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  Posted by margaret suitor from guelph,ont
Posted on : Feb 06, 2013
Hello Ron Oakley, I grew up hearing those names but paid little attention to how they related to me. My cousin David Doherty may be able to answer most of your queries. How do you fit in the picture, I will try to get in touch with David to clear it for all of us.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Feb 06, 2013
Hi Margaret Suitor, and thanks for clearing up the spelling of Nellie's last name.I have changed my records accordingly. Do you know anything about her or her family? Ron

  Posted by margaret suitor from guelph,ont, formerly of frampton queec
Posted on : Jan 29, 2013
In response to Ron oakley's spelling of credock, I do believe the correct spelling is Cradock.My mother's family was Doherty I would also like to let anyone interested know that my sister Flora Mc Bean passed away this past March.A lot of people would have known her.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Dec 27, 2012
Was told that the surname of Nellie, wife of James Crawford 1886- 1949, was Credock. Can't find this name anywhere in Quebec records, so wondered if anyone had heard of it, or if mispelled, or something else? Could have been her married name from a previous marriage. Thanks, Ron

  Posted by Kelly Barry from Freehold, NJ
Posted on : Dec 25, 2012
Gary: I would love to attend the gathering in Ireland in 2013, but I was there in 2008 and 2011, and cannot manage another trip next year. I'll bet it will be pretty special. By the way, I got my Irish Heritage Certificate earlier this year - very nice, and glad I did.

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Montreal, now in Coquitlam BC
Posted on : Dec 22, 2012
One last thing. I have had a number of spammers sending me e-mail and a I asked one of them, where it was they found my e-mail address and said it was from here. So be careful about how you type in your e-mail address. They use some kind of scanning software that finds any listed e-mail address on the net. vangary2002 at Yahoo dot CA. The at stands for @ and DOT is .

  Posted by Gary Kinsley from Montreal
Posted on : Dec 22, 2012
Is anyone going to the Homecoming in Ireland next year?. I just applied for my Irish Heritage Certificate.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin Ont.
Posted on : Nov 25, 2012
Anyone know maiden name of Nellie, w/o James Crawford d. Jan 8, 1949, age 62, and if his parents were George and Matilda (Corrigan) Crawford?

  Posted by Ginny Haen from Door County Wisconsin
Posted on : Oct 31, 2012
For Ron Oakley, Which are your Bagley ancestors? My 2nd great grandmother was Sarah Bagley Bagnall (1832-1913), daughter of Isaac and Eliza Rothwell Bagley. Sarah and George Bagnall settled in Jacksonport, Door County, Wisconsin after leaving the Frampton area (Standon) in 1884. I am interested in exchanging information with descendants of the other Bagleys and learning where they settled. You can contact me at Thanks.

  Posted by Denise Pegler from Montreal originally, now living in Ontario
Posted on : Sep 04, 2012
My grandmother is from Frampton, her dad was James McDonough and his wife was Mary Raymond. I know that James' parents were Hugh McDonough and Margaret Donohue, and Hugh's parents were Philip McDonough and Elizabeth McCaffredy. Do you know who first came to Canada in the McDonough family and what part of Ireland they were from.

  Posted by Paule Brochu from Gatineau, born in Québec city
Posted on : Sep 02, 2012
Thanks, Mr McLane for providing information regarding my ancestors, Henry Cooper and Elizabeth Murphy. Very useful. A+

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ont
Posted on : Aug 18, 2012
Forgot to include my e-mail: if anyone has any info or comments for me.

  Posted by Ron Oakley from Port Elgin, Ontario
Posted on : Aug 18, 2012
Visited this site years back, but have more data now on my ancestors from the Frampton area, including Crawford, Bagley, Foster, Johnston surnames. Visited Frampton in 2011 and plan to get back again, possibly for the 2015 anniversary reunion.

  Posted by John Lane from Ireland
Posted on : Jun 21, 2012
Your McLANE ancestors may be from Roscommon,we dropped the mc in the 1820s when Gaelic ethnicity was becoming something to be ashamed of.

  Posted by Michael McGuire from Florida
Posted on : May 22, 2012
Donald Brennan: I think we attended the Frampton Convent school together with and later, when the convent burned, at Paradis Hall. If you are the same, let me know at Michael McGuire

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : May 04, 2012
On Ann Jane's Baptism record in Londonderry, IRE, John her father was a labourer with Mr McCREA.

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : May 04, 2012
McRAE - Ann Jane McRae Doherty, 81 yrs. wife of John Smith, Town of Jersey, Bce. d. Oct. 29, 1908

  Posted by DDuncan from Massachusetts
Posted on : May 04, 2012
Good to see you back, Louise. I can't answer your question, but... Ann Jane DOHERTY's death has something very interesting... the name

  Posted by Louise Smith from Quebec Canada
Posted on : May 02, 2012
cut-off again; witnesses were Archibald SMITH and John DOUGHERTY. John and Ann-Jane named their first children Archibald and Elizabeth in honor of John's parents. John SMITH was still living in St-Côme-Linière, Beauce, when his wife Ann- Jane died in 1908. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  Posted by Louise Smith from Quebec Canada
Posted on : May 02, 2012
first post was cut-off - witnesses were
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