
Posted on : Feb 18, 2020
Huge thank yous to Dennis and anyone else involved in promoting the memory of the Frampton Irish. Largely through Dennis' book, I discovered my GGgrandfather Andrew Redmond, wife Anstace and their first two children Andrew and Margaret were among the early settlers in approx 1826, and have been able to trace and/or confirm the lineage from that point onward. I've been working on my genealogy since about 2017 but have much to discover. This resource is so valuable to many of us, and we appreciate your hard work.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : Jan 10, 2019
I was shocked to see the message about Jan. Thank you for letting us all know. If you speak to Ken could you please give him my sympathies. Cindy

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : Oct 11, 2018
I apologize for being somewhat delinquent on maintaining the guest book. I have deleted all the spam entries. I wanted to let any website followers know that Jan Enright passed away in August 2018. I first meet Jan via e-mail as she was researching her husband Ken's Enright family in Quebec. My wife and I meet with Ken and Jan several times since then and hung out with them at the Great Gathering. They had been to Frampton several times and met many Frampton Irish descendants. She will be missed.

  Posted by Linus from Calgary
Posted on : Aug 22, 2018
This site has been hijacked but here goes anyway.... For Jan Enright in Arizona. I schooled in St. Malachie Convent from Sept 1948 to June 1955. Most of us were Catholic but there was a good percentage of Protestants(Anglican) in our class. I can name names if you're interested. Linus

  Posted by Almon Pope from Cookshire, Quebec
Posted on : Mar 31, 2018
Looking for the names of the siblings of Sarah (Sadie) Abiah Ross whose parents were James Waugh Ross and Hattie Christina Buzzell

  Posted by Peter Murphy from Saint John, NB (currently in Ottawa)
Posted on : Dec 07, 2017
Wonderful site! I am anxious to pin down death details for my great- grandfather's first cousin, John Murphy (born 1893), grandson of John Murphy and Ann Keegan of Frampton. John signed the Frampton burial register at the interment of his father, Thomas, in 1938. Nothing more is known. Any clue could be helpful.

  Posted by Kelly from Whonnock, BC
Posted on : Oct 09, 2017
Thank you for putting this site together. You have given me information to continue my pursuit with my grandmother's father side of the family. The Ross family from Ireland. You have narrowed it down to about 1820 when the family arrived in Canada. One of the first Protestant family's to settle in Frampton. Also, my grandmother's mom, side of the family. The Bagley's, also from Ireland and a family from Frampton. If anybody has any information and/or evidence on the history of The Ross Family prior to 1820, I would love to get in touch with you.

  Posted by Jean from Georgia- NY orignally
Posted on : Sep 24, 2017
I have enjoyed both Irish Needles 1 and 2, I was looking for the Family sheet you put on Ancestry but can not find it. My ancestors were Bernard Fitzsimmons and Mary Johnston or Johnson my 3x great grandparents, their daughter Elizabeth 1844 is my 2x ggm. Looking for more info on their parents or siblings

  Posted by Kelly from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Apr 26, 2017
To Jan Enright: are you related to the Rev. W. J. Enright?

  Posted by Jan Enright from Phoenix AZ
Posted on : Apr 13, 2017
Am attempting to find some listing of children who attended school in Frampton from about 1840 to 1860. Frampton had one of the first schools that included both Catholic and Protestant children. They were divided up after this. Does anyone have access to these lists? I've searched on line, but if I can't find anything I will attempt to research on microfilm next time we go to Salt Lake City (August it looks like). Thanks

  Posted by Christine Elsey from Vancouver Canada
Posted on : Feb 27, 2017
My great grand mother was Isabel (or Isabella) Anderson the daughter of Archibald Anderson and Eliza Smyth and originally they were all members of the Frampton Irish. Archibald and his family moved out West (living in the Prairies)finally moving to Victoria B.C. in the later part of the 19th century.

  Posted by Jennifer B from Sioux Falls, SD
Posted on : Nov 11, 2016
My great, great, great grand parents were married in St-Édouard, Frampton, Québec in 1864. The moved to the US in 1868. They are John James Gunn (McElgunn/McElgan) and Bridget Francis Foley. John was born in Ireland and Bridget was born in Quebec. Still researching their history. Any help is welcome.

  Posted by Peter Connors from Ottawa, Ontario
Posted on : Apr 19, 2016
My mother's family in Frampton were Mary Levy and Jeremiah KILDUFF. They were the grandparents of Peter KILDUFF, my great grandfather,who lived in Kingston Ontario and later in Ottawa. Among his accomplishments was the building of the steel dome of the Library Building of Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. In his bid for the job,he offered to build iron doors for the library as a fire prevention aid. The government accepted and when the Parliament Building burned down,the library survived intact. He al also build several large paddlewheel ships that plied the Ottawa River between Ottawa and a lock approaching Montreal. Their is also evidence he was a friend of the Prime Minister Sir John A. Macdonald.

  Posted by Ron oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Apr 16, 2016
The last part of my query didn't post. I wondered since I have had no luck finding the surname data base Dennis put on, has anyone been able to access it? Thanks, Ron

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Apr 16, 2016
I tried to access Dennis McLane's Frampton Irish surname database, to which I have a paid membership, but received the following:

  Posted by David Patton from Washington, DC
Posted on : Apr 06, 2016
My ancestors include Murphys and Sinnotts, with a connection to Frampton. Thanks for all the information ...

  Posted by Linus from Calgary
Posted on : Mar 18, 2016
Québec....before someone corrects me.

  Posted by Linus from Calgary, Alberta
Posted on : Mar 18, 2016
Oh, no doubt Quebec City had another great St. Patrick's Day. Hundreds, OK thousands of Quebec natives of Irish heritage have moved out of province or even abroad but the core remnant parties on every year. Vive les Irlandais du Quebéc!

  Posted by Anne Conway from Donnacona Quebec.
Posted on : Mar 16, 2016
A cousin just sent this Frampton Irish web site. I would be curious to know if there are many Conway families in Quebec. No doubt we are related. Quebec City will be having a big celebration on March 17th in Quebec City. A great day for all. Happy St. Patrick's Day Anne Conway

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Mar 16, 2016
Just wishing everyone who reads this board a very happy St. Patrick's Day, with many more to come.

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from Murphy
Posted on : Feb 07, 2016
J'aimerais savoir si Sean Murphy ou Peter Murphy ou quelqu'un de la famille Murphy auraient des photos à envoyer par e-mail sur les familles Matthew Smith né 1820-1892 and Elisabeth Murphy née 1816-1900. C'est gens habitaient le Rang de la Montagne à St-Raymond, P.Q. Sa peut être aussi des photos sur des lignées plus haut . Ils font parti de la famille Charles Black Murphy. Merci envoyé à Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Pearl Riendeau from BEAUHARNOIS QC.
Posted on : Jan 18, 2016
I'm the great grand daughter of Winifred Gorman sister to your great grand father, and I always knew that Uncle Willie had moved to Chicago. I'm the last of the Baker family.I would like to hear from you.

  Posted by Pearl Riendeau from BEAUHARNOIS QC.
Posted on : Jan 15, 2016
My COMMENT ON William Gorman From St Chrysostome QC. posted for Clare Gorman McGee from Chicago I am the daughter of Mary Baker ,who was Winiford Gorman grand daughter . Hope this message reaches you! Pearl

  Posted by Pearl Riendeau from Beaauharnois Qc
Posted on : Jan 15, 2016
William Gorman your great grandfather was a brother to my great grandmother Winniford Gorman and he visited my grand parents on the farm at St chrysostome. My mother Mary Baker passed on 3 yrs ago and Edward her brother died on Dec. 22 ,2015 Uncle Willie left for chicago and I have some family photos. Pearl

  Posted by Darlene Duncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : Sep 26, 2015
I found a news clip death of William WAWNE 1846, Yorkshire, Eng. mentions he lived 26 yrs in Frampton, Qc.

  Posted by Michael Laughrea from Montreal
Posted on : Sep 25, 2015
It would be nice to know that some connection exists between Owen Murphy, mayor of Quebec City between 1874 and 1878, and the ancestors of the Frampton Murphys. Owen Murphy married Elizabeth Laughry. Sarah Laughry, sister of Elizabeth, married Francis Doherty, the son of a Frampton Irish.

  Posted by Michael Laughrea from Montreal
Posted on : Aug 23, 2015
My Irish great-great-great grandparents are Andrew Loughry, Belle McCordick, James Patton, Susan McElroy, Denis Sullivan, Margaret Dunn, Thomas Prendergast and Margaret Walsh. Some of their children settled in the Saint Elzéar and Saint Sylvestre area. . I just ordered the 3 books

  Posted by Joan Holmes from Maple Grove MN
Posted on : Aug 14, 2015
I have moved and just updated my info to my account. Sorry I missed the celebration this summer but I was a bit busy with my move. Sounded great and I look forward to seeing pictures.

  Posted by Katey from Fairview, Alberta
Posted on : Aug 09, 2015
I am starting to research my genealogy on my fathers side. I am a DOYLE descendant. My 3rd great grand father was William Doyle (1788-1875), 2nd great grandfather is John R. Doyle (1832-1917), 1st great grandfather is Michael A. Doyle(1867-1942)and my grandfather William A. Doyle (1903-2001). Looking to connect with other DOYLE descendants and any information that will assist me in my research. Please contact Thank you :)

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Aug 05, 2015
Of course, I meant Arthur. Kelly

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Aug 05, 2015
Eugene, I speak for many, many attendees of the Great Gathering: we had a marvelous time! After 2 long years of planning, the committee deserves immense credit for offering a wonderful program of activities. We met lots of old friends, and descendants of so many people who we've heard about from our parents - it was great to bond with so many kindred spirits. Can't wait for the 300 year Great gathering! Kelly Barry, Freehold, NJ

  Posted by Arthur G. Redmond from Baie Comeau, QC
Posted on : Jul 28, 2015
Sorry I could not make it to the reunion, but we are currently traveling on the Oregon coast. Hope everyone had a great time. Art

  Posted by Ann Stevens from Bonita (San Diego) CA
Posted on : Jul 01, 2015
Unfortunately I can't make it to the Great Frampton gathering this weekend, but would love to be in contact with anyone researching the William and Margaret Garvin family and the Robert Ross family lines. I am happy to share any research I have done with potential cousins. Looking forward to hearing from you--and wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Ann Stevens

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont.
Posted on : Jun 08, 2015
To Jane McCarthy of Toronto: I,for one, will be attending the Frampton Great Gathering this July, and to see others who will be there scroll down on the Eventbrite Invitation webpage for the Gathering(below the meal ticket reservations). Should be a great time.

Posted on : May 28, 2015
Thank you very much toMr Dennis McClane again you are doing a GREAT JOB.I was reading the comments and I saw my lovely cousin name DONNA McMARTIN from ALBERTA. GREAT GREAT NEWS my father is Edgar Murphy your mother brother.Please get in touch with me. I would appriciate. I'm waiting.

  Posted by Jane McCarthy from Toronto
Posted on : May 27, 2015
Hello, Would love to know who's attending the gatherin in July. Looking forward to sharing stories and legacies of Frampton neighbours and friends. All good wishes for everyone! Jane McCarthy

  Posted by Susan from Chicago, Illinois
Posted on : May 06, 2015
I am interested in location relatives of Catherine Kelly b 1809, whose parents were John Kelly b 1790 Ireland, and Mary McEvoy b 1790 Ireland.

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Sturgeon Bay WI
Posted on : Nov 06, 2014
For Dave Dillon: I have a photo of a Kate Dillon Pardee taken in Denver CO. Do you know where she fits in? It was found in an album of one of my relatives who had connections with one of the Frampton Smith families. Doug Wilsher, who sometimes posts here is also connected to these Smiths, particularly a Jane who married a John Dillon. How do they all connect? Let me know if you want a copy of Kate.

  Posted by Dave Dillon from Canon City, Colorado
Posted on : Sep 25, 2014
My gg grandmother was Jane McDivitt (née Smith) (1822-1910). I have a photograph of her taken when she lived with her daughter Emma Dillon in Wisconsin if anyone's interested!

  Posted by Doug from Wilsher
Posted on : Sep 16, 2014
Hello, I am responding to a B. Conley who is looking for info on the Smith family.Your post was April 30, 2014. I live in St. Catharines as well and have a family tree on the family, My grandmother was a Smith, her youngest brother was Ralph. Let me know if you are interested, Doug Wilsher

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Coquitlam
Posted on : Sep 04, 2014
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  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Aug 31, 2014
For Don Hodge, Vernon, B.C. re Ross genealogy: Can't help with many details in your search, but just wanted to correct the fact that you list the birth/death place of Frampton, Ireland, but Frampton is in Beauce County, Quebec. I had a quick check on Denis McLane's name data base and found Adam Ross b.1795 Antrim, Ireland d. 1879 Springbrook, Dorchester County, Quebec. Elizabeth Adams b. 1798 Ireland, d. 1869 Springbrook, Dorchester County, Quebec. John Ross b. 1817, Ireland. Mary Waugh b.1816 Ireland. Hopefully someone can help you more, or you may want to take out a membership so you can view the names on Denis's database. Ron

  Posted by Don Hodge from Vernon, British Columbia
Posted on : Aug 30, 2014
Am doing research on my wife's genealogy on the ROSS side of her family who lived in the Bury/Cookshire/Eaton towns of Quebec. Her lineage is as follows starting with her grandmother Daisy May Ross(1888-1961) wife of John Henry Winslow.(1886-1950)Lived: Eaton, Quebec. She was the daughter of James Waugh Ross(1864-1928)and Hattie Christina Buzzell(1861-1936)Lived: Cookshire, Quebec. James Waugh Ross was the son of John W Ross(Born: Frampton, Ireland ABT 1820 and Died August 16, 1892)Bury, Quebec and Mary Waugh(1816-1903)Born Frampton, Ireland, and Died in Bury, Quebec. John W Ross was the son of Adam Ross(1791- 1879) and Elizabeth Adams(1797-1869) Lived/Died Frampton, Ireland. Would appreciate any further lineage information. Thanks, Don Hodge

  Posted by Maureen (Kelly) Latham from Toms River, NJ
Posted on : Aug 24, 2014
Kelly Barry, My brother emailed me about you getting in touch with me. I live in Toms River and found some photos of your Dad when he first came to the US. It would be nice to talk with you and maybe you could come for a visit. I remember your Dad quite well. Hope to hear from you. Maureen(Kelly)Latham

  Posted by Wayne Kelly from Arlington VA
Posted on : Aug 22, 2014
Kelly - Joe and Emma are my parents. Unfortunately, my mother died in 1951 and my father passed away in 1964. I remember visiting your family and whenever I drive on the NJ Turnpike I think of your family. I passed on your comments to my sisters. My email is Hope to see you at the gathering! wayne

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Aug 22, 2014
To Wayne Joseph Kelly: Couldn't help but wonder if you are related to my Godparents Joe and Emma Kelly. They lived in North Jersey (perhaps Newark? East Orange?) in 1951 when I was baptized. Joe must have been a relative - my paternal grandmother is Bridget Frances Kelly - which is how I,despite being a male, got my given first name. If related, it would be great to meet your sister who lives in Toms River, NJ - about 40 minute drive from me. A number of us Barrys will be in attendance at Frampton's Great Gathering next year - hope we can meet there. Kelly Barry

  Posted by Wayne Joseph Kelly from Arlington, VA
Posted on : Aug 16, 2014
For Cecilia Kelly: I saw your post on the blog -- my first time visit. I have wonderful memories of your mom Aunt Mary and not just because of the tasty strawberry jam she always gave us. Very, very sweet person and my dad always voiced wonderful things about her. Our family would spend at least two weeks each summer and stayed with my Aunt Lucy (Sheehan) and Uncle Tom O'Grady. We visited many of Dad's and my Mom's relatives such as your family and Uncle Martin's. There were so many relatives it was very difficult to keep them straight once beyond the immediate family. I always counted on Gene O'Grady to put it all into perspective. My sister Maureen lives in Toms River, NJ and Bev is in Delray Beach, FL. I plan on attending the Gathering next July and hope we connect.

  Posted by Jane McCarthy from Toronto, Ontario
Posted on : Jul 14, 2014
Hi cindy, Thanks! I'd love to know more about Ellen Donahue. I recall seeing her marriage details in the Frampton parish's records, while on a visit with my Dad in the late '80's. All the best - let's connect and share info.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Ontario, Canada
Posted on : Jul 07, 2014
I have seen several posts that mention ties to the Donohues from Frampton. I would love to get in touch to see if we could exchange information. To JANE McCARTHY - Ellen Donohues father, William, was my GGGrandfathers brother. I also have ties to the Falls, Nelligans, Brennans, Duffs, Fitzgeralds. You can contact me at ceeceedon(at)gmail(dot)com

  Posted by Jane McCarthy from Toronto, Ontario
Posted on : Jul 03, 2014
Hello Again! A brief addition to my previous note of June 30th: my ancestors lived in Frampton, and my father summered there through his youth, prior to joining the forces in 1939. How might I find more info on an ancestor, Rose Bridget? your help/guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks once again, and all the best - wonderful site!

  Posted by Jane McCarthy from Toronto, Ontario
Posted on : Jun 30, 2014
Hello, Very interesting - sincere thanks. I am the eldest daughter of Joseph Peter William McCarthy, born in Tourville, Que. in 1920. My Dad was the son of John McCarthy, (born 1874) who, in turn, was the son of Peter McCarthy, (born 1839) and Ellen Donahue, (born 1835.) these family members are all buried in Frampton. Many thanks, once again for a great site! All the very best, Jane McCarthy

  Posted by William Thomas McDonald from Dracut, Massachusetts, USA
Posted on : May 04, 2014
Thanks for decades of work! Great website and all the work that you've done is such a benefit for people like myself doing their family history work. Well done!

  Posted by B.Conley from St. Catharines ON
Posted on : Apr 30, 2014
Looking for info on Smith family-Ralph, Florence, Ida, Lilly from Frampton/Hemison??? Quebec

  Posted by Thomas (Tom) Donar Patrick Cahill from White Plains, NY, summer in Bar Harbor
Posted on : Apr 25, 2014
Thank you for your research sir, it is eye-opening. Extended family originating in Bingham whom I have just made acquaintance this past summer sent me the link! I am the grandson of Thomas, founder of the Hotel Cahill. I will return to your site in future. You are probably aware of the

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Apr 11, 2014
For Thomas Brennan: are you related to the Brennan's who ran Brennan's tavern in town? My brother spent a lot of time there and dated one of the daughters during our summer-long visits to St. Malachy. I see you are in NJ - I am in Freehold, NJ. Feel free to contact me at kvbarry@aol dot com. Kelly Barry

  Posted by Sharon Allen from Rochester, NY
Posted on : Apr 06, 2014
Dennis, I just received your books from Amazon and I'm in awe of the amount research that you have done. My father always talked about his cousins, the Brennans, Cullens, and Donohues, among others, and now I clearly see all the connections from Frampton and back to Ireland. Thank you! Thank you! Sharon Magher Allen, GGGrandaughter of William Meagher and Mary Murphy and GGrandaughter of Denis Cullen and Mary Devereux.

  Posted by Thomas Brennan from Califon, New Jersey
Posted on : Apr 03, 2014
Denis, Received and read the three books. All i can say is wow, what a tremendous work.Grandson of Moses Donohue Brennan and GGGGrandson of Edward Brennan and Mary Devereux. Tom Brennan

  Posted by Robert Hickey from Dalhousie, NB
Posted on : Apr 02, 2014
Just received and read Dennis's three volume series

  Posted by mclane james william (jim) from prince george british columbia canada
Posted on : Mar 24, 2014
my dads name was gearld joseph son of moses and mary mclane

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Richmond Que to Port Elgin Ont
Posted on : Mar 23, 2014
Message for Elizabeth Murphy: Since I came from Richmond and knew Murphy families there, I was interested in your posting on James Murphy. There is a James Murphy who died Sept 30, 1856, age 70, and husband of Hennora Ca????in the Drouin Collection for the St Bibiane Roman Catholic burials in Richmond Que. You can find this on, but it is very difficult to read. Hope this helps. Ron

  Posted by Elaine Murphy Gaudet from Prince Edward Island, Canada
Posted on : Mar 23, 2014
Matthew Murphy and Mary O'Neill emigrated from Wexford County, Ireland to PEI, Canada in 1811-1812((Newspaper notice of death). I am looking for information about Martin Murphy SR( Murphy-Stephens party). He was born in Wexford County also.His birth date coincides, and the name sake follows down our ancestors line also. I know it is a LONG SHOT, but I am used to long shots.!! I have had an autosomal DNA completed through AncestryDNA and looking to find common ancestors. Great site,

  Posted by Murphy Élizabeth from Québec Qué
Posted on : Mar 17, 2014
My gggrand father was James Murphy 1786 1856 and live a part of is life at St Ferdinand d'Halifax it is near by Frampton.was He from the same family .. .I can't find when He came to this town. He was maried to Honorah Keought He had 5 children John Julia Charles, Margareth, Patrick ...It is possible that they come from Richmond Eastern Township first because my grand father live in Stoke and John my ggfather is in the cimetery at Stoke.Isearch on this area but it,is like a mystery .Iwould like to know where the arrived first.You have made so much search for this family Murphy that may be you can help me.I hope that you understand my english I am french with an irish name. I hope to go at Frampton in july may be somebody know about this branch of Murphy .Thank's I like to read your comment I just discover your blog

  Posted by Rachael Austin LaCasse from Skowhegan,ME
Posted on : Mar 17, 2014
Great site! Grandfather Sylvester

  Posted by Paule Brochu from Born in Québec City, now living in Gatineau (SW of the Québec Prov.)
Posted on : Mar 16, 2014
I remember, when I was young, going to Frampton, St-Isidore, St- Édouard, etc. What nice memories. My simple comment today is to thank Dennis McLane for his involvement in the survival of this web site. Also, I would like to thank to thank everyone who contribute to this site. Thanks A+ Paule Brochu Looking for the story of ancestors Henry Cooper (b. 1810 Ireland) and Elizabeth Murphy (b.1814 Ireland) who got married in november 1836 in Québec (Canada).

  Posted by Paule Brochu from Born in Québec City, now living in Gatineau (SW of the Québec Prov.)
Posted on : Mar 16, 2014
I remember, when I was young, going to Frampton, St-Isidore, St- Édouard, etc. What nice memories. My simple comment today is to thank Dennis McLane for his involvement in the survival of this web site. Also, I would like to thank to thank everyone who contribute to this site. Thanks A+ Paule Brochu Looking for the story of ancestors Henry Cooper (b. 1810 Ireland) and Elizabeth Murphy (b.1814 Ireland) who got married in november 1836 in Québec (Canada).

  Posted by Joan Chaffin from Colorado
Posted on : Mar 13, 2014
Finally found my hiding Nash family. What fun to find them today. Thomas Nash and his wife Mary Sullivan.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Jan 09, 2014
Luan and Thom must be Lucy and Tom O'Grady. Don't know why this keeps getting cut off.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Jan 08, 2014
For Tom Kelly:...the photo labeled

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Jan 07, 2014
For Tom Kelly: Great photos on Flickr - enjoyed viewing an earlier era. You are lucky to have them. Many of the names are familiar - especially family names that my parents often mentioned. I knew George and Louis Lafontaine quite well, along with Lizzie. My best friend in summers was Edwin Lafontaine - George's eldest son. The photo of the couple labeled

  Posted by Tom Kelly from Massachusetts and Maine
Posted on : Jan 07, 2014
Also Flickr photos of a Conroy, Rotherforth(Sp?) and a Fahey.

  Posted by Tom Kelly from Massachusetts and Maine
Posted on : Jan 06, 2014
I have posted some pictures to a group on Flickr. You will need to be member of Flickr and the group to see and comment on them(free). They are mostly from the early 1900's and include Kelly, Reed, Doran, Courtney, Furlong, Brennan, Cullen, Donahue, Hennesey, Madden, Redmond, O'Grady, LaFontaine, Killganon, O'Farrell, Burns, White, Mitchell, Dempsy, McBean, Carre, Dulac and many unknowns. Any additional information you could fill in or photos you could post to the group would be great.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Jan 05, 2014
For Tom Kelly: My grandmother is Bridget Frances Kelly, but born 1871 - not the one you're searching for. Her father is John Kelly, b 1836 - perhaps related to your Bridget and her sisters? Any progress on breaking out the general Framton photos from your family photos?

  Posted by Kelly Barrty from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Jan 05, 2014
To Cindy Kelly: Thanks for the info on how to access the Facebook references to the new Frampton book. I'll give it a go. Regarding Kelly relatives, is it possible that you had an Uncle Joseph Kelly, married to Emma? They are my Godparents and were living in NJ in 1951 when I was Christened.

  Posted by Tom Kelly from Massachusetts and Maine
Posted on : Jan 03, 2014
Missing Kelly Sisters – My GG Grandparents James Kelly and Catharine Reed had 5 daughters that I can find birth and census records of in St. Marguerite and Frampton but I cannot find any burial or marriage information on them. I am wondering if anyone out there might have any of them in their family tree. They are Mary (B 1839), Catherine (B 1840), Bridget (B 1846), Helene or Elaine (B 1850) and Anne (B 1853). One possible clue is that my Grandfather Thomas Kelly referred to a Redmond family he visited in New Jersey as a first cousin. That Redmond worked for a car company, possibly GM. Thanks, Tom Kelly – Massachusetts and Maine ETSKelly at Charter dot Net.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Jan 01, 2014
Has anyone heard of Nellie Credock/Cradock who married James Johnston Crawford sometime after 1921. Apparently, she had been previously married, so I don't know if Credock/Cradock was her maiden name or not. James was single, and still living with his mother Matilda and 2 brothers in Standon on the 1921 census. James was born Aug 22, 1886, and died Jan 8, 1949, but I can find no record of his marriage.

  Posted by Cindy Kelly from Alberta
Posted on : Jan 01, 2014
To Kelly Barry: another way to get to the book information is to enter Frampton Beauce Quebec Canada in the Facebook search field. This will get you to the village of Frampton's Facebook page. Once there scroll down until you see the information and illustration of the book. Re: your question about ancestors, I'm not sure if any went to New Jersey. There are a few great uncle Kelly's that left Quebec in the early 1900's and not sure where they ended up.

  Posted by Cindy Kelly from Alberta
Posted on : Jan 01, 2014
To Kelly Barry: another way to get to the book information is to enter Frampton Beauce Quebec Canada in the Facebook search field. This will get you to the village of Frampton's Facebook page. Once there scroll down until you see the information and illustration of the book. Re: your question about ancestors, I'm not sure if any went to New Jersey. There are a few great uncle Kelly's that left Quebec in the early 1900's and not sure where they ended up.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Dec 31, 2013
For Cindy Kelly: I could not get access to the Facebook post you linked, and I cannot find the book on Amazon. Do you know where it can be purchased? And is there a special way to get to that Facebook post? Did any of your relatives move to NJ in the 1920s or 1930's?

  Posted by Cindy Kelly from Alberta
Posted on : Dec 30, 2013
The author of book below - called Frampton by Pierre Soucy - refutes the theory that the town was named after Mr. Henderson's favorite author. In his research he found that Ms. Frampton's book was only published in the late 1800's, well after Frampton was settled and named. He surmises instead that it was named after a Frampton located southwest of London in the vicinity of Dorchester.

  Posted by Louise Smith from St-Alexis-de-Montcalm, Quebec
Posted on : Dec 28, 2013
For those interested: William SMITH, son of Archibald and Elizabeth Weir, baptized at Aubigny Anglican Church in Quebec on June 30 1834, married to Sarah McNEELY in 1865 Frampton, appears on census 1881 in Arundel, Argenteuil county, Quebec with his family. He died there on June 22, 1917 and wife Sarah died on May 21, 1936 also in Arundel.

  Posted by Kimberley Maluegge from Merrill, WI
Posted on : Dec 27, 2013
George Abraham Smyth (1781-1856) was my GGGG grandfather. Great finding more info on him, thank you so much Dennis!

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakvile, Ontario, Canada
Posted on : Nov 22, 2013
I have the following family ties to Frampton - Donahue (Donohue), Falls, Nelligan, Fitzgerald, Duff, Brennan, Murphy. If anyone would like to exchange information, please contact me. ceeceedon(at)gmail(dot)com

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Posted on : Nov 15, 2013
For Morgan, I would like to share what you have on the Nelligans from Frampton. My Great-grandmother was the sister of Anastasia Nelligan who married Simon Conaty. Cindy ceeceedon at gmail dot com

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Posted on : Nov 15, 2013
For Sheila, One of my family lines is Fitzgerald from Frampton. They tie in to the Quigley line. I do have some on the family of Sylvester and would love to share what you have. Cindy - ceeceedon at gmail dot com

  Posted by William Fredrick Hurley Smith from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Posted on : Nov 14, 2013
In just saw a post from Chris Drenan from Ohio Posted on : 21-Jul-2009. Hi Chris, this is another distant cousin but from Montreal this time. I have the missing data on the Sargent family as well as many other family member in our common family tree. Contact me at if you ever read this.

  Posted by Arlene Jacques from Elizabeth, New Jersey/Frampton
Posted on : Nov 12, 2013
This message is for Joan Meagher Foster. Please contact me at

  Posted by Lynn Drouin from Frampton
Posted on : Nov 10, 2013
For DDuncan: Hugh Joseph Kelly was born June 19, 1901. Elizabeth Emma Shehan was born January 12, 1903. They married August 6, 1930.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : Nov 07, 2013
I meant, for the 1921 census he probably is in the Frampton area. His age will be stated on the census.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : Nov 07, 2013
Kelly Barry: The 1921 Census for Canada is online. Joseph KELLY might still be in the Frampton area.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Nov 07, 2013
To DDuncan: Yes, you may correct because I needed correction. My record agrees with yours - marriage date is Aug. 6, 1930. I don't have a birth date for Joseph Kelly - it was after 1905. So under any circumstances, I doubt that either Joe or Emma is alive.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : Nov 07, 2013
If I may correct; Joseph KELLY was married to Emma SHEEHAN on 6 Aug 1930. Catholic. He wasn't born in 1930.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Nov 05, 2013
For Joan Meagher Foster: all the family names you mentioned in your last post are familiar to me. Our parents used to mention these names frequently. It is interesting that so many Frampton related people are living in NJ. Would you be receptive to our organizing a NJ Frampton mini- gathering somewhere in NJ? I'm sure some of my brothers would attend - and we would love to meet the generations of families who grew up with our father Bill Barry. We are well aware of the 2015 Frampton Gathering - and some of us are planning to attend. Would appreciate hearing your thoughts on a NJ mini gathering: kvbarry at aol dot com

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Nov 05, 2013
For Cecilia Kelly: My records show that your Uncle Joe Kelly (my Godfather) was born in 1930. Is he still alive, by any chance? How about his wife Emma Sheehan Kelly? Feel free to write me at kvbarry at aol dot com. Would be very interested to communicate with you.

  Posted by Joan Meagher Foster from West Orange, New Jersey
Posted on : Nov 01, 2013
For Cecilia Kelly -- your cousin Maureen Kelly Latham (husband Harold Latham) lives in Toms River, NJ; Beverly is in Florida; not sure where Wayne lives. My mother was Frances Courtney and my father was Martin Meagher, born in Cranbourne to Anastasia Jacques and William Meagher. He and your father were first cousins. William(Willie) was your grandmother Kelly's brother. Hope to attend the gathering in 2015. I'm in touch with the Hinds/Brennan/Meagher/Jacques families here in NJ. Jack Brennan, son of Helena Hinds and Bill Brennan, told me about it. Just learned about the website from Lise Kelly of St. Antoine, P.Q.

  Posted by Morgan Elfelt from Anoka, MN
Posted on : Oct 18, 2013
Dennis- What a wonderful website. Thanks so much for all of the hard work that you have put into this research. It is greatly appreciated by all. I look forward to the publication of your book. I am the GG Grandaughter of Anastasia Nelligan and Simon Conaty, who married at St. Edouard. Anastasia's parents were Maurice Nelligan and Marguerite Duff, who also married at St. Edouard. I would love to share information with anyone who is interested. I have a photo of Simon and Anastasia Conaty I can share - email me at morganelfelt (at) gmail (dotcom).

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Oct 15, 2013
For Cecilia Kelly: Your Uncle Joe and Aunt Emma Kelly were my Godparents when I was baptized in NJ in Oct., 1951. My father Bill Barry was related in some way to your uncle - and I was named after my grandmother Bridget Frances Kelly. Would love to compare notes with you - we are likely related. Very interested in your GGGrandfather's Wexford birth place. Email me at (kvbarry at aol dot com)

  Posted by Cecilia Kelly from Frampton 'Quebec
Posted on : Oct 07, 2013
I would appreciate if Whyne Kelly whose parents were Uncle Joe Kelly and Aunt Emma who lived in New Jersey would contact me. He had two sisters Maureen and Bervely. I heard Maureen was living in Florida now. Uncle Joe had two brothers and 1 sister. John my father who was married to Mary Audet and Uncle Martin. We were 12 kids in our family and I'm the baby Cecilia.

  Posted by cecilia Kelly from Frampton, Quebec
Posted on : Oct 07, 2013
I've been in Ireland on September 5th, 2013. It is a very nice place. I would have liked to visit the graveyard to find my ancestors but didn't have time. My great great grandfather came from Wexford Ireland.

  Posted by Carla Dillon-Jones from Highland Plt., Maine 04961
Posted on : Aug 20, 2013
A wonderful site, a lot of work! I am related to and have info on the HUNTER and NICHOLSON families....

  Posted by Sheila from St. Paul
Posted on : Aug 15, 2013
to Karen of Coronado - I'm interested in Quigleys from Frampton including children of Sylvester Quigley from Co.Carvan. in1840's. My grandfather is Michael Edward b.1850. Sheila. e-mail

  Posted by Sheila from St. Paul
Posted on : Aug 15, 2013
to Karen of Coronado - I'm interested in Quigleys from Frampton including children of Sylvester Quigley from Co.Carvan. in1840's. My grandfather is Michael Edward b.1850. Sheila. e-mail

  Posted by Sheila Qigley Boos from St. Paul, MN
Posted on : Aug 15, 2013
to Chris of Quebec City- Is there any mention of Quigley in your book on the cathedral? My e-mail is

  Posted by Lynn Drouin from Frampton
Posted on : Aug 11, 2013
To Harriet McGinley Webster from Southern California. Could you share your photos with me.Indicate me the names of your family members on the pictures also if it is possible. Maybe I can have informations for you.Thanks.

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : Aug 09, 2013 has placed the 1921 Canada Census on their website, but it is only available for browse right now. It can be found by going to the home page where links to it appear.

  Posted by Karen_in_Coronado from Coronado, CA
Posted on : Aug 05, 2013
Been awhile since I've posted. I'm Murphy, Duff, Keegan, Kirwin, Quigley, McMahon (Mahon), Nowlan, and many more. I've made 3 trips to Frampton and 2 years ago to Wexford. I'm posting now because of an email address change. NEW: (old email no longer works: Anyone is welcome to email me. Harriett - please email, I lost yours. Hello Cindy and Foster and the many others I've either met or corresponded with over the years. Karen Beatty

  Posted by Darlene Duncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : Jul 12, 2013
McDEVITT and McLAUGHLIN for Maureen Denny - Duncan dot 36 @ verizon dot net

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : Jun 28, 2013
Ron, the FamilySearch site has a Richard MARSHALL and Margaret FOSTER marr 2 oct 1846, Carnteel, Co. Tyrone, Ireland

  Posted by Harriet McGinley Webster from Southern California
Posted on : Jun 22, 2013
Dennis, Would you be interested in facilitating sharing copies of old photographs of Framptonians and their descendants? Is it possible for us to upload our images on this web page and share them? Harriet

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : May 23, 2013
See Ireland reaching out project at

  Posted by Peter Flemming from Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Posted on : Apr 05, 2013
While using Google I found this site, today, containing information on Reg O'Grady. I found the entry of Barry O'Grady. I knew Reg and Pauline as Reg and I worked for Innesteel in Montreal and sometimes came by their home on Prince Edward Street in Pointe Claire.

  Posted by Peter Flemming from Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Posted on : Apr 05, 2013
While using Google I found this site, today, containing information on Reg O'Grady. I found the entry of Barry O'Grady. I knew Reg and Pauline as Reg and I worked for Innesteel in Montreal and sometimes came by their home on Prince Edward Street in Pointe Claire.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Mar 20, 2013
For Margaret Leigh (O'Grady) Snure: Our whole family knew your grandparents quite well. They were lovely people - small in stature but big in heart. We are still in touch with O'Grady's in Southbridge, MA: Gereen, Mary, and Gwen. I have a 10 page report on the family lines - dictated by Lucy O'Grady in 1975. If you would like it, send me an email at kvbarry at aol dot com (at=@ and dot=.) I see Erwin had 2 children by that time: Peggy and Michelle - sisters of yours, no doubt.

  Posted by Margaret Leigh (O'Grady) Snure from Milford, Pennsylvania
Posted on : Mar 16, 2013
I am the granddaughter of Thomas O'Grady and Lucy Sheehan of Frampton. My father is Erwin O'Grady and mother Claudette Turmel (of Sts-Anges).

  Posted by Margaret Leigh (O'Grady) Snure from Milford, Pennsylvania
Posted on : Mar 16, 2013
I am the granddaughter of Thomas O'Grady and Lucy Sheehan of Frampton. My father is Erwin O'Grady and mother Claudette Turmel (of Sts-Anges).

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Coquitlam BC
Posted on : Mar 11, 2013
Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ and the rest. I have been thinking about applying for my Irish Citizenship. According to what I read on the web, all a person has to have is Irish Ancestry. All I know is my Great Grandfather was born in Wexford and married a Jane Quigley. I don't have dates. Note: I am on Facebook but be careful, there are three Gary Kinsley's, one in Hong Kong who I have met and, one in California and me. e-mail is: vangary2002 at yahoo dot ca at is for @ and dot is for. Do this to keep the spam bots at bay if you want to pass on an e-mail address.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont via Richmond Que.
Posted on : Feb 28, 2013
Does anybody know who the parents or siblings of Margaret Foster, born about 1827 in Ireland, and the wife of Richard Marshall, born about 1828 also in Ireland and lived in the Frampton area were? I have a suspicion, but am hoping to locate a Marshall descendant who might know for sure.

  Posted by Cluny William maher from Frampton
Posted on : Feb 27, 2013
Great site.we moved from frampton in 1945 when I was very young

  Posted by Chris from Quebec City
Posted on : Feb 17, 2013
Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this site. I got inspired to learn about the Irish in the Townships and Quebec City after driving from Victoriaville to Thetford Mines on small country roads today via for instance Kinnear's Mills. Also I have a book on the history of St. Patrick's church in Quebec city that was an interesting read. I will have to make it to Frampton this week since I am so close by!

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont originally from Kingsbury, Que.
Posted on : Feb 15, 2013
Hi Margaret Suitor, Sorry for not answering sooner, but I don't log onto the site as often as I should. Nellie's husband James Crawford was my 1st cousin 2x removed. His grandparents John and Sarah (Bagley) Crawford were my grandparents. If you prefer, you can write me at:

  Posted by margaret suitor from guelph,ont
Posted on : Feb 06, 2013
Hello Ron Oakley, I grew up hearing those names but paid little attention to how they related to me. My cousin David Doherty may be able to answer most of your queries. How do you fit in the picture, I will try to get in touch with David to clear it for all of us.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Feb 06, 2013
Hi Margaret Suitor, and thanks for clearing up the spelling of Nellie's last name.I have changed my records accordingly. Do you know anything about her or her family? Ron

  Posted by margaret suitor from guelph,ont, formerly of frampton queec
Posted on : Jan 29, 2013
In response to Ron oakley's spelling of credock, I do believe the correct spelling is Cradock.My mother's family was Doherty I would also like to let anyone interested know that my sister Flora Mc Bean passed away this past March.A lot of people would have known her.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Dec 27, 2012
Was told that the surname of Nellie, wife of James Crawford 1886- 1949, was Credock. Can't find this name anywhere in Quebec records, so wondered if anyone had heard of it, or if mispelled, or something else? Could have been her married name from a previous marriage. Thanks, Ron

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Dec 25, 2012
Gary: I would love to attend the gathering in Ireland in 2013, but I was there in 2008 and 2011, and cannot manage another trip next year. I'll bet it will be pretty special. By the way, I got my Irish Heritage Certificate earlier this year - very nice, and glad I did.

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Montreal, now in Coquitlam BC
Posted on : Dec 22, 2012
One last thing. I have had a number of spammers sending me e-mail and a I asked one of them, where it was they found my e-mail address and said it was from here. So be careful about how you type in your e-mail address. They use some kind of scanning software that finds any listed e-mail address on the net. vangary2002 at Yahoo dot CA. The at stands for @ and DOT is .

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Montreal
Posted on : Dec 22, 2012
Is anyone going to the Homecoming in Ireland next year?. I just applied for my Irish Heritage Certificate.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin Ont.
Posted on : Nov 25, 2012
Anyone know maiden name of Nellie, w/o James Crawford d. Jan 8, 1949, age 62, and if his parents were George and Matilda (Corrigan) Crawford?

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Door County Wisconsin
Posted on : Oct 31, 2012
For Ron Oakley, Which are your Bagley ancestors? My 2nd great grandmother was Sarah Bagley Bagnall (1832-1913), daughter of Isaac and Eliza Rothwell Bagley. Sarah and George Bagnall settled in Jacksonport, Door County, Wisconsin after leaving the Frampton area (Standon) in 1884. I am interested in exchanging information with descendants of the other Bagleys and learning where they settled. You can contact me at Thanks.

  Posted by Denise Pegler from Montreal originally, now living in Ontario
Posted on : Sep 04, 2012
My grandmother is from Frampton, her dad was James McDonough and his wife was Mary Raymond. I know that James' parents were Hugh McDonough and Margaret Donohue, and Hugh's parents were Philip McDonough and Elizabeth McCaffredy. Do you know who first came to Canada in the McDonough family and what part of Ireland they were from.

  Posted by Paule Brochu from Gatineau, born in Québec city
Posted on : Sep 02, 2012
Thanks, Mr McLane for providing information regarding my ancestors, Henry Cooper and Elizabeth Murphy. Very useful. A+

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Aug 18, 2012
Forgot to include my e-mail: if anyone has any info or comments for me.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ontario
Posted on : Aug 18, 2012
Visited this site years back, but have more data now on my ancestors from the Frampton area, including Crawford, Bagley, Foster, Johnston surnames. Visited Frampton in 2011 and plan to get back again, possibly for the 2015 anniversary reunion.

  Posted by John Lane from Ireland
Posted on : Jun 21, 2012
Your McLANE ancestors may be from Roscommon,we dropped the mc in the 1820s when Gaelic ethnicity was becoming something to be ashamed of.

  Posted by Michael McGuire from Florida
Posted on : May 22, 2012
Donald Brennan: I think we attended the Frampton Convent school together with and later, when the convent burned, at Paradis Hall. If you are the same, let me know at Michael McGuire

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : May 04, 2012
On Ann Jane's Baptism record in Londonderry, IRE, John her father was a labourer with Mr McCREA.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : May 04, 2012
McRAE - Ann Jane McRae Doherty, 81 yrs. wife of John Smith, Town of Jersey, Bce. d. Oct. 29, 1908

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : May 04, 2012
Good to see you back, Louise. I can't answer your question, but... Ann Jane DOHERTY's death has something very interesting... the name

  Posted by Louise Smith from Quebec Canada
Posted on : May 02, 2012
cut-off again; witnesses were Archibald SMITH and John DOUGHERTY. John and Ann-Jane named their first children Archibald and Elizabeth in honor of John's parents. John SMITH was still living in St-Côme-Linière, Beauce, when his wife Ann- Jane died in 1908. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  Posted by Louise Smith from Quebec Canada
Posted on : May 02, 2012
first post was cut-off - witnesses were

  Posted by Louise Smith from Quebec Canada
Posted on : May 02, 2012
Been away for a while but my interest is still strong to found out where exactly Archibald SMITH/SMYTH and wife Elizabeth WARE/WEIR came from Ireland. I need to find proof that they had a son named John. I'm a descendant of that John SMITH/SMYTH married to Ann-Jane DOUGHERTY. They married in 1851 in St- Malachie and witnesses were

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Apr 13, 2012
For Tom Kelly: I saw your post of May 10, 2010, and hope you still check in here. You offered us a chance to see the early 1900's Frampton photos you are scanning, but when I went to your Flickr site, I could not find them. I would really enjoy seeing these, so if you can tell me where to go to find them, I would really appreciate it.

  Posted by Linus Fitzmorris from Calgary Alberta
Posted on : Apr 09, 2012
For Kelly Barry. Greetings Kelly; I haven't been on here for a while but was shocked to learn from reading one of your recent posts that Stewart is dead. This hits really close to home. He was younger than me. In those days there was only one nun teaching grades 1 to 7 and we were all in the same classroom. Stewart and I were classmates and friends and as you know close neighbors in the 1950's. At your convenience would appreciate getting some details.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Apr 09, 2012
Sharon: My family has stayed in touch with O'Grady's from Southbridge, MA. We were very well acquainted with Tom and Lucy from our annual summer trips to St. Malachy. The Southbridge O'Grady's Father was a brother to Tom, so they would certainly be interested in receiving the family tree of their Uncle Tom and Aunt Lucy. If the offer is still open, please contact me at Thanks.

  Posted by Sharon Allen from Fairport, NY
Posted on : Apr 08, 2012
If anyone is researching the families of Thomas O'Grady and Lucy Sheehan, I have a copy of a family tree done by the late Lucy O'Grady that was given to my father, Thomas Magher, her cousin. Happy to share if anyone is interested.

  Posted by Robert Hickey from Dalhousie, NB
Posted on : 03-Mar-2012
To Cindy, Donald and Barry...yes yes yes! Love to

  Posted by Donald Brennan from Chilliwack B.C
Posted on : 01-Mar-2012
sorry it should read and not

  Posted by donald brennan from chilliwack bc
Posted on : 01-Mar-2012
To Cindy Donahue, yes you are correct with my Grandparents. We are probably all related back in time. I wish some day we could have a great gathering in Frampton, maybe in the year 2015. We were always told that when I was young, the Irish arrived in 1815. To you Kelly I knew the O’Grady’s very well, they were great friends of us all. The Miller farm with the lake belongs to me. You Robert I’ll get back to you later. I would like to say more, but my computer skills and knowledge, are an impediment to my desires. You can also reach me at

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville Ontario
Posted on : 01-Mar-2012
To Robert Hickey: We are related a couple of ways through your grandmother Bridget Brennan. Her father Peter, was a brother to my great-grandmother, Bridget Brennan, who married James Falls. Also, her grandmother, Ann Fitzgerald was a sister to my great- great-grandmother, Bridget Fitzgerald, who married Moses Donohue. I would love to get in touch and share information. Cindy

  Posted by Donald Brennan from Chilliwack, B.C.
Posted on : 28-Feb-2012
To kelly Barry, I don’t think I know you nor your brother. I was young when I left Frampton, but you must know my sisters and brother. And you Robert, I went to school in Chatham NB, played hockey for the Tomies In the Maritime University league. As for you Cindy , i’ts amazing that you have pictures of them: I’ll write to you all later. I’m taking a computer course and struggling, I’ll write to you more in the coming days, especially on your e-mails.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 28-Feb-2012
To Robert Hickey: Are you related to the Hickeys who used to come to the St. Malachy village - and stay in the house with the Matthieu's (spelling)? They were Leo and I believe Betty. That house was next door to the one my mother and Aunt Pauleen O'Farrell owned - and we used to spend our summers there.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 28-Feb-2012
Hello Donald. I do believe I have you listed in my family tree. Your grandparents would have been Thomas Brennan and Catherine Donahue, correct? I have a picture of them and one of them with 9 of their children. I would love to get in touch. Cindy

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 27-Feb-2012
To Donald Brennan: since your family owned Brennan's Hotel, you may know my brother Brian Barry (from NJ) and my first cousin Stewart O'Farrell (now deceased, from St. Malachy). I heard many stories about fun times at the hotel / bar, but I was too young to partake (perhaps luckily!) We did spend some time at Brennan Lake - in the area of the Miller's farm, on the main road between Frampton and St. M. We also knew Tom and Lucy O'Grady who lived on that same stretch of road.

  Posted by Robert Hickey from Dalhousie, NB
Posted on : 25-Feb-2012
Hi Donald. Read your comments with great interest. My Grandmother is Bridget Brennan-Hickey. Married to Thomas Hickey from the 11th Range. The Hickey's still have

  Posted by A O'Hora from Penfield, NY
Posted on : 23-Feb-2012
My great great grandfather was named Hugh Daly and was from County Longford. Wife Mary Farrell. Their son Peter emigrated to Fife Scotland. Married a Bridget Condron from Queens County (Laois). Could the Hugh mentioned in cite be related to mine. I cannot find any parish information to pursue. We do not know if these last two met and married in Ireland or met and married in Scotland. He was a coal miner. If any one has info to share, I have a ton of info on Peter's family, the males all coming to US--Penna. specifically Thanks A (Daly) O'Hora

Posted on : 23-Feb-2012

  Posted by Donald Brennan from Chilliwack, B.C.
Posted on : 22-Feb-2012
I must thank Denis for all he has done for us Irish. This has to be the greatest thing that could happen to me . My daughter who lives in China discovered this site recently, and I wish I would have known about it sooner. I read all your letters. I left Frampton at the age of 19. I own the original Miller farm on the north end of the fourth range. I go spend some time on it every summer. To make things short; Michael,we went to school together ,also with the Mcbean family in the second range. Gary! Your uncle Hugh Kinsley was a boarder at our hotel, Brennan Hotel, in the fifties. Doree, we have never really talked together, but we know each other. I don’t know you Cindy, but my grandmother was a Donahue. It’s nice to see that you have a great interest in the cemeteries. There is something terrible happening at the village cemetery. They are removing the old headstones and replacing them with new names from people still living. They are destroying our history. Entering the cemetery we have our first Irish

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 16-Feb-2012
FREE ACCESS to Canada Vital Records February 16-20, 2012 www (dot) ancestry (dot) ca - Look for the Free Access button (red type, not the trial button) All you need is a user name and password.

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Wisconsin
Posted on : 15-Feb-2012
DDuncan, Thanks for the Kingston-Dickson marriage info. I will add to my data and share with another who is interested in that family. I like that Irish website too.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 19-Jan-2012
Found another Frampton couple's marriage: churchrecords (dot) irishgenealogy (dot) ie - In DUBLIN, Ireland, ST. PAUL (Church of Ireland), - Marriage of THOMAS KINGSTON and SARAH DICKSON on 8 July 1828.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 19-Nov-2011
Maggie L - I can't send email to that address. Is it correct? Mine is Duncan.36 (at) Verizon (dot) net

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 17-Nov-2011
I see part of one of my posts was cut off... John DUNCAN and Ellen SMITH named a son, Archibald. I assume named after Ellen's father.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 17-Nov-2011
Maggie L, I'll email you by this weekend. We can share info. I have William SMITH married 1865 to Sarah McNEELY. I don't know where the couple went to after their marriage. - Yes, Reverend Felix J. Boyle.

  Posted by Maggie L from Quebec
Posted on : 14-Nov-2011
to DDuncan, What a welcome coincidence, I thought I would check the blog again and you have answered. Thank you. This is fantastic! It seems we are related. I descend from Ellen's older brother , William. It is new info to me that Ellen was his second wife. Was Elizabeth Weir's burial presided over by Reverend? Felix J. Boyle? From another distant relative , info from has George Weir as being the father of Elizabeth Weir. It would be great if you could e-mail me. Once again thank you.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 14-Nov-2011
Archibald died between 1871-1877. I have no death info on him... BUT... Frampton Church of England Dorchester Co., QC SMYTH BURIED Elizabeth WEIR, widow of the late Archibald SMYTH (farmer) died on the nineteenth of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven and was buried on the twenty first of same month. By me Felix J. BOYLE Present: Thomas SMYTH, son and James DOHERTY

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 14-Nov-2011
Maggie L. - Archibald SMITH and Elizabeth WEIR are my GGG Grandparents. Their daughter Ellen SMITH was the second wife of my GG Grandfather John H. DUNCAN married 2 Sep 1862 at Anglican Cathedral Of The Holy Trinity, Quebec City. John DUNCAN and Ellen SMITH named a son,

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 14-Nov-2011
Thank you, I have seen all those gravestone photos. What a terrific job of cataloging them to share with us!

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 14-Nov-2011
Violet May DOHERTY Daughter of John Henry DOHERTY and Jane Emily CRAWFORD > Son of William John DOHERTY and Maria Victoria DOWNES > Son of John DOHERTY and Rebecca DUNCAN. I have no hard proof, but I strongly believe Rebecca DUNCAN is the sister of my GGG Grandfather James DUNCAN. John DOHERTY and wife Rebecca DUNCAN - John McLAUGHLIN and wife Catherine DUNCAN - James DUNCAN and wife Mary Ann McCONNELL - ALL 3 couples have children baptized at the First Presbyterian Church in Derry City, Londonderry, IRE in mid-to-late 1820's. Then they all appear in Frampton, Quebec 1830-1831.

  Posted by Maggie L from Quebec
Posted on : 12-Sep-2011
Maureen , I have been corresponding with Ginny Haen. If you e-mailed her I would probably get your message as we are hunting for similar answers. Thanks . Hope to hear from you.

  Posted by Maggie L from Quebec
Posted on : 12-Sep-2011
to DDuncan; if you go to to Quebec section , then Chaudiere , Beauce , then St paul's Anglican church, you will find under photo Smith 4 and5 , Duncan3 the parents of Ellen Smith b. 1836 and more on the site. this may be old but saw your jan 2003 blog on Genforum.

  Posted by Maggie L from Quebec
Posted on : 12-Sep-2011
This Frampton site has really been a god-send. I am hoping that I will be able to find out more about the Archibald Smith/Smyth that you talk about in the blogs. He is supposed to be my gggg grandfather. I was hoping that Maureen might help me . She seems to know some about Arch Smith and Elizabeth Wear/Ware .

  Posted by Jacqui Ryan Rochford from Chelmsford Essex England
Posted on : 05-Sep-2011
Just found out today through, that my husband's Grandfather Thomas Rochford travelled to Frampton from Ballymote in Co Sligo by passenger ship in 1923, he had apparently first travelled there in 1908. During our family history investigations we were always under the impression he worked in Boston Mass. I cannot believe what I have found on your website over the last couple of hours. Thomas, I believe travelled between Ireland and Frampton so I do not expect to discover any relatives, but anyone knowing of any Rochford's, please let me know. Any info would be appreciated.

  Posted by Stephen Byrns from Saint Damien, Qc
Posted on : 19-Aug-2011
leaving on a family vacation to Ireland for the first time tomorrow.......... will comment when we get back in early September..... a Frampton native..........

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Montreal
Posted on : 17-Jul-2011
I forgot. My e-mail address is: vangary2002 at

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Montreal, PQ
Posted on : 17-Jul-2011
I'm back. I noticed someone looking for information on Quigley. I have a Jane Quigley listed on a Descendants list, given to my by Dick Kinsley. Jane was born in Wexford and married Patrick Kinsley but Dick has no dates. I can scan this list and e-mail it. Last names if anyone likes are Kinsley, Donnally, McGowan, Blais, Lacrouix, Kalinoski, McGrath. It goes on

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 04-Jul-2011
Two of my brothers and I will be visiting Frampton and St. Malachy this Tuesday afternoon July 5, all day Wednesday July 6 and Thursday July 7. Anyone out there who would like to meet up - just look for the maroon Buick with NJ plates, We will spend some time in cemeteries of both towns.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 22-Apr-2011
I came across an obit for Thomas A. STAPLES, Oct. 4, 1943 in the Springfield Daily Republican, Springfield, MA. Lived in Millers Falls, MA, 54 yrs old at death, born in Frampton, QC. Son of Andrew STAPLES and Catherine (O'CONNOR). Burial in St. Sylvester's cemetery at Barre, VT.

  Posted by Patti Murphy from Alameda California
Posted on : 16-Apr-2011
I was fascinated by the detailed description of your Wexford trip. I share a connection to your Wexford Murphy's and am just starting to trace my relatives from CA-Missouri-Frampton- Ireland. Thanks for the specific, documented information and colorful background descriptions on your geneological adventures! It has motivated me to keep researching!

Posted on : 07-Mar-2011

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 01-Mar-2011
Dennis: Your trip to Ireland, as described in your blogs, sounds like it was a wonderful fulfillment of your desire to go

  Posted by Jennifer Miller from Victoria, British Columbia
Posted on : 14-Feb-2011
My great-grandfather was Walter Charles Henderson. He was William and Gideon Henderson's nephew. I am trying to find out more information about William and Gideon. If someone can help me I would be very thankful. Your sincerely, Jennifer

  Posted by Diane Steltenpohl from Marquette, Michigan
Posted on : 04-Feb-2011
I am so glad you had the opportunity to go to Ireland! I can't even imagine how you must have felt walking on the land of our ancestors. I am finding your blogs very interesting! Thank you for taking the time to write them!

  Posted by Wayne Wheeler from Concord, NH
Posted on : 17-Jan-2011
I am looking for information about Andrew Wheeler and his wife Margeret Fitzgerald from Frampton. Their son, Michael James, born 12 Nov 1874 emigrated to the US around 1891.

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 10-Jan-2011
À tous les Johnston qui on fait parti soit de Bourg-Louis, P.Q, Ste-Catherine de la Jacques Cartier, Valcartier, Quebec. Moi mes Johnston était marié à Matthew John Smith. J'aimerais complété cette branche c'est la seule qu'il me reste à faire. Je recherche une Mary Johnston née le 15 novembre 1854 décédée le 4 septembre 1911 cimetieres de L'Église St-Bartholomew's Bourg-Louis Cté Portneuf, P.Q, Canada mariée le 22 aout 1870 in Wesleyan Church Bourg-Louis, P.Q. Je recherche les parents et le reste de la lignée ceux qui on connu ses gens ou leurs familles et qui pourrait m'aider à les retracés. Merci Anne Marie Smith

  Posted by Sheila Boos from St. Paul, MN
Posted on : 28-Dec-2010
I read your latest blog and it took me back. I was staying in a house about 500 ft from the library in Wicklow. I talked to the geneologist in Carlow for information on my Quigley relatives but they had no information. Nor did Wicklow. This was in 2002

  Posted by Karen_in_Coronado from Coronado, CA
Posted on : 15-Nov-2010
Just finished reading your most recent blog. Hey -- I think I was in that same map store last year. I loved my Ireland adventure and was able to make my way over to Blackwater. You can bet that I'm going back. I love our homeland.

  Posted by P,Bassman from Windsor Ontario Canada
Posted on : 14-Nov-2010
Congratulations Dennis on making it to Ireland (see Blog).Looking forward to your next installment.

  Posted by Keith Corcoran from Ottawa, ON, Canada
Posted on : 12-Nov-2010
This is for Sean Murphy. My 3rd great grand Aunt Bridget Corcoran, wife of Charles Black Murphy, died December 26, 1916 in Quebec, QC and is buried in St. Raymond. It seems Charles was still alive at the time.

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 03-Nov-2010
Bonjour j'aimerais spécifié que la Mary Johnston que je recherche peut-être aussi Johnson. Merci Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Gregg Christie from Ann Arbor and Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Posted on : 25-Oct-2010
Thank you for teaching me about Frampton. My Quebec-Irish ancestor, Patrick (1827-1917)(married Mary Myler) and his family only passed through Frampton, from 1861 to 1867. Three children were born there, John, Anna and my great grandfather Edward Joseph Lawless (1867-1922). I love the Drouin collection, as otherwise I would never have discovered this website and all the interesting information contained therein. Patrick and brother Stephen's families both moved to the southern end of the Georgian Bay after that, and then after eleven years they immigrated to the United States in 1878, becoming some of the first settlers in rural Chippewa County, Michigan. My parents both grew up in or near Sault Ste. Marie, the county seat. Email me at

  Posted by manon potvin from lavaltrie
Posted on : 14-Oct-2010
Bonjour, je cherche des information sur Garrett Evoy et son epouse Catherine Stafford. J'ai les informations quand ils était au Quebec, mais c'est de ou il viennent et leurs parents, frere et soeur. Si vous avez des info sur eux, ça serait tres apprecier. Merci voici mon email

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 30-Sep-2010
Bonjour je recherche tout sur les Johnston, Bourg-Louis cté Portneuf, P.Q, Ste-Catherine de Portneuf, Valcartier de Portneuf et ailleurs aussi. J'ai une Mary Johnston née le 15 novembre 1854 in Bourg-Louis décédée le 4 septembre 1911 St-Bartholomew's marié le 22 aout 1870 in Wesleyan Church de Bourg-Louis à Matthew John Smith né le 11 aout 1848 in Quebec décédé le 24 février 1912 in Ste-Bartholomew's de Bourg-Louis, Portneuf, Qc. J'aimerais remonté la lignée jusqu'au 1 er en Irlande ainsi que des dates frères et soeurs. Merci Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Tina Kennedy from Richmond Hill Ontario, now in Lethbridge Alberta
Posted on : 24-Sep-2010
I've just begun researching my family tree and am so excited to have found this website. I joined only for the 14 day free trial and was able to find a number of my relatives in the Drouin collection records, they were located in Ste Marguerite. The geneology bug has bit me now and I'm so looking forward to finding as much info as possible! Does anyone have any information pertaining to James Roche (Roach) who married Mary Martin in 1846? They were both born in Ireland and I'm not sure when they came to Canada. They had 11 children, one of whom, Helene married my great grandfather Richard Thomas Kennedy and they moved to Ontario at some point. Another of their children, James Roche, married Marie-Obeline Ruel and they had 9 children. I would love to correspond with anyone who has information!!

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 20-Sep-2010
Bonjour je recherche la lignée de Mary Johnston née le 15 novembre 1854 à Bourg-Louis, Comté de Portneuf, P.Q décédée le 4 septembre 1911 à Bourg-Louis, P.Q. Marié à Matthew John Smith né le 11 aout 1848 décédé le 24 septembre 1911 à Bourg-Louis comté de Portneuf, P.Q Si vous avez les dates frères soeurs en montant sa me ferait plaisir. Merci Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Janice Day from Denver, Colorado
Posted on : 14-Sep-2010
Sheila Quigley - So sorry it's been a while since I checked into the Frampton guestbook. My email address is It's a lot easier to answer questions directly, isn't it? You asked me to write to you directly, but didn't give your email address. Janice Day

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 04-Sep-2010
Bonjour je recherche les parents de Henri Jewell marié le 19-09-1840 à Quebec In Metropolitan Church de Quebec avec Tanzed Pode. Merci Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 04-Sep-2010
Bonjour ce message est un petit correctif pour Sean Murphy. Matthew Smith est né à Penningham, Wigtown, Scotland le 18 février 1820 et décédé le 1 février 1892 Cimetièrs St-Bartholomew's Bourg-Louis, P.Q. Marié è Elizabeth Murphy le 1 novembre 1847 in Metropolitan Church de Québec. Elle est née en 1816 en Irlande et décédée le 9 février Cimetière Ste-Bartholomew's Bourg-Louis, P.Q. Si vous avez les conjoint conjointe et plus de la familles à Jacob Murphy avec des dates veuillez me les envoyer à Merci Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 02-Sep-2010
Bonjour je recherche les parents et leurs familles ainsi que les dates. Thomas Johnston marié avec Alice Lord. J'ai une fille du nom de Mary Johnston elle est née 15 novembre 1854 in Bourg Louis, P.Q. et décédée le 4 septembre 1911 . J'aimerais monté la lignée jusqu'au 1 er Johnston. Merci Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 02-Sep-2010
Merci à Sean Murphy pour les informations. Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Sean Murphy from Sault Ste. Marie Ontario (living in Powell River BC)
Posted on : 01-Sep-2010
For Ann-Marie Smith St. Raymond. Jacob Murphy + Mary Black = Elizabeth (b. ca 1816, Ireland);Armine Catherine Murphy (1823); Jane Murphy (1824); James (1825); Ann (1826);Charles Black Murphy (b.1829); Jacob (1834) Elizabeth married Matthew (Old Matha) Smith [b. 12 May, 1822, Glasgow Scotland] on 1 Nov. 1847 in Quebec. Their children: Matthew John (Matha), Charles James, Mathilda Jane, William Henry. Elizabeth died 9 February, 1900. She may well have had an earlier marriage to an Alpin (Alpen) with two daughters, Margueritte and Mary Elizabeth. Charles Black Murphy moved to Bourg Louis near his protestant in- laws. His first wife (Jane Gardner) died in 1864. He married widow Bridget Lachaume (nee Corcoran)in St. Basile in 1866. He and Bridget were still alive in 1918. I have not found a record of their deaths.

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 01-Sep-2010
Bonjour ce message s'adresse à Sean Murphy de Sault Ste-Marie Ontario. J'aimerais que vous m'aidiez à faire cette lignée Murphy avec moi. J'aimerais si ces possible me rendre jusqu'au 1 er Murphy avec le nom de leurs enfants et les dates. Merci Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-Raymond, de Portneuf, P.Q
Posted on : 30-Aug-2010
Ce message s'adresse à Sean Murphy from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Tank You from Elizabeth Murphy. J'aimerais savoir si vous avez plus d'information sur ces parents, Oncle , tante jusqu'au 1 er Murphy. Merci Anne-Marie Smith

  Posted by Sheila Quigley Boos from St. Paul, MN
Posted on : 27-Aug-2010
for JANICE DAY of Denver, CO Sylvester Quigley 1798 - 1865 who you mentioned is my greatgrandfather. I have his parents as John and Helen O'Brien, but I cannot get them back to Ireland except their birth in Co. Carlow. I will be happy to trade my geneology record with you. And THANKS. Please email me direct.

  Posted by Manon Potvin from Quebec
Posted on : 24-Aug-2010
Great site. Looking for info on Garrett Evoy and Catherine Stafford. If anyone has info concerning their family in ireland, would appreciate. Thank-you. You can email me at

  Posted by Sean Murphy from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Posted on : 23-Aug-2010
For Anne Marie Smith of St. Raymond re: Elizabeth Murphy. She was the sister of my great great grandfather Charles Black Murphy, and the daughter of Jacob Murphy and Mary Black.

  Posted by Janice Day from Denver, Colorado
Posted on : 21-Aug-2010
Sheila, I hope that's your name, I'm off that page now. Anyway, there is such a long history of both Quigleys and Fitzgeralds in the Frampton/St. Malachie areas. There was a Sylvester Quigley who died in Frampton in 1865. His listed next-of-kin was an Ann Fitzgerald. The Quigleys were one of the prominent families in that area and there are still several of them there. Please send me a note if you'd like more information. Janice Day Denver, CO

  Posted by Sheila Quigley Boos from St. Paul, MN
Posted on : 09-Aug-2010
I would like informtion on the descendants of Sylvester Quigley and Mary Ellen Fitzgerald who arrived in Frampton about 1845 from Co. Carlow, Ireland.

  Posted by Helen Doyle from from Chicoutimi but now Longueuil (Québec)
Posted on : 21-Jul-2010
Hello! My name is Helen Doyle. I am the daughter of Jonh Horace Doyle (Jack) and Madeleine Dufour from Lac Etchemin. I saw that my cousin Mary Leona Petsche wrote a note on May 19 2006 and I am looking for her or anybody of Eileen’s children. When I was a little girl, every summer, we used to pass by Frampton to go to the graveyard. Long time I did this pelerinage. We used to stop at the hotel of Willy Doyle and get a little moment in front of the Magasin Général... We went with oncle Lewis and his wife Mary; once another time with oncle Bill and his wife Gerty. I saw Eileen with Tomy at the funeral of my father Jack almost 20 years ago. We shared some souvenirs of their childhood that nobody never told us about. I have also a sister, Louise Doyle. Thank you ...And what an interesting site! Helen Doyle at :

  Posted by Cathy Gorman McGee from Org. Chicago, Illinois
Posted on : 25-Jun-2010
Posting for Clare, Jun/2009 My Gorman family is connected to the Dwyer/Baker/Ryan families in St. Chrysostome, Quebec. Richard Baker (b. Ire. 1813 - d. 1905) m. Margaret (Peggy) Dwyer, (b. Ire. 1811 - d. 1900(?). Their children: Alice Baker m. Tom Doonar...Sarah Baker m. 'Gilmore'?...Margaret Baker m. Denis Dwyer...John Baker (b. 1844 - d. 1899) Edward Baker m. Winifred Gorman... Margaret Baker and Denis Dwyer children: John Dwyer, Mary Dwyer m. William Gorman...Margaretm. Tom Bulger, Alice, Bridget, Jane, William, Irene, Celia, Tess m. Wm Barron, Kate m. Ed Dowd,... Richard m. ? My great grandfather, William Gorman m.Mary Dwyer and moved to Chicago. I hope this helps!

  Posted by Sharon Allen from Fairport, NY
Posted on : 17-Jun-2010
Thank you for this wonderful site about Frampton. My paternal grandparents are Martin Magher/Sarah Cullen. Dad (Thomas Magher) shared many stories about the Frampton Irish, when we were growing up and this site has explained much of the background. Dad left Frampton in his late teens and eventually settled in NYS. I have been researching the Magher side and would appreciate any information on Martin's parents (William and Catherine Magher) and grandparents (William and Mary Magher). Thank you.

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from Elizabeth Murphy
Posted on : 15-Jun-2010
Une dame m'a écrit et me dit que mon Elizabeth Murphy pourrait être Elizabeth Doyle de Ste Catherine de Fossambault. J'aimerais en savoir plus pour savoir si on a la même Elizabeth. La mienne mariait Mathew Smith le 1 novembre 1847. et est née en Irlande et décédée le 9 février 1900 Ste-Bartholomew's, Bourg-Louis, P.Q Merci

  Posted by Fred Von During from Kingman,Az
Posted on : 26-May-2010
And after reading about name variations in your Fantastic work here, may I remind you your Dad and Mom called my mother (Dorothea) or Dot once in a while! And for myself and everyone who reads this, thank you for the most complete work of history I have ever seen! Please say hi to your dad, we spoke a year or so ago and continue on with this outstanding work!

  Posted by Fred Von During from Kingman,Az
Posted on : 26-May-2010
I'm hoping you have Von During's listed somewhere! I'm sorry the first paragraph was done without further investigation of this wonderful site, the work you've done here is staggering and something to be more than just proud! I will leave happy just knowing I am a small (very) part. I ask sometime you answer just which way the 18 month error in Miles McLane's birthdate , you know, what was my grandpa's birthdate on the gravemarker? My health precludes me from visiting anyone's grave other, than my own! I am so proud to have communicated with you for the short while here and in an other place...

  Posted by Anne-Marie Smith from ST-RAYMOND, CTÉ PORTNEUF, P.Q
Posted on : 21-May-2010
Bonjour je recherche les parents d'Élizabeth Murphy née 1816 en Irlande décédée 9 février 1900 Bourg-Louis, cté Portneuf, P.Q marié à Matthew Smith né le 18 février 1820 à Penninghame, Wigtown, Scotland, Émigré en 1847 à Ste-Catherine de Fossambault. Marié le 1 novembre 1847 in Metropolitan church, Qc. Merci

  Posted by Carlie Woodman from Port Hope
Posted on : 18-May-2010
Hello everyone! I have been working on an online family tree using I have ties to the Doherty, Coull, McWhirter, Howatson, McCormick, McLaughlin, Woodman, and Crawford trees. If anyone is interested in joining my online family tree, just email me and I'll send you an invite. I currently have over 2700 profiles (but this does include 2 sides of my family, not just my Frampton family) If anyone has any info for me for Jonathan Woodman and Mary McCormick; Gilbert McWhirter and Isobel McCreadie; John Doherty and Rebecca Duncan; George Crawford and Matilda Corrigan; please email me as well, any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Carlie

  Posted by Ewan Henderson from New Zealand
Posted on : 16-May-2010
I was wondering if there are any Henderson descendants still left in the area of St. Malachie? Many years ago I used to correspond with Jean and Forrest Henderson (brother and sister) whom I belive have now passed away. Does anyone have tabs on anyone else with this surname, descended from the brothers William and Gilbert who played an important part in the areas development in the early 1800's? Regards...Ewan Henderson

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 11-May-2010
Douglas Gordon, I just now noticed your post. I'll email you. I am curious as if John DOHERTY, James DOHERTY and Jane DOHERTY are siblings. Also wondering if James CORRIGAN, Margaret CORRIGAN and Johnston CORRIGAN are siblings. BTW John DOHERTY is listed as coming from the St. Johnstown/Johnston Congregation on the Baptism of his son James DOHERTY in Londonderry, IRE. Could JOHNSTON DOHERTY be named for that town?

  Posted by Tom Kelly from MA
Posted on : 10-May-2010
My email by the way is

  Posted by Tom Kelly from Massachusetts by way of Maine
Posted on : 10-May-2010
I have started to save our old family photos into digital format. I have a lot from the early 1900's in the Frampton area. Although they are from Reed and Kelly albums there are many other people in the photos. Let me know or comment if you recognize someone. I have posted the first wave to Flickr and many of them are classified as public for now. There are many more to go and they will not necessarily be in chronological order. I am also going to post some to a Frampton Group site that is also on Flickr for anyone to post to. If you would like to view these pictures they can be found at You need to be a member to leave a comment. I will put in more info. over time. If you have any of your own posted anywhere for public view or have anything you would like to have posted for you to a Flickr Group site please let me know.

  Posted by Douglas Gordon from Alberta
Posted on : 03-May-2010
Attention DDuncan In your research of the Doherty family do you have anything on James Doherty (born circa 1807) from Frampton?

  Posted by Doulas Gordon from Claresholm Alberta
Posted on : 03-May-2010
I am so pleased to find this site. James Doherty and Margaret Corrigan of Frampton are my great great grandparants and I realy enjoy reading about what went on back then.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 03-May-2010
Hello all: Frampton Quebec Catholic Cemetery is now online at Once there, click on Quebec, then Chaudiere-Appalaches, then La Nouvelle-Beauce. Scroll down to Frampton Township and click on Frampton Catholic. That completes the five cemeteries my granddaughter and I photographed in Frampton and St. Malachie. Cindy

  Posted by stephanie cyr from Mmontreal
Posted on : 02-May-2010

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 22-Apr-2010
To Margaret Suitor. Going back in time: John DOHERTY and Jane Emily CRAWFORD > William DOHERTY and Maria Victoria DOWNES > John DOHERTY and Rebecca DUNCAN. I've traced three couples; John DOHERTY and Rebecca DUNCAN, John McLAUGHLIN and Catherine DUNCAN, and my GGG Grandparents James DUNCAN and Mary Ann McCONNELL. All three of these couples had children baptized at the First Presbyterian church in Derry City, Londonderry, Ireland in the 1820s. Then they are all in Frampton, QC in the 1830s. I assume the three DUNCANs are siblings. - My email: chwy58 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  Posted by Janice McGrath Day from Denver, Colorado and Boston, Mass.
Posted on : 16-Apr-2010
To Stephen Byrnes. I just picked up your message from last month and wanted to ask you about your friend, Tim McGrath. I know we're related, probably through the O'Rourkes and then the Hickeys. Especially if Tim would like to catch up a bit with all the 'modern-day' McGraths, I'd love to hear from him. My email is Thanks, Stephen.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 11-Apr-2010
St. Malachie Catholic Cemetery is now on line at Once there, click on Quebec, then Chaudiere- Appalaches, then La Nouvelle-Beauce. Scroll down to Frampton Township and click on St. Malachie Catholic Cemetery. There is only one more to go.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 11-Apr-2010
St. Edouard's Chapel Cemetery is now on line at Once there, click on Quebec, then Chaudiere- Appalaches, then La Nouvelle-Beauce. Scroll down to Frampton Township and click on St. Edouard's Chapel. This is the old Catholic Cemetery. Most of the headstones are gone but a year marker was erected for all buried in that year. The person who runs the site put the photo of each marker then a scroll with each persons name and burial date.

  Posted by Lynn Drouin from Frampton
Posted on : 10-Apr-2010
GaryK from Coquitlam : scan me your photo. My Mother knows Kinsely people from Frampton such as Martin Kinsely that stayed neighbor to her family. adress:

  Posted by GaryK from Coquitlam
Posted on : 10-Apr-2010
I have an old photo of the Family Farm in Frampton. If any of you might have known the Kinsley Family, maybe you can look at it tell me who some of the people in it might be

  Posted by Lynn Drouin from Frampton, Québec.
Posted on : 08-Apr-2010
Hi,This message is for Ian McGillis,Peace River. AB. I was looking photos at my Aunt and I happened to see a picture of Marcella Fitzgerald. My Grandmother Marcella Colgan was the grandaughter of Ellen Fitzgerald. Ellen was James Fitzgerald's brother and he his your Grandfather.

  Posted by Margaret Suitor from Guelph, Ontario
Posted on : 07-Apr-2010
I am addressing this comment to D. Duncan, Mass.USA. My Mother was a Doherty, from St Malachie the eldest of 10 children. One of her sister's married Richard Mc Laughlin and one of her brother's married Elsie Mc Laughlin. I have cousins still living in St Malachie and Quebec City/ I would be anxious to hear from you and how we are related.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 06-Apr-2010
To Stephen Byrns: I, too, am decended from the Connors (O'Connor) and Kelly clans. My great grandfather was John Kelly (b1836) and great grandmother was Bridget Connors (b1838) Can you tell if these are the same clans as your people. Let me know what you think at

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts, USA
Posted on : 02-Apr-2010
My post got cut short. (darn)

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts, USA
Posted on : 02-Apr-2010
--- To Krista Harper --- Interesting... my GG Uncle John DUNCAN ended up in Escanaba, Delta Co., Michigan. He died there in 1928. From his obit,

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts, USA
Posted on : 02-Apr-2010
I emailed you, Ginny. To other researchers; my Frampton family research focuses mainly on DUNCAN, McLAUGHLIN and DOHERTY. I have traced those surnames back to Baptisms at the First Presbyterian Church in Derry, Co. Londonderry, Ireland. Email me at: chwy58 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin
Posted on : 01-Apr-2010
D Duncan, Could you please e-mail me at I have a couple of questions for you. We corresponded some years ago about the Rutherford family. I just tried your old e-mail adddress and it came back so I need your current one. Thanks.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts, USA
Posted on : 01-Apr-2010
Thank you Cindy!

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville Ontario
Posted on : 30-Mar-2010
Just letting you know that St. Paul's (Hemoson) Cemetery in St. Malachie Quebec is now online. Go to QUEBEC --- Chaudiere-Appalaches --- La Nouvelle-Beauce --- scroll down to Frampton Township click on St. Paul's. Cindy

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 29-Mar-2010
To: Stephen Byrns. Hello Stephen. we are related through the Falls Line. The first time I was in Frampton I had a nice conversation with your mom, Frances. She drove me up to Cranbourne and out to th lake on the 5th rang. Please tell her I said hello. My new email is

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 29-Mar-2010
Hello All, Just wanted to let you know that the pictures for Springbrook Anglican Cemetery in Frampton Quebec, that my granddaughter and I took, are online at: Once there, click on Quebec, then Chaudiere- Appalaches, then La Nouvelle-Beauce. Scroll down to Frampton Township and click on Springbrook. The rest of the Cemeteries in Frampton and St. Malachie will be up soon. Cindy

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Sturgeon Bay, Door County, Wisconsin
Posted on : 22-Mar-2010
For Krista Harper: I think I can shed some light on W.A. Harper for you. His sister, Alicia or Lily was married to one of my relatives (John Thorp Bagnall) and they lived here in Sturgeon Bay. The parents, William and Maria Jane (Sargeant) Harper appeared on the 1905 census here living with Alicia. Maria Jane died here in 1921. I did not realize that W.A. Harper was also in Sturgeon Bay at one time. I will e-mail you separately with more information on that family.

  Posted by Stephen Byrns from Saint Damien Quebec
Posted on : 21-Mar-2010
Congratulations on a great site... I learned of this site from an old neighbour at the Saint Patrick's day parade in Quebec City on March 20th 2010. Thank you Timmy McGrath.. My mother, brother and his sons and their families still live in Frampton. My mother is the youngest sister of Rev Tom O'Connor and was raised by the Fitzgeral Family (1st cousins -- Rev. Raymond and Leonard Fitzgerald) that you mentioned in your comments on Cranbourne. I am a descendant of the the Byrns/Falls and O'Connor/Kelly clans..In fact the newest member of the Byrns family in Frampton is expected this coming week. My godson's (Jayson Byrns) wife is expecting to give birth this around March 26th. The Saint Patrick's day get together, united some 300 people on March 20th at the Dorchester Golf Club. It was organized by the Saint Patrick's Day Society of Saint Malachy.. Congratulations

  Posted by Krista Harper from Edmonton
Posted on : 18-Mar-2010
Hello there, I am trying to complete my family tree and have hit a wall. I know that my great grandfather, William Alexander Harper, was born in 1866 in Hemison, Quebec. However, I cannot find his parents. The family I have left does not know, so I am so happy to have found this wonderful site even if it doesn't answer all of my questions. Is/ was Hemison located in this same area? Hemison, St. Malachie, Quebec? Also, I know that W.A. Harper recieved his schooling in or around Hemison where he then worked briefly before going to Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin and to Escanoba, Michigan where he worked as a lumberjack. He later moved to the Lake of the Woods district in Northern Minnesota where he met and married Winnifred (Winnie) Mildred Clark in 1908. If anyone can shed some light on any of this please feel free to email me at: Thanks!!! And great job Mr. McLane!:)

  Posted by Roberta Rothwell from Sharon, MA
Posted on : 13-Mar-2010
Great website. My husband is descended from John Hughes and Margaret Brennan. This has provided a wealth of useful information. Thanks

  Posted by Mike Toner from Atlanta, GA
Posted on : 12-Mar-2010
Great site with an impressive array of thorough research -- all written in a way that makes it easy to read. Came across the site in my search for Brennan and Maher families, so I'm hoping that those documented in your research prove to be the ones. Jury's still out on that, but many thanks for all your efforts...

  Posted by Marge Scheuber from california
Posted on : 08-Jan-2010
Love this site! One side of my family tree dates back to my third great grandparents Moses Jordan and Mary Gahan. Miles Murphy and Marguerite Nolan are my fourth great grandparents.

  Posted by Ian McGillis from Peace River, AB
Posted on : 05-Jan-2010
I just stumbled into this site. Very interesting. My mother was Marcella G. Fitzgerald who moved to Riviere Qui Barre, AB. Father Walter Fitzgerald was my uncle.

Posted on : 31-Dec-2009

  Posted by Pauline Crevier Wiedow from Montreal, Quebec
Posted on : 30-Dec-2009
I have neglected my genealogy for the last years due to other committments. The information you sent me last year was so beneficial but I have not done anything since. My ancestor is Peter Murphy who is the brother of Andrew Murphy. I was wondering Dennis if you have found out more information about them. We were planning a trip to Wexford Ireland but due to the fact that I don't know where to begin in Ireland it was postponed. Hopefully this fall we will have a chance to walk the land of our ancestors and make new discoveries. I have not been able to visit Frampton either although my intentions were to have done so by now. Thank you Dennis for your hard work and being so diligent on our behalf.

  Posted by Mary Bourke from Calgary Albta
Posted on : 09-Dec-2009
I have been searching my Hanley ancestors for a very long time. They were last known to be in Quebec city in 1825 when they buried their son John. The father was John Hanley and his wife was Bridget Mitchell. They did come from Ireland sometime between 1809 and 1815. No trace of their deaths. Can anyone help. Thank you. Mary

  Posted by Robert Murphy from South Windsor, CT
Posted on : 29-Nov-2009
My grandfather was born in Frampton Canada. Moses Murphy. Parents were John Murphy and Ellen Walsh

  Posted by Joan Holmes from Minnesota
Posted on : 21-Nov-2009
To Cindy: Hugh Hurley and Sarah Ann Sargeant are also in my family line. So I will be interested in the tombstones pictures whenever they are on line. My great grandmother was Sarah Ann Sargent, born in West Frampton. She married John C. Holmes, also from the area. Thanks to Dennis McLane and to Ginny H, I have been able to trace many ancestors in this area. This is a great website. I have neglected my genealogy since my mother died a year and a half ago, but hope to get back to it this winter. Looking forward to seing your site. thanks Joan Holmes

  Posted by Gary from Coquitlam
Posted on : 21-Nov-2009
Yesterday I had a letter sent to me from a Lawyer in Victoria BC. I'm not sure if there are any Kinsleys on my side that know this but Uncle Hugh passed away and a copy of his Will was sent to me

Posted on : 21-Nov-2009
keep up the good work irember louis and mary they were friends to the mcbean family mary was john doherty s nurse at jeffery hale hospital

  Posted by Michael McGuire from Naples FL and Frampton
Posted on : 09-Nov-2009
Corrected comment: In reference to H. McGinley Websters' Oct. 30 posting, what is

  Posted by H. McGinley Webster from Altadena, CA
Posted on : 30-Oct-2009
Dear Cousin Karen Beatty, I am so glad you are in Wexford- standing on the beach at Blackwater is incomparable!!! You must pass Vinegar Hill to get there- the battle was immortalized in Frampton Tress and American Civil war songs- I hope you have a great time! Harriet

  Posted by Karen Beatty from Coronado, California
Posted on : 06-Oct-2009
Greetings to all my Frampton Irish cousins. I'm in Cork Ire right now and headed this morning to County Wexford. It's been my life dream to walk the land of my ancestors. I've twice been to Frampton and now Wexford. This is amazing. Thanks Denny for all your help. Karen - (Miles Murphy and many more)

  Posted by mary kinsley kalinoski from Bloomfield, CT
Posted on : 29-Sep-2009
New discovery!! Many thanks for your time and efforts...interest in Kinsley, Nelligan,Wilson, Brennan and associated surnames of Frampton area.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville Ontario
Posted on : 21-Aug-2009
This is for Chris Drenan. I have photos of the headstones for Hugh Hurley, died 1901 and his wife Sarah Ann Sargeant, died 1889. I also have one for Hugh Hurley, died 1879, age 80 years and his wife Jane Jackson, died 1873. These were from Springbrook Anglican Cemetery. Cindy

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Posted on : 19-Aug-2009
For Cindy Donohue: thank you so much for photographing all those headstones! All your efforts will be much appreciated by many who are researching in the area. Could you please post here again to let us know when you get them posted on the website? Thanks again.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 19-Aug-2009
My granddaughter and I have just returned from a trip to Frampton and St-Malachie. We photographed all the headstones in the Catholic and Anglican Cemeteries in both towns. The photos will eventually be on the website Canadian Grave Marker Gallery. If anyone is interested in any headstone photos please let me know.

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Posted on : 07-Aug-2009
For Chris Drenan and P Bassman: I do have more info on some of the Hodgson and Sargeant families. Sarah Ann's brother, Edward had a daughter who married into my Bagnall family. Sarah Ann's sister, Maria married William Harper and their daughter also married into the Bagnall family. I'd be glad to share that info and would like to get more info on Sarah Ann's family if possible. I believe Sarah Ann's birthdate is 15 Dec 1835--I just checked the Drouin record and though the index says 1836, the actual record says 1835 (oops). Dennis McLane has more info on the family relationships as well and could probably research that for you in the Notaire records. John Hodgson Sr. left a pretty detailed will according to Dennis's index. Please contact me at or Thanks.

  Posted by Janice McGrath Day from Denver, Colorado
Posted on : 05-Aug-2009
I was in St. Malachie last month for a small family reunion, and stayed at the ski lodge. Of course the ski runs are closed but we had a very good time at Auberge la Crapaudiere, hosted by M. Jean Arnoux and his lovely wife, Lawrence. There are twelve rooms there, and while not plush, they are large, clean and comfortable and the bathrooms are brand new. Each room is individually temperature controlled. We had dinner in their dining room which featured three choices of entrees. It was a very pleasant stop and would be a perfect place for a business meeting or family reunion. Their phone number is 418-642-2472.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 30-Jul-2009
This is for Chris Drenan. I have the listings for Burials at Christ Church of Springbrook. Some of the names you listed are in it. If you would like to e-mail me I will send you the information. I will be leaving for a trip to Frampton and St. Malachie on August 3rd, 2009. Cindy

  Posted by P. Bassman from Windsor Ontario
Posted on : 21-Jul-2009
Attn Chris Drenan There is another Sarah Ann Sargeant born May 13 1845 in Frampton daughter of William Sargeant and Margaret Hurley in the Drouin records.If you wish further info post email address.

  Posted by P. Bassman from Windsor Ontario
Posted on : 21-Jul-2009
To Chris Drenan: The name Sargeant twigged a memory and checking back thru my tree I found the reference. Your Sarah Ann was born to John Sargeant and Hanna Hodgson at Frampton Dec 15 1836 and was baptized Jan 28 1836 at Frampton. John Sargeant died sometime before 1850 and Hannah then married into my Maines/Manes line.If you want more info re the Hodgson line let me know.

  Posted by Chris Drenan from Ohio
Posted on : 21-Jul-2009
Thank you for this wonderful and valued website. I found it today while searching for our Great-Grandfather Hugh Henry Hurley's (b. 1858-d. 1923)origins. I have finally located him as the eldest of nine children on the 1881 census in Ste- Edouard, Dorchester, Quebec with his parents: Hugh Hurley (b. 1830-d. 1899) and Sarah Ann Sargent Hurley (b. 1834-d. 1901). Notes from a very distant cousin also indicated that the elder Hugh's father was named Hugh as well, and had settled in Quebec after receiving a land grant in 1828. I have not as yet located the parents of Sarah Ann Sargent, although the 1881 census indicates her birthplace as Quebec as well. They are all listed on the census as Episcopal so I am guessing that Springbook Church is a likely place to start? I would like to find the elder Hugh's burial site as well as learn more about their lives in Canada. I don't have much, but I would love to share what I have on Hugh Henry. (Hugh Henry is buried in Columbus, Ohio - after having emigrated to Ohio through Manitoba and Illinois where he studied to become a Baptist minister.) I would love to hear from anyone who has information on these particular Hurley-Sargent families. Keep up the good work - this site is so informative!

  Posted by Michael McGuire from Florida -- originally Frampton
Posted on : 16-Jul-2009
Please note that my correct e-mail address is -- and not the e-mail address given in the posting immediately below related to seeking identification of persons in a 1912 Frampton wedding photograph. Michael McGuire

  Posted by Michael McGuire from Florida -- originally Frampton
Posted on : 03-Jul-2009
While collecting and scanning old Frampton photographs related to the Hennessey and Magher families, I happened upon a wedding photograph believed to have been taken around 1909 in rural Frampton showing a gathering of roughly 100 people. A couple of my relatives are guessing that the husband and wife in the front-center of the photograph are Martin and Catherine Magher. None of the others have been identified. Should someone with an elderly relative who grew up in Frampton perhaps be able to identify any of those in the photo, please send me your e-mail address, and I will send via the web an electronic copy of the photo for identity purposes. Michael McGuire.

  Posted by Janice Day from Denver, Colorado
Posted on : 20-Jun-2009
For Robert Hickey of Dalhousie. The Hickeys in St. Malachie were related, not closely, to my family, the McGraths. If you have any specific questions, I might be able to help you. I think I even have a picture of a Tom Hickey, probably the one who died in 1952. I'll be back to St. Malachie in July and can probably find out from others what I don't know myself. Send me a note at I'll see if I can help.

  Posted by Teresa Whealan from Quebec city
Posted on : 14-Jun-2009
Dennis, this is a fantastic site that I have visited several times but my last reference was when a nephew Whealan (Buddy) Morin from Dubai sent me your reference today. He is the son of my sister Mary Whealan who married Lewis Morin and had three boys: Dan(Toronto) Majella (Edmonton) and Buddy. Many references have been made to my families: Whealan and Brennan. My brother-in-law Lewis Morin and his wife Mary did alot of research on Frmapton especially for the feasts in 1975. they were active in the renovation of Christ's Church in 1975: the beaufil site mentioned in several e-mails. My three sisters who became nuns are mentioned in Father Enright's article. I was born in Frampton and lived there until I had to go work in Quebec so anything about Frampton is of interest to me. I have kept close relationship with the present residents, one of which is JoAnn Hennessey who was my secretary for a number of years»: a descendant of the Hennessey-Walsh families. I still spend time in Frampton. Thanks for your wonderful site and wish you the best to keep going. God bless, Dennis.

  Posted by Bernadette Holt from ireland
Posted on : 08-Jun-2009
Sorry forgot to say check out the Irish Family History Foundation site as it has been upgraded and now one can get BMD census and griffiths valuation Ber

  Posted by Bernadette Holt from Ireland
Posted on : 08-Jun-2009
Hi there Well done on the site! Anyone interested in Holt, Wilsons or Jordans can contact me there are a few more surnames on list that also may be related. Regards Ber Holt

Posted on : 06-Jun-2009
june 6 2009 ..this is my 2nd atemp at writing to this page to the person inquiring about the whites she canwrite me atthe address above but the adress is as following 24massawippi street sherbroke que dennis your doing a good job keep up the goodwork flora mcbean

  Posted by Pat Bassman from Windsor
Posted on : 04-Jun-2009
OOps...forgot to put my email address for those researching Manes/Maines/Mains/Maynes/Hodgson/Paisley from Frampton.

  Posted by Pat Bassman from Windsor Ontario
Posted on : 04-Jun-2009
In May I made a 'pilgrimmage' to Frampton and the English cemetery (Springbrook) and have some photos to share of the Church and photos of the following headstones if anyone wants copies. Ellen Wilson daughter of George Wilson and Mary Swany (?) 1886/ Elizabeth Bradley 1900,Annie 1899 and Martha 1889/ Agnes Ross wife of Andrew Bradley 1909/ George T Pickford 1881/ Elizabeth Adams wife of Adam Ross 186? and Adam Ross/ Frances Jackson 1863 wife of late James Henry and son Thomas Henry William Henry 1887/ Andrew G Hodgson 1955 and his wife Mary Dickson Henderson 1951/ Robert Ross 1866/ T. Ross Hodgson 1898/ MaryAnn Ross 1842,Andrew Ross 1850, children of Andrew and Elizabeth Ross/ Andrew Ross 18?2 died 1887/ Martha Bartholomew 1930/ William G Matthews 1913/ John Hodgson 1872, Hannah Marie Brown (wife) 1861 and John Thomas Hodgson/ Jane Legge wife of Thomas Hodgson 1882/ Dudley Baxter Esq. 1873 Dudley V.G Baxter 1842 Amy Baxter 1866/ Unfortunately batteries died before I could finish. It is a lovely peaceful spot and there were people working on some buildings as the Church has become a heritage site.

  Posted by Joan Adorno from Knoxville, TN
Posted on : 03-Jun-2009
This message is for Clare Dwyer. I have an ancestor John O'Dwyer married to Johanna Clary. She died in Frampton in 1864. I have no birth or death date for John, but I believe both John and Johanna were born in Ireland. Their daughter Ellen O'Dwyer married John Walsh in 1842 in Frampton and one of their children, Ellen Walsh, was my great grandmother. Are we connected?

  Posted by Clare Dwyer from Killaloe Ontario
Posted on : 01-Jun-2009
I am looking for any info re: Steven O'Dwyer(Dwyer) (born in Ireland in the late 1700's and died in Quebec ca. 1856)married to Margaret Ryan from Tipperary (possibly Kilcommon)who immigrated from Ireland in the mid-1830's with their adult children : John (married Johanna(aka Julia) Burke(Bourke), William, Patrick, Mary (married a Connor in Ireland) and Margaret (who married Richard Baker in Quebec). They settled near St Chrsystome south of Montreal, very close to the US border. They lived there for approx 15 years and then most of the family left. John and his wife Julia Burke (Bourke) left with their children and settled in the Upper Ottawa Valley on granted land where they farmed. This land is still in my family and still farmed by Dwyers. We are not sure if the other brothers Wm and Patrick moved to Montreal or the US as may have Mary Dwyer with husband Connor. Margaret Dwyer and her husband Richard Baker had some descendants stay in the area but we don't know what happened to others. It seems most of the Irish of these villages St Chrsystome and nearby St. Clotilde all but disappeared and scattered. We have no idea why or how my relatives knew to go to this granted land in the Upper Ottawa Valley. If anyone has a connection to these families I would love to make contact! Thanks! Clare Dwyer

  Posted by Robert Hickey from Dalhousie, New Brunswick, Canada
Posted on : 19-May-2009
I am the 5th generation of Thomas Hickey born 1804 in Ireland and immigrated to Quebec circa 1834 from County Tipperary. He acquired his grant in Frampton/Saint Malachie in 1834. His father was also Thomas Hickey and he has been the focus of my attention. My search and associated costs over the past winter were to no avail. I did a near flip when you referenced a Thomas Hickey in your most recent blog

  Posted by Marilyn Rice from Michigan USA
Posted on : 25-Apr-2009
My ancesters from Frampton were William White (Whyte)born Dec 1815 died Aug 1884 and Maria Wren Born May 1817 died Aug 1907 in Frampton, Dorchester County. I would like more information on this family. I would appreciate any help. I have some information already. Children were Richard, Mary, Robert, Jane, Annie Maria, Margaret, Florence, William, Ethyl, ELIZABETH, Maria Nina.

  Posted by Anne Devereux from New Zealand
Posted on : 24-Apr-2009
My husband's family came to New Zealand from Lancashire, England in 1912. This family had lived in Leigh, Lancashire where they had Inns for three generations but they originally hailed from Wexford, Ireland. The name/family came to Ireland about 1170 and although the men originally married French women, in latter centuries they chose Irish women as their brides. My father-in- law John Devereux,remembered his gfather Richard Devereux whose father was John. It was this John who came over from Wexford. While Devereux is a relatively common name in Wexford, there are large gaps in our knowledge. For example we have been unable to link with Devereux families in Ireland or Canada with whom we share a common ancestry. So the early Frampton Nicholas and Patrick give us hope. Any information would be helpful.

  Posted by Patricia Bassman from Windsor Ontario Canada
Posted on : 06-Apr-2009
Dennis thankyou very much for your very thorough and enlightening report on my Manes/Kell/Hodgson/Paisley ancestors. To all who wish to enlist Dennis for help in your Frampton research I can highly recommend his services.

  Posted by Ronald E. Whealan from Quincy, Massachusetts
Posted on : 25-Mar-2009
Thank you for this site Dennis. My grandfather came to Boston from Franpton about the beginning of world War I. He lived in Boston and Medford, Mass. thereafter but he would send some of his boys back to Frampton during the summer months to work on the farms. My father, Ralph (1919-1994), grew up in Medford, Massachusetts. He took my brother and myself fishing in the Jackman, Maine area during the summer of 1963 and on the spur of the moment instead of heading home he took us to Frampton. I remember him getting into a discussion of fishing with a French Candadian in the tavern of Brennan's Hotel. It was so funny seeing these two fellows chatting and joking because the Canadian knew very little English and my father knew no French to speak of. We then went to Quebec City. It was a wonderful little excursion which I will never forget. Thanks again for your site which I happened to stumble upon from while using Google Earth.

  Posted by charlene colclough gould from toms river nj usa
Posted on : 17-Mar-2009
Trying to find out the name of my gr gr grandfather his son noble came to new york usa in 1850 with his mother no mention of his father. Anyone know anything about them?

  Posted by Michael McGuire from Frampton--Naples Florida
Posted on : 09-Mar-2009
Doreen: It's Michael. Contact me re Desbarets at

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 08-Mar-2009
This message is for Doreen Hinds. I am related to the Duff's and Fitzgerald's from Frampton. Do you remember any Donahue's from there? Feel free to contact me at

  Posted by Phyllis A Duffy from Haverhill, Massachusetts US
Posted on : 02-Mar-2009
I am researching the Duffys who emigrated from Ireland to Hemmingford, Quebec sometime before 1830. Specifically, my great great grandparents Bernard Duffy and his wife Ellen (maybe Margaret Ellen) Murray, Helene or Helen also seen on Canadian baptismal records I found via the Drouins collection, John Duffy, my gr grandfather was born in Hemmingford, Quebec, 30 Jan 1830 (Baptism registered as John Duff)as were all his siblings except the last.' Daniel, born in Churubusco, NY. John, Wm, Thomas, Mary, Catherine and Bernard were born either in Hemmingford, or St ? Chrysostome/Russelltown? I found another baptism for Edouard b. 1844 St Chrysostome, the family did not have. He must have died - not seen in States. Looks like Bernard preceded family to US says Bernard farmer in US. Helene (Ellen)is

  Posted by Doreen Hinds from Frampton
Posted on : 01-Mar-2009
Hello, Congratulations for your hard work finding all these informations. Accidenteley I found this website because I was looking for Pierre-Edouard Desbarats who was one of the founder's of Frampton. I am helping my daughter since she's doing my family's genealogy. My parents were Martin Hinds and Marcella Colgan. My ancestors were: Edward Hinds and Margaret Saunderson and from my mother's side: James Colgan and Bridgitte Colligan.All were from Ireland but settled in Frampton and St- Odilon of Cranbourne.Also I'm am related to the O'Connor, Duff, O'Farrell, Fitzgerald families. Since I'm from Frampton and I remember a lot of people I could help you all if you need.

  Posted by flora mcbean from lennoxvillequebec
Posted on : 13-Feb-2009

  Posted by Jean Hanson from Oakbank, Manitoba
Posted on : 11-Feb-2009
Dennis: I just found the name

  Posted by Dennis O'Connor from Toronto
Posted on : 03-Feb-2009
Born and raised in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region of Quebec. My dad was Eric O'Connor of St-Odilon. Great site.

  Posted by Stephen Anthony Mclane from Fenton, Michigan
Posted on : 26-Jan-2009
Hello Dennis, I also spell my last name Mclane. I wonder if we have any direct relatives. I am planning a honey moon to Ireland and I was wondering if you had any information on the Mclane Manor over there? Some of my family members went to see it a few years back and I plan on asking them if they could point me in the right direction. Drop me a line if you want to chat. Thanks, Stephen

  Posted by Margaret Mc Bean from Guelph, Ontario Canada
Posted on : 24-Jan-2009
To E O'Leary Sydney Austraiia. I tried to reach Iris Palmquist to inquire about the history of White. My Paternal grandmother was a White, her mother was Wren. I would be interested to know your connection. Margaret

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Door County Wisconsin
Posted on : 22-Jan-2009
For Denise Wells again: I should have been more specific in my last post. We have put together family information on children of Isabella Scott who married Andrew Kingston. Isabella died young in 1878 leaving a baby and several other young children. The story handed down is that daughters Annie and Sarah helped their father after their mother died, with the help of their “Aunt Haslett.” We think that this aunt was probably a sister of Isabella named Ann Scott who married Andrew Haslett in 1840. Ann’s and Isabella’s parents were James Scott and Frances Robinson/Robison. Does this fit with your data? We’d like to confirm the story and find more information on the Haslett family. The Maxwell name also showed up as a middle name down the line.

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Door County, Wisconsin
Posted on : 22-Jan-2009
For Denise Wells: please contact me at address on researchers page. There are a couple of us who would like to compare notes on Scott-Haslett-Kingston families with you. Thanks.

  Posted by Margaret Suitor from Guelphl, Ontario
Posted on : 21-Jan-2009
In response to Ken Enright. Though I lived in that area during that time, I have no recollection of anyone by that name. The name of Halligan however I have heard many times, spoken by my mother. I do believe they were in St Malachie. I will ask my sister Flora, she is the recognized historian in the family. Good luck finding the info. Sincerely, Margaret Suitor, Mc Bean

  Posted by Margaret Rose Mc Bean from Guelph,Ontario,
Posted on : 21-Jan-2009
This is in responce to Brenda Kaulback. We are surely long lost cousins. Albert Mc Bean and my grandfather Jonn Mc Bean were brothers. And how well I remember Aunt Annie and her visits to my grandmother's home in the summers. We also had visits from Rumford Maine nearly every summer from Uncle Howard and Aunt Maisie White,(My grandmother's cousins I believe) they had two daughter's Muriel and Jean. How wonderful to touch again those sweet memories from my childhood. email add. margaret_suitor Keep in touch Margaret

  Posted by Brenda Kaulback from Brooklyn, NY, USA
Posted on : 21-Jan-2009
This is a message for Margaret Rose McBean. I believe that my grandmother was a friend of your mother and that you and I are related. I am not sure if I have this quite right. Arnold McBean was my grandfather's nephew, I believe. His name is Albert McBean. My grandparents (Annie Rutherford [b. 1888] and Albert McBean) had a farm on the tenth range before they moved to Rumford, Maine in around 1918. We used to visit my grandfather's brother's children each summer when we went to St. Malachie, which I am supposing was your grandfather or father? I think there was Arnold and Clarence and maybe another brother? I remember my grandmother speaking of your mother. Maybe you can put some of this together better than I. I was born in Rumford, Maine in 1943.

  Posted by Ken Enright from Manitou Springs CO
Posted on : 20-Jan-2009
This is a note for Margaret McBean. I, also was born in 1939. Did you know any Enrights in Frampton during your growing up years? We are working on our family history, and are related to the Enrights and Nelligans from Frampton.

  Posted by Margaret Rose Mc Bean (Suitor from Guelph, Ontario
Posted on : 19-Jan-2009
I was born in Frampton, Quebec in 1939 my family consisted of five children, my parents were Arnold Mc Bean, my mother was from St Malachie,Violet May Doherty (Mc Bean) she came from the tenth range of St Malachie. We moved from Frampton in July of 1951 we used to live on the first range of Frampton.

  Posted by Denise Wells from Maryland
Posted on : 15-Jan-2009
I have been doing my husband's family research and recently found them in Frampton. They are the Haslett family and Scott family. The first known ancestor was William Haslett who was married to Mary Maxwell, I believe they came from Armagh Co Ireland and settled in Frampton where they raised their family. I found your website incredibly interesting and applaud you for the wonderful work and dedication you have shared with us. Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do. Regards

  Posted by Peter Monahan from Alliston, Ontario, Canada - near Toronto
Posted on : 11-Jan-2009
Interesting site! I am currently researching and Anderw H. Bulger, formerly of the Royal Newfoundland Regiment (1806-1816); the Red River Colony, where he was Governor for a year (c1822) and First Clerk to the Military Secretary in Quebec City (1826?- 1858). I have just discovered that Bulger 'petitioned the King' for a land grant in

  Posted by Pauline Wiedow from Chateauguay Quebec
Posted on : 15-Dec-2008
D.E.Shilo Frampton..if you want to speak with someone. Contact Dennis McLane at his e-mail address. He has helped me a lot. He gives his e-mail address on the site.

  Posted by Pauline Crevier Wiedow from Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada
Posted on : 17-Nov-2008
I just came upon this site by chance. My aunt wants us to go to Ireland in 2009 to research our relatives. This is the reason I began researching our Irish family. I found, on some, Frampton was their district but I had never heard of it. What a surprise to find so much information thanks to you Dennis McLane when I put the name in the computer and here we are. Congratulations for sharing all that you have learned. My great grandmother was Julia Hayes married to Eudore Lemieux at Notre Dame de la Victoire in Levis, Quebec Sept. 22 1880; her parents were Michael Hayes and Margaret Meagher (Maher) and they were married May 18, 1860 in St-Patrice Church Quebec City; Michael's parents were John Hayes and Judith Devereux from Wexford Ireland; Margaret's parents were William Meagher and Mary Murphy from Frampton and married May 20, 1823. This was the first time I had heard of my Murphy side. I then found that Peter Murphy was her father and Margaret Fampers?? I cannot read the name properly, was her mother. Hope some of you have some information for me.There is also a daugter named Mary Meagher born Dec. 23, 1831 Thanks a lot.

  Posted by Michael McGuire from Frampton
Posted on : 11-Nov-2008
To Dennis: Could you please send me an e-mail address at which you can be reached concerning a matter of interest to Frampton Irish. Your address given in your site's

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Door County, Wisconsin
Posted on : 09-Nov-2008
Please note a correction to the message I wrote on 29 July 2008 to Ron Oakley. Towards the bottom of the paragraph, please substitute Rutherford for Bagley in the following statement. It should read “The Crawfords were somehow connected or at least knew my Rutherford ancestors .............” Sorry for that misinformation.

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Door County Wisconsin
Posted on : 03-Nov-2008
Robert Shearer--please try again-- --would love to share Sargent info.

  Posted by Robert Shearer from Bronxville, New York, USA
Posted on : 29-Oct-2008
I tried to use Ms. Haen's yahoo email, but it bounced back. My name is Robert Shearer and I am trying to update and expand the genealogy of my mother's family. I just returned from a visit with her -- she is now 95 and doing pretty well -- during which I got her to talk about her family. Her mother was Claire Maude Sargent, but in doing a little research I think her actual name might have been Clara Maud Sargent (or Sergeant). She was born in 1882 in Frampton QC, the last of nine children (eight daughters and one son). Her parents were Edward Sargent (Sergeant) and Elizabeth Lightfoot Sargent (Sergeant). One of my mother's aunts was Louise, who married George Bagnall. From what I can gather, most if not all of the family was part of the migration from Frampton to Wisconsin, primarily to the Door County area. I have found reference online to five family marriages (including my grandmother) in Jacksonport WI from 1886 through 1903. What I am trying to ascertain is birthdates and birthplaces (perhaps all in Frampton) for the nine children, as well as any information on their parents, Edward and Elizabeth, with respect to when they might have arrived in Frampton and from where. I am curious as to whether Edward and Elizabeth were married abroad and came to Frampton, or whether they came independently and met and married there. They are shown as witnesses to the five marriages in Jacksonport, but I don't know whether they also lived in the area or whether they travelled from Frampton each time And of course, can I find any further information that would allow me to identify from whom Edward and Elizabeth were descended (I believe Elizabeth was born in London and that her father was a sea captain, Captain Lightfoot). My wife and I visited Quebec City this past August and we stopped at the Literary and Historical Society to see if I could find any evidence of the Sargents having lived in that area. That was before I uncovered the fact that they were from Frampton. Would someone be willing to help a true novice figure out what routes I should take to accumulate this information. Is it best to visit Frampton (or the QFHS in Montreal) in person and do the research? Or is much of it available (for a fee, I guess) through services contracted online? I appreciate very much your time in responding to my inquiry!! Thank you. Bob Shearer Bronxville, New York

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Coquitlam, BC. moved from Montreal
Posted on : 13-Sep-2008
I did it, I am on my way to Dublin Ireland and London England. I leave Sep 29th

  Posted by Ed Scallen from Ottawa, Canada
Posted on : 10-Sep-2008
An amazingly well-researched, detailed geneological website that I wish I had found earlier -- like two weeks ago. Would have turned my trip to Charlottetown upside down by detouring to St. Edouard which I drove tantalizingly close by on my way down. But site has raised dilemma for me. It does not list any Scallens in the census portion. So I a stuck having to recheck what I thought was sound information that JAMES SCALLEN (1798-1858)and his wife, ANN BURNS (1799-1876) are buried there. Also have information that a MARY O'LEARY (1852), from St. Edouard, married a THOMAS SCALLEN, of Wexford. Oh Well! Back to the drawing board.

  Posted by Linus Fitzmorris from Calgary, AB
Posted on : 01-Sep-2008
Dennis, thank you for your excellent online essay of July 29/08 titled

  Posted by Dawn Hicks from Toronto
Posted on : 01-Sep-2008
Great site Dennis! Just this summer I found a birth for Charles BROWN which was a real find. Up to this point we had not had an exact date on him - he was of English descent. Now Charles' mother was Elizabeth HARPER who married Jacob BROWN. I see that there several HARPERs in the Frampton records and wondered if they are all the same family and were they all from Charles and Maria (Welsh) HARPER? I have completed a book (if you can call it complete with more history coming in by the minute) for my SMYTH family and the BROWNs and HARPERs figure into the family quite prominently. Charles BROWN married my g-g aunt Jane SMYTH d/o John W. and Mary (Sparkhall) SMYTH. Mary Brown d/o Jane and Charles married Robert and Mary (Colby) HARPER's son, Charles Eli HARPER. Charles and Mary lived in Middleville MI and Jane and Charles BROWN lived in Haldimand Co. where the Jacob BROWN family settled after leaving Frampton. If youcan shed any light on the HARPER family or the BROWNs for me I would appreciate it. Dennis M. sent me your site. You have no doubt been in touch with him.

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Door County Wisconsin
Posted on : 29-Jul-2008
For Ron Oakley: Yes, St. Paul's Church is still there along with the graveyard (at least it was in 2000 when we visited and I haven't heard differently). I photographed and copied a few stones, but mostly those of people related to me. I have a transcribed list of the burials there and it doesn't show either William or Ann Crawford or Ann Foster. It does show: John, s. William Crawford and Ann Foster d. 14 Aug 1919, G. F. Hibbard, Min. Also several other Crawfords (one John, s. of John Crawford, formerly of Kings County Ireland, d. 24 Apr 1888; another: Robert s. of the late John Crawford Esq. of the parish of Cappagle, Co Tyrone, Ireland and Margaret McConnell, b. 21 Nov 1813 d. 25 Oct 1851 aged 38 years). Those two counties aren't near each other, but may give you clues as far as origins to look in the old country if you have names. There are other Crawfords as well if you have names you need checked. I also have a copy of the births from those Anglican records and there were several of William and Ann's children born and christened there. Also, just because names aren't on the list, doesn't mean they aren't in the cemetery. My 3rd great grandfather is not on the list, but his stone was there clear as could be. There are gaps in this record and he fell into one of them. The Crawfords were somehow connected or at least knew my Bagley ancestors from some info I have found, so we may even be related in some shirttail way. Good luck looking when you get there. It's a beautiful cemetery on a hill. You can e-mail me if you want more. My e-mail is on the researchers list.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont.
Posted on : 27-Jul-2008
Found your very interesting site today as I was getting info on Frampton. My grandmother (Jennie Crawford) was born in Frampton and I plan to visit the area in the fall. Jennie's parents (William Crawford and Ann Foster) were married in 1860 in St Paul's Church, Frampton. Does anyone know if this church still there, and is there a graveyard nearby? Thanks, Ron

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : 01-Jul-2008
To John Colclough of Ireland. I would like to exchange further information with you concerning the Dudley Colclough and Elizabeth Eaton family. Please make e-mail contact with me at

  Posted by John Colclough from Ireland
Posted on : 29-Jun-2008
I was interested in your references to the Colclough family. I am a descendant of Dudley Colclough. Although possibly too much information, here is what I know of their emigration to Canada Dudley is a son of "Sir" Vesey Colclough by Mary Connors, the daughter of the gate keeper at Duffry Hall. She had 3 children by Vesey – Dudley, Vesey and Margaret. Margaret emigrated to New Brunswick, The younger brother Vesey,was a Warrant Officer in the Royal Navy and settled in County Cork on his retirement. In 1809 while staying with the Beauchamp Colcloughs, at Kildavin Dudley met and married their friend Elizabeth, grand-daughter of the colourful John Eaton of Powers Court, Goresbridge, who in one night's card-playing had lost all his worldly possessions to one of the Loftus family. Elizabeth's father was Beauchamp's legal advisor, James Eaton. Dudley was married in the Church of Ireland and his children brought up as Protestants. Around 1818 Dudley decided to emigrate to Canada with his wife and two children, Frances born at Kildavin in 1810 and John Dudley Eaton at Wexford in the following year. Beauchamp Colclough’s uncle was Sir Guy Carlton, Lord Dorchester, British Governor of the province of Quebec 1786 – 96. Lord Dorchester died in 1808. Beauchamp emigrated to Canada in 1819 and settled his family initially in Riviere du Loup. On May 20 1820 Brig Cornet, under the command of Capt Anderson arrived in Quebec from Dublin with Mrs Colclough and family. Dudley had presumably preceded her. He and his family stayed at Adams Mill with the Adams family who were related to the Staffordshire Colcloughs and for the next half-century Adams Mill was a kind of staging camp and second home for all the Wexford and Kildavin Colcloughs who emigrated to Canada. The Adams's Mill (formely known as Ringuet Mill; after 1842, became Chesnay Mill) was operated (from 1812 to 1842) by Henry Stapleton Adams. His grave states that he was born in London and family legend claims a connection to Henry Quincy Adams. The business did not flourish and Adams retired in 1842, and died in 1856. Two of his brothers, John and George, were millers in Syracuse, New York, and he also had three sisters. The mill was in the area of Trois Rivieres. John Dudley Eaton at the age of 18 became involved in a "shot- gun" marriage with Henry Adam's niece, Elizabeth. A son was born within a few weeks of the wedding but died in infancy and a second son, John Richard, was born in 1832. He had a further 4 children and on Elizabeth's death married his widowed sister in law, Elizabeth Adams nee Johnston, about 1842. and the descendants of three of his daughters, Henrietta who married Edward Montgomery , Margaret who married John Ritchie, and Caroline who married Eleazar Bouchard, are known to be in Canada. In 1820 they were in Louiseville, Co. Maskinonge 1823 they were in Frampton In 1829 they were in Riviere du Loup In 1830 they were living in Pointe Levis or Lévis 1831 they were in Frampton 1833 they were living in Pointe Levis 1840 they were in St Jean Crysostome Various others of Vesey Colclough’s children had already emigrated from Kildavin to Canada on assisted passages in 1809.

  Posted by Martin Murphy Sullivan from Indio, Ca/Sunnyvale, Ca
Posted on : 19-Jun-2008
Love the Site. Great info Keep up the great work.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 18-Jun-2008
Hi Dennis, Long time since I've been here. Thanks for starting your blog page. Now I have my evening reading for tonight.

  Posted by Diane Steltenpohl from Marquette, Michigan
Posted on : 14-Jun-2008
Dennis, Again I am writing to say what a great site this is. I am very much enjoying reading your blogs. They give an exploratory background to what you have already searched and shared with Frampton searchers.I look forward each month to new blogs! Thank You!

  Posted by Gary K from Coq
Posted on : 17-May-2008
I just had a SPAM e-mail from a person who said he was a Lawyer and said that one of my relatives had passed away and the e-mail not even from Canada. Sometimes we have a tendency of putting our last names on some web site so people might know who we are. So I sent the guy a nasty e-mail and told him I know better and won't fall for his offer.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 13-May-2008
Just a short but public thank you to Dennis McLane for a fine custom report done on our family's ancestry in Frampton and St. Malachy. It is a veritable book of data, history, lists, etc, along with some commentary and suggestions for additional in- depth searches. On behalf of my five brothers, I thank Dennis for a great report provided in a short time frame at a very small price.

  Posted by E. O'Leary from Sydney Australia (born Wexford, Ireland)
Posted on : 15-Apr-2008
I wanted to contact Iris Palmquist who is listed on your site as the researcher for White, but the email address bounced. Is anyone else researching White?

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 01-Apr-2008
For Elsa Kilganon - we probably never met, but I am Kelly Barry - son of Bill and Cecilia Barry. We used to come from New Jersey to spend summers in St. Malachy with my mother's sister Pauleen O'Farrell. I heard your family name many times every summer - I expect you are related to the Kilganons that my people knew.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 31-Mar-2008
This is for Donna McMartin. You did not leave an e-mail address and I have some info that I could share. You can reach me at

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Coquitlam, BC. moved from Montreal
Posted on : 29-Mar-2008
I have plans of taking a trip to Ireland this Oct and want to know if there might still be some of my Kinsley clan around who I can visit and I hope, stay with.

  Posted by elsa kilganon from st-malachie
Posted on : 19-Mar-2008
well great site and it interesting.

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Coquitlam, BC
Posted on : 31-Jan-2008
Well, I had my Heart Surgery, no fun. We didn't go out on strike as we where considered essential and if we did go out, I would have been out of luck, as it happend, I was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and had my operation while the City was on strike. That was back in September but I'm still at home recuperating. e-mail replace the at with @

  Posted by Michael McGuire from Naples, FL
Posted on : 31-Jan-2008
Gary: In reference to your posting July 8 on I could not get through on the e- mail address posted in your item, so hopefully, you will access this. The only Kinsley I can recall in Frampton, where I grew up, was Hugh Kinsley, who lived in the village and was one of a small handful of car owners in the 1940s. He operated his car as a relatively exclusive taxi that principally catered to the remaining, more elderly Irish. I don't know how, or if, he might have fit into your family, but I remember him as the only Kinsley remaining in Frampton, so there's a chance there might be some connection. This is a mere snippet of a memory of someone whom I never really knew but who still manages to stay in mind. To my knowledge, Hugh lived by himself, and I can recall severeal occasions when his big, impressive, four-door, black sedan (the year, make and model I don't know) would pull occasionally into our farm gate, atop a hill overlooking Frampton village, to pick up my aunt, Bridget Free, on one of her occasional outings to the village church or to visit friends and stores. One thing about the car that fascinated me as a child was the red pinstripe that ran the length of the car just below the windows. It was the height of luxury. I remember Hugh as a distinguished, gray-haired gentleman, who always was impeccably dressed in a dark suit and somber tie. He was quiet spoken and stood tall -- every inch a true gentleman. I moved away from Frampton in my teens (although I still return there), and have no further information on Hugh. Good luck in finding information on other Kinsleys. Michael McGuire Naples, Florida

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Sturgeon Bay WI
Posted on : 07-Dec-2007
To Joan Holmes: I'm sending some Sargent information to you at your e-mail address.

  Posted by Joan Holmes from Minnesota/Eau Claire, WI
Posted on : 14-Nov-2007
While looking for info on my gr grandmother, Sarah Sargent Holmes, I found this site. Wonderful history of this area. Sarah's obit states she is from West Frampton, Quebec, daughter of William Sargent and Margaret Hurley, born 13 May 1845. Married to John C Holmes, they moved to Maine (?) and then to Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I tried emailing Dennis McLane but the address is rejected. I just wanted to know if this is the area Sarah is from and if he has any info on the family. He can contact me via my email: I would be happy to hear from any others who are investigating the Sargent or Holmes line. Thanks Joan Holmes

  Posted by Frank from Michigan
Posted on : 11-Nov-2007
Dennis Great work on your research. I am just getting started and have traced my Mom's side back to the Frampton Irish. I am part of the Devereux Clan.

  Posted by Kim Fitzmorris-Tremblay from Québec City ( my mother's from St-Malachy )
Posted on : 09-Nov-2007
Hi uncle Linus Fitzmorris and cousin Austin Kelly !! I just found that web site !! and read a couple of comments that are written here !! wow !! I'll tell my mother !! Janet Fitzmorris !! I'm sure she would love to get in touch with people here !! If you know my mother .... please feel free to contact me !! !! and I'll forward the message to her !! ( please excuse my english - there might be some mistakes ) Kim xx

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : 30-Oct-2007
To Ber Holt from Ireland. I have tried twice to send an e-mail to you without success. The e-mail will not deliver to the e- mail address you provided. In answer to your question, I do have information about the Isaac Holt family. If you can e-mail me at with a better address or your mailing address, I can let you know what I have.

  Posted by Donna McMartin from Alberta
Posted on : 07-Oct-2007
Great history of the area - super website! My mother, Mildred (Billie) Murphy, was born in Frampton Dorchester County in 1914 to Moses and Ann (nee Duncan). Ann died in Frampton June 16, 1960; Moses died c.1928 in Frampton. My mother had two sisters Marie, Vera and three brothers - Clarence, Edgar and Bill, all of whom passed away in the past 15- 20 years. Any information regarding Moses' and Ann's brothers and sisters would be most appreciated.

  Posted by Barry O'Grady from Burlington, Ontario
Posted on : 09-Sep-2007
Dennis, great job on this website. You have succeeded in capturing the beautiful spirit of the Frampton Irish on your website. My father, Reg O'Grady, was born and raised in Frampton and my mother, Pauline O'Farrell-O'Grady was born in St Malachy. While I was raised in Pointe Claire, a suburb of Montreal, I was blessed to spend my childhood summers in Frampton and St Malachy and look back on them with an inexpressible fondness. These were people of great heart, gentleness and hospitality. I do my best as a father of three teenage girls to convey the core values carried by these courageous and faithful people-- not an easy job in a very different world!

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : 18-Aug-2007
I was at the St. Malachie celebration. I had a table in the exhibit building and I made contact with families of the following surnames: Kelly, Barry, Humphrey, O'Farrell, Murphy, Jordan, Dickson and Henderson. The Humphrey family shared the photos taken years ago by their uncle the Reverend Ed Humphrey. I also enjoyed a long conversation with Malcolm Henderson, a descendant of East Frampton founder William Henderson. I also met with Albert Boisvert who is putting together a book on the Jordan family. I also had a great time visiting with my own Murphy relatives who still live in the vicinity. My trip also included research at the Archives du Quebec and in Somerset County, Maine where many Frampton Irsih migrated to.

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 16-Aug-2007
I was there, along with my brothers Peter and Brian - our father was William Barry, son of Thomas and Bridget Barry of Frampton. Our mother was an O'Shaugnessy from St. Malachy. The event was terrific - lots of old photos and artifacts, a full church for the Mass celebration, about 750 attendees in the large dinner tent, and I am told a large and excellent parade on Sunday - the closing day. It was also nice to meet this website's moderator - Dennis McLane. He had some of his research there - what a treasure trove of information. He helped us approximate the landing date of our Barry forefathers - thanks, Dennis.

  Posted by H McGInley Webster from Los Angeles, CA
Posted on : 14-Aug-2007
Did anyone attend the St Malachie Church Anniversary? How was it? Did anyone take photos- I am sure there a good many Frampton descendents that would love to hear how the event went.

  Posted by Linda M. Walsh from Livonia, MI
Posted on : 04-Aug-2007
I love your web site. It's obvious that a lot of work goes into it and is very much appreciated. My cousins, from Frampton, Agnes and Eddy Walsh, forwarded your web site to me and I'm so glad they did. My father, James R. Walsh, and my mother, Germaine C. Perreault, were from Frampton, born in 1912. I wish they were alive to see this web site. (My father moved to Detroit, Michigan in the 1930's.)

  Posted by Robin Garvey from Saskatchewan
Posted on : 10-Jul-2007
Hi Again, I just did some further reading on your site and see that you have already checked out the parish registers for Ste- Marie, so disregard my last comment. You've obviously done a LOT of research!

  Posted by Robin Garvey from Saskatchewan
Posted on : 10-Jul-2007
Hi, I am in the process of transcribing the church register for Ste-Marie-de-Beauce. Yesterday I googled Ste-Marie and your site came up. Do you know that a good number of Frampton Irish were baptized or married in Ste-Marie? I had been intrigued by the many Irish names in the register, and now, thanks to your site, I know more about them. By the way, John Walsh was in Ste-Marie before 1806, he signed a marriage act in 1805. If you haven't had the opportunity to explore the Ste-Marie register's, email me at and I can send you what information I have found in them. Interesting site! Thanks!

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Coquitlam, BC
Posted on : 08-Jul-2007
By the end of next, I should know if we will be going out on strike, if so, I'm looking to drive back to Montreal, Sherbrook and Magog. If there are any of you out west that wish to come along for the ride, just to keep me company. Feel free to contact me at

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Coquitlam, BC
Posted on : 08-Jul-2007
I am the Son of the late Patrick Kinsley who is the Son of Patrick Kinsley who had a Farm in Frampton. If anyone remembers my Dad, can you send me e-mail to

  Posted by Alvin Larry Doherty from Sawyerville,Qc. Formerly from St.Malachie,Co.Dorchester
Posted on : 08-Jul-2007
Hello all I am the one of five sons that Edward John Doherty and Elsie Margarite McLaughlin gave birth to.Grandparents and relatives are buried in the St.Pauls Hemison Cemetary.My dad used to go to the reunions that Framton would have. Thanks to Pat Hurley who would inform my Dad.

  Posted by Mary Métivier from Sillery,Québec
Posted on : 05-Jun-2007
For Pat Doherty-I went to school with Clifford.He was in my classroom and he had to wait on the bus to go back home;he`d spend his time drawing.What a nice boy he was! My brother Austin new Wallace. My father was the blacksmith of the village.I hope to hear from you Pat .

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : 25-May-2007
This is to Harriet Webster from Los Angeles, CA. I have the information you seek, but you did not leave an e-mail address to contact you. You can contact me at

  Posted by Harriet McGinley Webster from Los Angeles, California
Posted on : 23-May-2007
I am the third geat granddaughter of Mrs. Myles Duff and would love to attend the church festvities at St. Malachie- does anyone have a program for the events in August? H

  Posted by Doug Wilsher from Fonthill, Ontario , Canada
Posted on : 14-May-2007
Hello again Dennis, Ginny Haen and I were discussing the 150 Anniversary of St. Malachie but I cannot remember the dates. If you could let us know it would be appreciated. Also, do you know waht activities are planned, is there an itinerary? My e mail address is Thanks again for getting me connected to Ginny.If it weren't for that I would still be struggling to find info

  Posted by Ginny Haen from near Jacksonport, Door County, Wisconsin
Posted on : 30-Mar-2007
I haven't written since the early days of the website, but I just want to say again that it's terrific. I've made connections to several of my families here and just recently new connections through Doug Wilsher (see his recent note). I've been able to direct him to some of his closer Smith cousins (one that I previously met right here). He is sharing information with me on one of my other families (Dickson). I hope others of you reading these queries will consider being on the list of researchers. If you share information with others, you are likely to get even more back as connections expand. You can see my list of family interests on the researcher list. Many Frampton, St Malachie and Standon families came to Jacksonport in Door County near where I live so there are many descendants and much information right here. Thanks to you Dennis (and the internet)for making this big world a much smaller place.

  Posted by Don Walsh from Aurora, Ontario
Posted on : 28-Mar-2007
What a fantastic website Dennis and thank you for a wonderful History lesson. I am very grateful for the amount of research and time you are commiting to this cause . I am Michael Walsh's father and proud grandfather to his son Xavier , may he keep the great line of Walsh's going. Would like to hear from my other Walsh cousins from Detroit , Boston and where ever you all are .

  Posted by Don Walsh from Aurora, Ontario
Posted on : 28-Mar-2007
For Austin Kelly. What a flashback when I saw your name posted.I remember going to the Convent in Frampton and playing dodge ball with the Quigley's ,Henessey's , Sheila McGrath , Millers and so on. I will be in Frampton the week of Aug 6th perhaps I will see you in St.Malachie. My email address is .

  Posted by Linus Fitzmorris from Calgary, Alberta
Posted on : 24-Mar-2007
For Janice McGrath Hi Janice! I'm going to email you. Linus

  Posted by Linus Fitzmorris from Calgary, Alberta
Posted on : 24-Mar-2007
For Kelly Barry Hello Kelly! Of course I remember you, your mom and your brothers very well. For one thing my mother was a Kelly lol. You and your family lived in New Brunswick, NJ at the time. I remember Peter, Brian, Shawn, Kevin and you but not the 6th one. Oh well.....advanced middle age claims another victim. And another come you guys never had to work during the summer only play tennis and chase the girls??? Best wishes to you and all your loved ones. Linus

  Posted by Linus Fitzmorris from Calgary, Alberta
Posted on : 24-Mar-2007
For Pat Doherty Hello Pat. I was in the same school class as your cousins Wallace and Clifford. Maybe our paths did cross but if so I don't recall. We lived in the village and your uncle Percy lived out of town just before the road took a sharp left turn on the way to Standon. You may know the Labrecques who were Percy's neighbors. Alfreda was my father's first cousin. Regards, Linus

  Posted by Linus Fitzmorris from Calgary, Alberta
Posted on : 24-Mar-2007
Hello Austin! Wow, what a nice surprise to see your post. As you may know my sisters Mary, Aileen and Lena also live in the Montreal area. All the best to you and all your loved ones. My email is: if you would like more details. Linus

  Posted by Eddy Walsh from River John, Nova Scotia
Posted on : 21-Mar-2007
This message is for Jane McIntire Mann (08 OCT 2005). We are related. My grandfather was Nicholas Walsh (1857-1937), Catherine Walsh's brother. He lived all his life in Frampton on a farm 1 mile from the old family farm that is still owned by a Walsh, Raymond, son of John, Nicholas' eldest son. My father was Dennis (1908-1991) who kept his father' farm until 1974 about. Henry Harpe, Catherine's husband had two sons I know of (and I think a few daughters). They were Eddy and John. John had a son Lawrence, who visited us in the early 60's. I also remember my Dad telling us of wild parties when his cousins would visit many years earlier. I would like to hear more from the Harpes. You can contact me at (By the way, the posting just before yours on the Frampton Irish site, is from my nephew Michael from Toronto.)

  Posted by Eddy Walsh from River John, Nova Scotia
Posted on : 20-Mar-2007
Very impressive Dennis! This site is a must for all Irish who have a relatives in Frampton... and as I can see, they are many (I did not realize that I could be related to half of North-America.) Too bad it shows up so far from the top on Google, after umpteen entries on Peter Frampton! I was born in Frampton in 1951 and grew up there. I have a few documents telling about the Murphy journey to California as well as a few genealogy notes my parents received from Mrs. Cadogan from California after she visited Frampton for the 150th anniversary in 1975. We are distant cousins. I will send you an e-mail with more details in the coming days.

  Posted by Pat Doherty (Fletcher) from Pincourt, Quebec (Montreal)
Posted on : 20-Mar-2007
I was born in St.Malachie 1937 daughter of Alex Doherty (St.Malachie) Cora Bradley (Frampton) was my mother. Uncles were Percy, Albert, Eddy, Henry, Archie. One aunt Florance Clark from 10th range she was married to Aurthur Bradley. I used to spend summers at Uncle Percy's with cousins Phyliss, Wallace, Howard, Russell, Clifford. Would love to hear from somebody that knew us. Thank you, Pat Doherty Fletcher

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : 17-Mar-2007
To Tony Bardon from Ireland and Doug Wilsher from Fontill, Ontario, Canada, you did not leave an e-mail address on your posting! So if you would like answers to your questions, send e- mail to me at

  Posted by Doug Wilsher from Fontill, Ontario, Canada
Posted on : 17-Mar-2007
My connection to the Frampton, St Malachie area is my grandmothers family of Thomas Smith and Sarah Smyth.Both parents were married in the area.Their families married Dicksons, Dillons, Wilsons.Eventually Smiths and Smyths moved to Jackson port, Doors county, Wisconsin and Dillons/Smiths to Bangor/ Milo Maine.Also some moved to the western Canadian provinces. I am sure there are many more that are scattered over North America. Dennis, I really appreciate you taking the time to pull all of this together. What information would you have of the Smith/Smyth families would be of interest to me for purchase? Thanks again, if anyone would like whatever limited info I have, contact me

  Posted by tonybardon from ireland
Posted on : 16-Mar-2007
not too many bardon's here so im woundering if there's anymore bardon's out there where you live? i'd love to hear!!!.My grandmothers name is Masie and my grandfathers name was Jim Bardon from Gorey Co Wexford. My great uncle was John Bardon who run a draper shop in Gorey in the 50's and 60.s.

  Posted by P. Bassman from Windsor Ontario
Posted on : 12-Mar-2007
Has anyone found any passenger lists with Frampton family names?

  Posted by Jim Lawlor from Toronto
Posted on : 09-Mar-2007
Dennis, I got your report and it is fantastic. Lots of info I was looking for all in a nice neat package. Money very well spent. Good luck Jim Lawlor

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : 09-Mar-2007
My daughter was doing some research on the 150th anniversary of St Malachie and she got a response from Dennis. Now I have found this site, and I see names from the summers my family spent in St Malachie - Linus Fitzmorris, Tom and Lucy O'Grady, Austin Kelly, and other surnames - what a rush of past memories! This is a really great resource to learn about our pasts. Anyone who knows me - one of 6 sons of William and Cecilia Barry - feel free to write Some of us will make the 150th St. Malachie celebration - hope to catch up with many of you.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Oakville, Ontario
Posted on : 01-Mar-2007
This message is for Gary Kinsley from Vancouver who posted in January 2007. I have some information on Columbus Noonan who married Ellen M. Kinsley in Frampton in 1937. You can contact me at

  Posted by Teddi Lynn from Valencia, California
Posted on : 01-Mar-2007
I love your site, very informative. My Father's Grandparents were from Frampton, James Lynn, two of his sons were Michael and Edward. Any ideas on finding that name?? Thank you, Teddi

  Posted by Judy Clapp from Michigan
Posted on : 01-Mar-2007
Dennis was recommended to me by Karen of Coronado. He did an excellent "custom report" on my Bridget Barry Mace. The report is thorough, well organized and the service was fast. He saved me months of research and his price was more than reasonable. I am very satisfied with his work and would recommend him to anyone who wants to know more about their Frampton ancestors.

  Posted by John Joseph Keily from Victoria, Australia
Posted on : 28-Feb-2007
A wonderfully researched and beautifully written expose on the Irish of Frampton. It os often forgotten that many early irish settlers did not stay in their original places of settlement, but moved on to greener pastures after many many years. Those of us who are researching our Irish ancestry are often thrown off track until we realise this. I was most interested to read of someone with my surname listed as an early Frampton pioneer and considering how my ancestors came to Australia in the early 1800's, it is sobering to think upon the insidious social forces that sent the sons and daughters of Erin to far flung shores. However it is with pride when we reminisce on the fortitude of those who built the foundations of a better life for so many of us. I have thoroughly enjoyed this web site and you should be very proud of the work you have done.

  Posted by Tom Boyce from Barre, Washington, VT, USA
Posted on : 20-Feb-2007
I would be very interested in your publishings, however, I first need to understand where Frampton is in relation to St Sylvestre, St Severin, St Elzear, St Marie, St Agathe, Leeds, and St Patrice. For it was in those areas where my early relatives first settled, and yes, having married into a few families from Frampton (i.e. Henry Ogle married Annie Brennan 10 Feb 1926 in Frampton). I do not have any particulars on Annie's birth, her possible death, and the whatnot. I can be reached at: Very nice site, thus far, Tom Boyce Barre, VT

  Posted by Walter O'Grady from Montreal Q.C.
Posted on : 11-Feb-2007
This is a great site . I never knew that there was a site dedicated to the Irish from Frampton. My niece from New Jersey just sent it to me.My late parents, Tom O'Grady and Lucy Sheehan both born and raise d there would have been very proud of this site, Thanks again Denis.

  Posted by Janice McGrath Day from Denver, Colorado
Posted on : 11-Feb-2007
When I saw the name of Linus Fitzmorris on the website (which I haven't visited in some time), it brought me back many years to a visit to St. M. with my parents. The Fitzmorrises lived at the top of the hill and are cousins of mine. Their grandmother, Mary, was a sister of my grandfather, Joe McGrath. A boy of maybe ten or twelve was sitting at the kitchen table with a slide rule. Linus, I remember the visits your parents Amelia and John made down to Boston to see my parents. The house you grew up in was the original McGrath home. You must be having a wonderful time, Linus, with modern math. Do you still have that slide rule? Please write to me at and let me know about your life and your siblings. I did see Lena a few summers ago when I was up to St. Malachy. And when I visit the cemetery up there, I stop by to say "hello" to your parents. Hope you will be at the 150th anniversary. My brothers and I will be there.

  Posted by dduncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 06-Feb-2007
Community Quilt - This quilt was made so that they could collect money to build a boy's Anglican college in Frampton's district. In autumn 1916, Mrs. Hibbard, proposed to the Anglican community the making of a quilt adorned with the names of all the donors. The quilt when finished would be raffled. Noemie and Antoinette Aube-Chabot, whose names are on the quilt, still remember the event considering their tender age at the time. Noemie said, "one morning our neighbor brought us a square of yellow cotton and asked us to embroider the names of our family members". Each inscription cost 10 cents. The idea was accepted with enthusiasm. The yellow cotton squares were in no time spread through St-Malachy, Frampton and Cumberland Mills. The project spread out over the surroundings of St-Malachy and Springbrook. The Anglicans from St-George de Beauce, shared in the project followed by the French and Irish. During the winter of 1917, the women nimbly embroidered all over the region. The project was going well and ended with a Garden Party which was held at the Henderson's manor in St-Malachy, that was when the raffle took place. It is reported that all the population was invited. Mrs. Lottie McLaughlin preciously kept to this day wrapped in blue plastic, the quilt which her mother Jane Doherty gave her. She declares she was swaddled in it in her crib. Since then, as a promise, she took great care of this historical gift. The quilt consists of 35 squares of cotton on which 377 names are embroidered with red thread. Sewed together these squares form a surface of 185 cm by 195. It was the collective work of ethnical and confessional groups living along the Irish cause way, in the eastern section: first the Irish Anglicans contributed 70.8% with 267 names; then the Catholic French Canadians presented a population of 16.7% with 63 names; and the Irish Catholic for 12.5% with 47 names. Three conclusions are drawn from this graphic chart. First the groups were far from being closed. We can also be surprised that the French Canadians contributed to this project since it was for the building of an English Protestant school. This convinces us that the neighborly feeling prevailed, at least, in this case, over other beliefs that were in general imposed on other social contacts with more severity. The second observation derives from the first and explains it. In 1916-17, the French population out numbered the English. In fact we can understand that the project, started by the Anglicans brought the participation of the majority group, who did not feel threatened but saw it as a chance to have their names embroidered on the quilt which would be raffled. In conclusion, we remarked that the two minority groups exchanged the squares that the Anglicans had entrusted to them. This is why the French Canadians are grouped principally in the sections A-3, A-5, C-3, D-1, D-4 and E-1 and the Irish catholics were grouped in the sections B-4, B-5, C-5 and D-2. Description of the quilt: Material: unbleached cotton at five cents a yard. Size: 74 x 78 inches. Composed of: 35 squares of 10 inches square. Color: White. Inscriptions: 377 names embroidered with red thread. Informants: Mrs. Lottie McLaughlin (Doherty) - Died: 31 October 2000. Noemie (Aube) Chabot and her sister Antoinette. Saint Malachy.

  Posted by Austin Kelly from Montreal,Quebec
Posted on : 06-Feb-2007
I was born in St- Malachy and went to school in Frampton. It was by total surprise that I read one of your posts only to discover my cousin Linus Fitzmorris had written it. Hi Linus. All the best to you and family. Great site!! Reading some of your work Dennis reminded me of my childhood.

  Posted by Jim Lawlor from Toronto...still
Posted on : 31-Jan-2007
I gave you a bad email address on my last note. It should be Thanks

  Posted by Jim Lawlor from Toronto
Posted on : 31-Jan-2007
Tremendous site. About time someone did the hard work. I knew if I resisted long enough someone would do it. Dennis, could you tell me what items I should purchase from you that would give me the most info on Thomas Lawlor and his descendants. His son Michael had land on the 1st range Ste Edouard, probably handed down from Thomas. is my address. Thanks and keep going.

  Posted by Sean Delaney from (Montreal) now in Ontario
Posted on : 31-Jan-2007
Dennis you have a great site here! Keep up the great work.

  Posted by Linus Fitzmorris from Calgary, Alberta
Posted on : 27-Jan-2007
Dennis your site is fascinating! I was born in St. Malachie. Often in the dead of winter when my father decided that the horses needed exercise we'ed end up on a sleigh ride to Frampton. And no, I don't remember it as being fun. Also, I still have vivid memories of how the summer lightening flashes would illuminate the church and houses of Frampton for us. Congratulations on an excellent piece of work. Linus

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Vancouver, BC
Posted on : 23-Jan-2007
Does anyone remember any of the Noonans or Kinsleys that lived in Frampton.

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : 20-Jan-2007
For those of you with Irish ancestors from Montreal, on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2007, the descendants and friends of St. Columban will be presenting an Irish event at the Oscar Petersen Hall on Sherbrooke St. West. For general information, inquire at

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : 06-Jan-2007
I have obtained a copy of the book: "Saint Malachie, d'hier a aujourd hui, 1857 - 2007." It was recently published to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Parish of St. Malachie. It is a great local history with information about early Frampton settlement as well. It also includes a full copy of "Histoire de la Paroisse de Saint Malachie" written by Fr. Jules-Adrien Kirouac in 1909. Although much of it is in French, there are many useful articles in English. There are also many tables, maps and graphics of information that are easily translated and understood. The authors had consulted with me and I highly recommend it. There are still 93 copies available for sale. The cost is $80.00 in Canadian currency. They are available from "Caron Canadiana" bookstore, 104 Range 3, Saint- Malachie, Quebec, G0R 3N0, Canada, phone #418-642-2503.

  Posted by John Day from San Diego, California
Posted on : 30-Dec-2006
My GGGrandfather was John Thomas Sinnott. He was a nephew of Martin Murphy Senior, of the Murphy-Townsend Party of 1844. Both of these individuals were "Franpton Irish". They were from County Wexford Ireland. John Thomas Sinnott and Martin Murphy Jr. were married to the Bulger/Bolger sisters. John Sinnott was married to Elizabeth Bulger. Martin Murphy Jr. was married to Mary Bulger. John Thomas Sinnott was one of the Irish founders of Milpitas, California. If you have any information on Martin Murphy Sr. or John Thomas Sinnott, I would be grateful and thank you for the wonderful article on Frampton. I can be reached at

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : 10-Dec-2006
To Barbara from MA. I do have further information on James O'Connor and his wife Mary Kell. James O'Connor was the brother of my GGGrandmother Anastasia O'Connor. So they are included in most of my publications. Please e-mail me at and I will try to help.

  Posted by Barbara from MA
Posted on : 08-Dec-2006
Do you know anything else about the James O'Connor mentioned? I have been trying to find out all I can about him and his wife Mary. I know James was born somewhere in Ireland, and Mary somewhere in England. They married in Canada(somewhere) and had : Elizabeth, Jane, Matthew, Thomas, Patrick, Margaret, Catherine, and Anastasia. By 1860 they were in Santa Clara(San Jose) area of CA. I am trying to learn who James and Mary's parents and siblings were. Mary's maiden name. Where and when Mary were born etc. Thank you Barbara

  Posted by Dave Doherty from Port Hope Ontario
Posted on : 06-Dec-2006
I have been searching the family tree for some time work at it leave it then work at it again.My dad was born in St Malachy Quebec,after the war he came to Ontario.we would visist his home on the 10 range every summer for years,visisted with the Clarke's,Doherty's,O'Farrels,Simms families in the area.I have just purchased a book from the 150 years of St Malachy.Most of the book is in French,but it is well done.Like your web sight Thanks Again Dave Doherty Home e-mail

  Posted by Dennis McLane from Boise, ID
Posted on : 08-Nov-2006
To my readers: I am sorry that this guestbook has been filled with inappropriate entries (porn, etc.). I now will be screening it occasionally to delete computer generated entries that are inappropriate or repetitive. I invite you to resume using the guest book to contact each other, make comments, and provide other information that is helpful to Frampton Irish researchers.

  Posted by C. Campbell from ontario
Posted on : 22-Oct-2006
So sad that after all your hard work this porn is littering your site.

  Posted by Foster Murphy from Texas, California, Oklahoma, Christie, Frampton, Wexford
Posted on : 16-Sep-2006
Dennis, I think you picked up on my Family History Center posting some years ago. We went from there, but you have "picked up the ball" and carried it farther and more professionally than I imagined. Thank you for all my MURPHY data and detail!!!! I did purchase your first book "ISLAND ROOTS" and found it to be everything one could hope for. Researching your background, I found a lot of common ground: you born and raised in California,eagle scout with merit badge in forestry, educationa nd career in Forestry related fields. I am a couple of Wars ahead of you, WWII and Korea, but was Air Force also. Forestry degree from Cal-Berkeley (from before the change of attitude in the 60's) You have made a significan contribution to all for descendants from FramptonIrish!!! Thank you for your HOURS and HOURS OF WORK. Foster Murphy, 1411 Hollytree Place, Tyler, TX 75703

  Posted by C. Campbell from Ontario
Posted on : 04-Sep-2006
Ginette Pare: Have you checked out the posting by dduncan July 28/05. He mentions both John Doherty and Rebecca Duncan.

  Posted by Cherrel Campbell from Picton, Ontario
Posted on : 29-Aug-2006
I'll join the chorus; What a great site! Thanks so much. It is so clear and packed with information. It's been really tough finding any information about the part of my family that lived in this general area and I'm pretty excited to find such a great new starting point. We have Dohertys, (Joseph + Lydia Ross); and Lowers, (Henry + Sara Ann Weller). Sound familiar anyone?

  Posted by GINETTE PARE from SUITE
Posted on : 24-Aug-2006
If someone could help me with my seach or would like other informations my e-mail is :

Posted on : 24-Aug-2006
Trying to find my great-great grandfather's (John Doherty) origin in Ireland and I found your site. He came from Londonderry, Co Donegal and was married to Rebecca Duncan. I know he lived in Frampton. My grandfather was born in St-Malachie and his father, Thomas, in Frampton. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack but I will keep on searching, because I want to find my Doherty's ancestors. You have a very helpful site.

  Posted by André Garant from Saint-Romuald (Lévis), Québec, Canada
Posted on : 24-Jul-2006
Belles recherches généalogiques. Good job. Luke Foley married Bridget Culhane(Cullen?) on oct. 24 1848 at Frampton. Luke is the brother of the grand-father (Michaël Foley) of my grand-mother(Marie Grondin, daugther of Bernard Grondin and Elizabeth Foley). The father of Luke and Michaël(1826-1894) is William Foley(1785- 1854) who is buried at Saint-François-de-Beauce (St.Francis of Beauce or Beauceville, QC) On december 4th 1854. Michaël Foley was a farmer, a teacher and a mayor at Saint- François-de-Beauce. Who knowns about this Foley Family?

  Posted by Janet Klapatauskas from Milwaukee, WI
Posted on : 12-Jul-2006
Great site. I am from the Murphy-Redmond line who settled in Niellsville, WI. My now deceased grandmother Ruth (Murphy Redmond) Moberg would speak of the Canadian connection often. Many of the Murphy family and descendents are still in the area in Clark County.

  Posted by Leo T. Hamel from St-Laurent, Quebec.
Posted on : 10-Jul-2006
I was very impress by the beauty of that town of Sawyerville. I have been the chief of police in Sawyerville From De. 73 untill Feb. 78. I met some good and beautiful people overthere and I will keep a good souvenir from them. So I really hope that all the people enjoyed and cherish that place. Thank you for Frampton Irish to have gave me opportunity to express myself in a few words. Thanks

  Posted by Holevy Urrau from
Posted on : 08-Jul-2006
Congratulations on a great web site. I am a new computer user and finding you was like coming home. Continued success. Holevy Urrau.

  Posted by Wm Noble from Grnvl, ME 04441
Posted on : 03-Jul-2006
Interesting to one who has travelled thru that part of PQ many a time, noticed the place names, and encountered descendants. There is also an interesting account of Irish settlers, and their eventual decline in numbers in the vicinity of St Come de Kennebec, Beauce County, Que in a history of that title, now about 20 years old.

  Posted by Chris Mueller from Vancouver, WA
Posted on : 02-Jul-2006
This site is wonderful. I am trying to tie my family to Duffs in this web site. Miles Leo Duff was born in Quebec in about 1835. He later moved to Walla Walla, Washington where he married Mary J. in 1867. The first two of their 7 children were Marcella and John Duff. I can find them on the 1870 US Census, but no further back. I believe he might be the son to John and Marcella Duff from Ste-Edouard, Dorchester, Quebec listed on the 1881 Canadian Census. Does anyone know the names of all of John Duff (1807-1886) and Marcella Fitzgerald Duff's (1805/07-1896) children? My e-mail address is

  Posted by Peter Connors from Thunder Bay, ON
Posted on : 01-Jul-2006
I am researching my family in Frampton. The names I am searching are: Kilduff, Levy and Walsh. My Kilduff ancestors originated from County Longford. I am uncertain when they arrived in Frampton, but are listed in the 1861 Census of the area. Later they moved to Kingston, Ontario and later to Ottawa. Peter Connors

  Posted by Fergus V. Keyes from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Posted on : 12-Jun-2006
As I mentioned in a seperate e-mail to you, you have a terrific site. We also have a page dedicated to a number of Irish settlers who arrived in Quebec, in the early 1820's. They settled in a small village called St. Columban, which is about 40 miles nw of Montreal. The surnames in both Frampton and St. Columban are very similiar (although, of course, not necessarily related). If anyone would like to visit our site, the address is: WWW.STCOLUMBAN-IRISH.COM

  Posted by Mary Leona Petsche from Frampton. Quebec
Posted on : 19-May-2006
I was born Maher: mother Doyle, grandmothers Enright and Redmond, greatgrandmother Fitzgerald and Duff. My mother was educated by the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame as was her grandmother as was I. My greatgrandmother (mother of Isabel Enright Doyle) was a convert to Catholicism after being educated in a convent in Quebec City run by the Urcelines.

  Posted by John J Hogan from Québec City
Posted on : 10-May-2006
Just learned about this site. Will look into it. Seems pretty large. I have relatives in Frampton. Grateful for all this work being made available to us.

  Posted by jeff schultz from st. paul, mn
Posted on : 04-May-2006
I recently ordered info./info from Mr. Mclane's site and found the data he provided and all of the hard work and hrs upon hrs. of research indexing, etc. to be invaluable for linking my kennedy and mccarthy/mccarthy relatives to the dorchester and beacuse county areas of quebec. i have since communicated with at least three different distant cousins who are also doing research on our line and dennis and his products is the first person i suggest as a research/product line contact for our families census, irish family index, etc. records... however, i do have a question and maybe dennis you can answer or help me with this...recently i was on the quebec archives site and found a database index from the coroner's record of beauce county, quebec that runs from 1862 to 1947...anyway i typed in thomas kennedy's name and i obtained a "hit" for a thomas kennedy that died in watford de beauce with a last residence of Cranbourne de beauce whi died on 6-17-1865...the coroner was a J.-T.-P. Proulx the record or report is apparently located in the Centre d' archives de Quebec TP9, S12, SS26, SSS1 (1982-05- 19/35), Fonds Cour du Banc de la Reine/du Roi, Greffe de Saint- Joseph-de-Beauce...I e-mailed them that i needed a copy of this record, but i am unsure what else i need to do to obtain a copy of this record...hopefully someone can help me with this one... my return e-mail is respectfully, js.

  Posted by Katie from Boise, Idaho
Posted on : 06-Apr-2005
Fantastic job Dad :-) This should be a tremendous resource for people looking for their Canadian Irish ancestors. Katie

  Posted by larry doyle from kelowna br. columbia
Posted on : 20-Feb-2006
hi i am enjoying this site, I would like to hear from anyone who has information on the Doyles from Frampton Quebec in the 1830's . Thankyou.... sincerely... Larry Doyle... email address

  Posted by Lee Bardon from Belfast, Ireland
Posted on : 13-Jan-2006
Hello there! I've become somewhat intrigued with regard to tracing the history and spread of my surname, Bardon. In that spelling, it isn't very common, but i am aware of the bardon conncetion in France and in Cork, in the Republic of ireland. I also wonder whether any of my ancestors may have immigrated accross the Atlantic on a 'coffin ship' during the Great Irish Famine? I guess what interest me is the rarity of the name. My family are catholic. The only other Bardon i've come accross, who isn't a family member, is a writer called Jonathon Bardon - a protestant, descended from the English branch of the name. If anyone has any information regarding the name, please talk at me. GO ON!! Thanks, Lee.

  Posted by Robert Auger from Russell, Ontario
Posted on : 02-Dec-2005
I have spent several hours pouring over the materials on the Frampton Irish produced by Dennis McLane. I am truly amazed by the amount of information that went into this. Not only, did the author bring together data regarding his own ancestors but he systematically mined an unbelievable amount of church registries of births, marriages and deaths, notary transactions (marriage contracts, land conveyances etc) and archidiosal records and transferred all of this into his research materials. A living picture of 19th century of Frampton Township, including its several parishes, emerges. The materials led me to have a much better understanding of the various connections between the different members of my own family and I can now place in a much better context the stories of old Frampton I was told by members of my maternal lineage (Doyles, Fitzgeralds). D. McLane’s maps are an essential component of these materials as they show the two rivers that spanned the length of Frampton Township as well as the villages doting its hilly landscape. For anyone trying to find their Frampton ancestors, these materials are a must. They have enormously facilitated the research into my own family roots.

  Posted by Patti Klenavic-Croft from Fonthill, Ontario
Posted on : 26-Nov-2005
John Marrigan Sr. Landed at Quebec in 1827 and went to Frampton in 1832. John married Catherine Thomas (possibly in Ireland ast their two daughters were born there). They had Michael, John jr., William, James, and Catherine while living there. They moved to Mill Point (Dereronto, Ontario) in 1867 wher Richard and Agnes were born. Their oldest daughter Bridget married a James McGrath (not sure if he is from Frampton), and their daughter Mary Ann married Luke Murphy (not sure if he is from Frampton). Any one with any connections can reach me at

  Posted by peter coligan from morrisburg ont
Posted on : 12-Nov-2005
Our history sketchy . Quebec arrivals. 2 boys worked on quebec bridge construction,canals ottawa went separate ways .thomas joined canalers went to khartoum on Nile to free General Gordon. Eventually set up smoke shop Sparks street Ottawa Worked on St. Lawrennce Canals morrisburg. Was also Blacksmith. .

  Posted by Brenda and Gary Joseph Humphrey from Long Beach, CA
Posted on : 09-Oct-2005
How exciting to find your well-documented site!! My husband's Humphreys came to California from St. Malachie, via South Dakota. A Catholic family, and Irish, it has been easy to find out which Humphrey families are NOT ours, but finally we have a place to begin finding out about the Humphrey families who ARE. Also related by marriage to the Hayes, Glenahan, Joynt, and perhaps Duggan (only connection so far is a wonderful old black and white snapshot). I was happy to note all of these families listed. Anyone with any information or leads on these families, please let us know at Thanks again, Dennis, for a job well done, and sorely needed!

  Posted by Jane McIntire Mann from born in Rumford, Maine; now in North Carolina
Posted on : 08-Oct-2005
Happy to come across this website. Have been researching off and on for years. The difficulty lies with several lines of the family that arrived into the Frampton area from Ireland. They were Thomas Walsh (Thomas arrived from Wexford Ireland in 1833 and settled on Range 6) and Henry Harpe, born 1847). Ellen Brennan married John Walsh in 1843. John was my great grandmother's father. Henry Harpe married Catherine, the daughter of John Walsh and Ellen Brennan. Anyway, we have some sketchy details. Hopefully this will open the door to finding more of the missing pieces.

  Posted by Michael Dennis Walsh from Toronto Ontario
Posted on : 22-Aug-2005
What a great site! I spent many summers in Frampton as a child visiting family(mostly Walsh's) and I am familiar with much of the area. I will be sure to pass on this site to others in our family. I am not sure if we are related to one of the early settlers John Walsh but I will talk to some of the older family members to find out. I have managed to gather a good collection of photo's of Walsh's and those they have married as well as a fairly detailed Family Tree. If this can be of some use to your site or to anyone else feel free to email me @ . I am looking for more photo's of family members and their progeny who left for warmer climes

Posted on : 14-Aug-2005

  Posted by dduncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 28-Jul-2005
Baptisms at 1st Derry Presbyterian Church in the city of Londonderry. Parents: James Duncan and Mary Ann McConnell of Bishop Street. Esther DUNCAN - Born: 22 June 1828, Baptised: 10 July 1828 Parents: John McLaughlin and Catherine Duncan of 128 Bishop Street. George McLAUGHLIN - Born: Not recorded, Baptised: 6 February 1826 Richard John McLAUGHLIN - Born: 6 May 1828, Baptised: 19 May 1828 James McLAUGHLIN - Born: 28 March 1830, Baptised: 1 May 1830 Parents: John Doherty and Rebecca Duncan of Bishop Street. James DOHERTY - Born: Not recorded, Baptised: 5 November 1826 Ann Jane DOHERTY - Born: 1 August 1828, Baptised: 13 August 1828 dduncan1 (at) rcn (dot) com

  Posted by Marie Burk from Toronto, Canada
Posted on : 28-Jul-2005
I would like to thank Dennis McLane for all the time and effort he put into making the Indexes on Irish Families and Events in Dorchester County, Quebec. These CD's have provided a wealth of knowledge in reconstructing my family history, particularily with my great grand parents Hugh Daly and Bridget Doyle who resided in Frampton from (approx)1831-1840. The township maps gave me a visual reference of where they resided and the proximity within which the family members lived.

  Posted by Nora Elliott from Anchorage, Alaska
Posted on : 02-Jul-2005
Dennis- Your website is very impressive. I can't thank you enough for the effort you've made. I am descended from the McLaughlins, Duncans and Dawsons in Frampton, and have visited Frampton once myself. Stumbling across your site has made my month!

  Posted by Teresa Daly Harvey from Riverside, Ca. U.S.A.
Posted on : 26-Jun-2005
With regards to your book entitled "An Index of Irish Families of Dorchester, Quebec I am so happy with my copy of the above and want to say the following. If you are a descendant of an Irish family that resided in Dorchester, Quebec, this book is a MUST HAVE to add to your genealogical collection. This book contains a superb collection of records pertaining to families, the recordings of many legal contracts and ecclesiastical matters etc. Thanks to you Dennis the Frampton Irish will never be forgotten.

  Posted by Tim and Sharon McLane from Slidell Louisiana
Posted on : 23-Jun-2005
Dennis, We love your site, and enjoy reading all the responses that your getting in your guest book. Thank you again for all your time in researching our Family history (McLane). It was nice for me to learn about my Grandfather “Miles” and all of our Irish-Canadian ancestors. We are proud of you and hope to see you soon. Your brother Tim.

  Posted by Jonathan Dutil from Beauceville, Quebec, Canada
Posted on : 19-Jun-2005
You've put out a very interesting website!! My mother being a Colgan from St. Odilon de Cranbourne, your website allowed me to know a little more about my Irish heritage. Just as an example, I didn't know about the old Frampton Cemetery in the "rang 2". I visited it just 3 days ago, it's very beautiful with all those Maple trees.

  Posted by Tom Kelly from Auburn, Massachusetts
Posted on : 19-Jun-2005
I was checking in and read the posting from Cindy Kelly. Yes, it sounds like my grandfather Tom was your grandfather's brother. I expect that your grandfather was John. If you would like to send me an email I would be happy to share my research with you and give you an update on this Kelly branch. My email address is I would be happy to also correspond with anyone else who might have a mutual interest.

  Posted by Cindy Kelly from Canmore, Alberta
Posted on : 18-Jun-2005
I am so impressed with the amount of information on your website, Dennis. Thanks so much for all your hard work, you have undoubtedly shed a welcome light on the ancestry of many Frampton Irish descendants! I have Kelly ancestors from the Frampton area and will be visiting Quebec this summer. I intend to visit Frampton to find out more about our family. I noticed another guest, Tom Kelly, who signed your book mentioned grandparents by the name of Thomas Kelly and Mary Reid who moved to Rumford Maine. I wonder if these might be relatives of ours as I remember my father talking about his Uncle Tom and Aunt Minnie who moved to Rumford Maine from Quebec. I know Great Uncle Tom came to visit us once in Alma Quebec where I once lived, because we have a picture of him in our living room. Thanks again. Cindy Kelly

  Posted by Alexandre Desbarats from born Montreal, Québec, Canada
Posted on : 07-Jun-2005
I agree with the other comments posted here: This is a wonderful, and very thoroughly researched web site. Although I am not of Irish descent, I am a direct descendant of the main land owner in the township during the early 19th century, Pierre Edouard Desbarats, hence my interest...

  Posted by Janice McGrath Day from Massachusetts and Colorado
Posted on : 25-May-2005
Dennis, I couldn't be happier to have found your site. I've been researching the McGraths in Frampton and St. Malachy for years and my only regret is not finding them in your story, but they were definitely there. The Duncans and Colgans were related to us through marriage, my great Aunt Nellie McGrath married John Duncan in 1899; and her sister, Alice McGrath, married Lawrence Colgan (Coligan)in 1893 and brought her family up in Cranbourne. I visited their farmhouse there in the 1950s. My grandfather, Joseph McGrath came to Boston ca. 1898.

  Posted by D Duncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 10-May-2005
Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec. - - pdf download of book - "Histoire de la Paroisse de Saint-Malachie," in French, by L’Abbe Jules-Adrien Kirouac - Click on "titres", click on "H", scroll down til you find "Histoire de la Paroisse de Saint-Malachie."

  Posted by D Duncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : 09-May-2005
I had been wanting to research notaire events for my DUNCAN ancestors in Frampton. Did not know where to begin. Thanks so much for offering your Index of Irish Events of Frampton and Vicinity CD in a easy to access pdf format. A nice partner to that CD is the Frampton Township Range/Lots Maps which help locate land transactions recorded in the notaire events. I now have a clearer vision of how the families related to each other geographically.

  Posted by Barbara Schnelbach from Milford, MI (a northwestern suburb of Detroit)
Posted on : 05-May-2005
Thank you for all your work. I do not know if my Quigleys and Doyles are related to yours, but I will use your wonderful site. It is impressive. My great-great grandparents, Edward Quigley and Catherine Moore were married at Notre-Dame-de-Quebec on 15 Feb 1836. Their daughter Caroline married John Doyle in 1866 at St. Columb-de-Sillery. White researching in Quebec, I learned of another Quigley in Frampton. I am still trying to make the connection. Thank you! Barbara

  Posted by Diane Steltenpohl from Originally from Neillsville, Wisconsin, now Gwinn Michigan
Posted on : 03-May-2005
I ordered the books that you offer on this web site and they are fantastic! You have certainly done an in depth research for this Frampton area, and any geneologist would be amazed at all the information in these books. Thank you for your indepth research, and offering the information for people to purchase! I am more than pleased with all this information! I am researching Murphy and Redmond. My e-mail address is Diane

  Posted by P. Bassman from Windsor Ontario Canada
Posted on : 22-Apr-2005
Thank you very much for making this site. I am descended from the Manes/Kell/Hodgson/Paisley(possibly) families.My great great Manes grandparents are buried in Neillsville.

  Posted by Teresa Daly Harvey from Riverside, California (USA)
Posted on : 21-Apr-2005
Hi Dennis, Many thanks for your great research etc. in the Frampton area of Quebec. I am a sister to Marie Burk, who is mentioned on this site, as a researcher. Thanks to you we now have knowledge of our Gt.Grandfather HUGH DALY residing in Frampton.

  Posted by Mike Furlong from Cap Rouge, Quebec
Posted on : 15-Apr-2005
Congratulations Dennis, for your magnificent website. There's just one word to describe it "subliminal". The time and effort you put into this project for the research, construction, and editing of the website is phenomenal and unimaginable. I will spend many hours enjoying reading and rereading this most interesting and invaluable treasure of Frampton Irish history. You can certainly say to yourself, "Mission accomplished". Thumbs up! It was very pleasant to read about familiar Frampton Irish family names which were often mentionned to me by my dad when I was a youngster. My grandfather, Michael Furlong, and my dad, Myles, were born in Frampton. My father use to say that everyone in Frampton was related in some way or another. Somehow, we're related to the Conroys, Quigleys, Reids, Redmonds, Brennans, Kellys, Maghers, O'Farrells and Whealans. Many, Many Thanks Again. Mike Furlong Cap Rouge, Quebec

  Posted by Madeline Redmond from Outremont (Qc) Canada
Posted on : 13-Apr-2005
Your labour and dedication are much appreciated, Dennis. This terrific site will bring pleasure and pride to many. God Bless!

  Posted by Tom Kelly from Massachusetts
Posted on : 13-Apr-2005
Hi Dennis - It was a nice surprise to discover your site. I appreciate the effort you have made to share your story with others. I have made several trips to Frampton and surrounding towns to do research and visit new friends. I am not surprised that I recognize many of the names you list since I was told during one of my early visits to Frampton that everyone is a little bit related to everyone else. My oldest ancestors in the area were the Reeds (Reed Road) in Frampton and the Kellys in St. Marguerite. My grandparents Thomas Kelly and Mary Reed moved to Rumford, Maine in about 1928. I experienced similar feelings that you did when I have visited the old Frampton cemetery. I look forward to checking in occasionally to stay in touch with the Frampton Irish and possibly learn more about my ancestors as well.

  Posted by Brenda Kaulback from Casco, Maine and New York, New York (USA)
Posted on : 12-Apr-2005
Thank you, thank you Dennis for this wonderful site! I was so moved by reading the stories and recognizing so many of the names that I grew up hearing about. Family names (McBean, Rutherford, Dickson, Whyte, Ross, but also names of family friends. A large group of people from the Frampton area moved to Rumford, Maine - which is where I was born. But we traveled back to St. Malachi every summer! This was so exciting and I look forward to reading more. Brenda

  Posted by Deb Cruze from Beautiful Pacific Northwest
Posted on : 12-Apr-2005
Thank you Dennis for all your hard work on this website and the info provided us! My families, the Corrigans and Scotts, were from there. Hopefully, someday I will be fortunate enough to visit this are. I look forward to new updates on your site. Thanks again! Deb Cruze

  Posted by Lynne Gray-Ross(neeDate/Murphy) from Sarnia ON Cda
Posted on : 12-Apr-2005
Hello Dennis: thank you so much for providing your information. A large group of Irish settled in Gore of Downie Twp Perth Co ON, married into each other's familiy, moved on to MI, Wisconsin, Iowa, CO etc. Trying to find the ascendants to these Downie Irish has been a trial. Never though to look in the QC census for the parents. Many thanks!!! Cheers, Lynne

  Posted by Bill Reque from San Francisco
Posted on : 12-Apr-2005
Like Ginny Haen, I'm descended from the Bagnall, Rutherford Smyth[e] immigrants who were Church of Ireland [with a whiff of Quaker]. Our moved on to upper Michigan/Wisconsin following the lumber business.

  Posted by Arthur G. Redmond from Baie Comeau Que. Can. "Birthplace"
Posted on : 11-Apr-2005
Thanks Dennis this a very interesting site. My father Andrew P. Redmond was born in Frampton. I currently live in Texas married a Texan, but we spend our summers north. While in Salt Lake City last Sept. I traced a bunch of Redmonds in the archives of the LDS to the Frampton area. Thanks again for putting so much time in building this site. Art and Bev Redmond

  Posted by John Rocheleau from Medicine hat Alberta
Posted on : 11-Apr-2005
I thank you for the work and souces that you have given me -I married a Donohue who is a decendant of Donahue in Frampton and St malachie and stopped there on my way to PEI. The parish staff kept their word and forwarded the info I wanted and yes they speak English- My wife and I will be going there this August and we will park our 5th wheel in the church parking lot and try to find more relations and info- it is a beautifull town and friendly people , I will let you know how I made out.Yours truly John

  Posted by Karen Beatty from Coronado, Calif (across bay from downtown San Diego)
Posted on : 11-Apr-2005
Wow, fantastic work. I've been researching my Murphy, Duff, Keegan, Kirwin, Quigley, McMahon (Mahon), Nowlan, and many, many others for years. I've made 3 trips to Frampton and in 1995 I held in my hands an original document of my Andrew Murphy requesting land. I'm hoping that many of us will make more connections. Thank you Dennis for all of your time and most of all, for remembering to include all of us. Karen Beatty email:

  Posted by Steve Devine from Sanford, Florida
Posted on : 11-Apr-2005
Thank you for all your work in compiling the info and putting it on the web for us. I am researching (when I get the time)my Colgan ancestors. My gg grandmother Bridgette (Colligan) Colgan came over in 1833 with six sons and one daughter. They settled in Cranbourne in Dorchestor.

  Posted by Albert Boisvert from Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Posted on : 11-Apr-2005
Thanks for a wonderful job, Dennis. I have been researching "Jordan" and Frampton for over six years and know what a time consuming job it is, having spent countless days in the parish hall going through their books (no longer allowed). In looking through the list of researchers it would seem that over half of them are somehow related to the Jordans; Cullens, Fitzgerald, Duff, Murphy, O'Leary, Brennen, Burns, Roach(Roche), O'Connor and on and on.

  Posted by Maureen Denny from Idaho and Oregon
Posted on : 11-Apr-2005
This is wonderful. Thank You Dennis. After searching for years and locating bits and pieces of Framptin info and other Frampton researchers it's great we can now all get together in one place and share.

  Posted by Leanne from Fairview, Alberta, Canada
Posted on : 10-Apr-2005
Thank you for this site. My heart beats a little faster whenever I find out more about my ancestors. One day I will get to Quebec to see where they all lived. I also have interest in the scottish from Ontario too. Leanne

  Posted by Ginny from Wisconsin
Posted on : 10-Apr-2005
Thanks so much Dennis for all your hard work researching and coordinating the information for this site. It should be a great network for all of us who already do research in Frampton (and in my case, also St. Malachie and Standon). Now let's sit back and wait to see what new relatives discover it!

  Posted by Cynthia from Massachusetts
Posted on : 10-Apr-2005
You have done a fancastic job. The details are very clearly written and we thank you. It's my hubby that has the Redmond and Fitzsimmons of Frampton. His line migrated to Maine with his brother all the rest to Neilville, Wisc.

  Posted by Diane Steltenpohl from Gwinn, Michigan
Posted on : 10-Apr-2005
This is a wonderful site, Dennis! Thank you for all the time and hard work you have put into our Irish/Canadian geneology. This is definitely a great source for all researchers!

  Posted by Jack Garneau from Sawyerville,Quebec
Posted on : 10-Apr-2005
This is a great site.I am sure that it will enable many to locate ancestors and connect with relatives.I will send you other interesting data I have collected since I last communicated with you.

  Posted by Cindy Donahue from Ontario
Posted on : 10-Apr-2005
Great site Dennis. Maybe this way we will all find even more relatives and more information on their families will be added. Cindy